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Supreme Court Upholds Controversial Experimental Cocktail for Death-Row Inmates (1179)

In a 5-4 decision, justices rule a lethal-injection drug constitutional, disappointing anti-death-penalty advocates.

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Execution room in the San Quentin State Prison in California

– Wikipedia

WASHINGTON — Lethal injection narrowly missed becoming de facto unconstitutional after the U.S. Supreme Court upheld states’ use of a drug involved in several botched executions, saying it did not meet the threshold of “cruel and unusual punishment.”

In a 5-4 decision released Monday, the high court ruled against a group of death-row inmates who had challenged the state of Oklahoma’s use of the experimental sedative midazolam as inadequate for guaranteeing a painless execution. The inmates alleged this was a violation of the Eighth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

The majority opinion, written by Justice Samuel Alito, and joined by Justices Anthony Kennedy, Antonin Scalia and Clarence...READ MORE

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The Best Way to Love Those With Same-Sex Attraction, Why Do You Remain Catholic, and Much More! (4543)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

06/30/2015 Comment

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Catholics Can Help Fight Climate Change Simply by Resting...READ MORE

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Vietnam to Keep Enforcing Two-Child Law, for Now (1528)

Contacted by the Register, the U.N. Population Fund refuted reports that the Asian nation’s communist regime has scrapped its previous population-control policy.

06/29/2015 Comment
2008 AP Photo/Chitose Suzuki

Tong Phuoc Phuc fixes artificial roses on graves of aborted babies with Tam, 2, at a cemetery on his property in Nha Trang, Vietnam. Phuc, a 41-year-old contractor, collected the remains of the aborted babies from hospitals and clinics and buried them on his property. Tam is one of the children whose mother was convinced by Phuc not to abort her baby. Tam now lives with him.

– 2008 AP Photo/Chitose Suzuki

NEW YORK — Vietnam will continue to enforce its stringent two-child policy for at least another year because there is no consensus to overhaul it, according to officials from the U.S. tax-funded United Nations Development Fund (UNFPA) that has financed and helped to run the program.

Vietnam media reported June 9 that the country’s General Office for Population and Family Planning (GOPFP) under the Ministry of Health was considering new population legislation that would allow Vietnamese couples to decide how many children they want, amid increasing economic woes tied to plummeting fertility.

The reports quoted Nguyen Van Tan, deputy chief of the office, who said that the two-child policy...READ MORE

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Supreme Court Upholds Use of Controversial Lethal-Injection Drug (2407)

The 5-4 ruling in Glossip v. Gross was announced this morning.

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WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court has ruled in favor of the continued use of a drug that has been accused of causing excruciating pain in several controversial state executions.

The 5-4 ruling in Glossip v. Gross was announced June 29.

Lawyers for three death-row inmates in Oklahoma had argued before the court that the state’s three-drug protocol for executions violated constitutional bans on cruel and unusual punishment.

The execution protocol includes the sedative midazolam. The drug’s effectiveness was recently called into question when it was used in several unusually prolonged executions in Ohio, Arizona and Oklahoma in which inmates appeared to suffer significantly during their...READ MORE

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Pope: Canonization Date Is Set for St. Thérèse’s Parents (2144)

The Holy Father formally approved the decrees necessary for Blesseds Louis and Zelie Martin to be declared saints in October.

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VATICAN — Pope Francis formally approved on Saturday the decrees necessary for Blesseds Louis and Zelie Martin — known for being the parents of St. Thérèse of Lisieux — to be declared saints later this year.

The two blesseds will be the first couple ever to be canonized at the same ceremony, which will be held Oct. 18 at the Vatican. The event will take place less than three weeks after the Oct. 1 feast of their daughter, St. Thérèse of the Child Jesus, a dfoctor of the Church.

The Pope approved the decrees for the Martins' canonization during a June 27 consistory of bishops at the apostolic palace.

On March 18, the Pope had recognized a miracle attributed to the couple.

Married in...READ MORE

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Catholic Group’s Star Rises Defending Religious Freedom (7014)

The lay faithful at Catholics for Freedom of Religion are a growing force in raising awareness about religious freedom and rights in the public square.

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ROCKVILLE CENTRE, N.Y. — As the battle for protecting religious liberty in the U.S. advances in the wake of Friday’s Supreme Court decision redefining marriage, a Catholic grassroots organization dedicated to promoting and defending religious liberty in the United States has expanded its reach and drawn the attention of the U.S. bishops.

With three years under its belt, the nonpartisan Catholics for Freedom of Religion (CFFR) has grown from its first chapters on Long Island to spread to Florida, South Carolina and Texas.

“Lay Catholics and Americans of other faiths don’t realize that they have a role they must play in religious freedom,” said Barbara Samuells, CFFR’s president and...READ MORE

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Pope Francis Creates New Secretariat Overseeing All Vatican Communications (1641)

The Holy Father instituted the new secretariat with a letter promulgated June 27.

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CNA/Bohumil Petrik

St. Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican flag

– CNA/Bohumil Petrik

VATICAN CITY — The Vatican’s nine communications offices will soon be consolidated under the authority of the newly established Secretariat for Communications, per a Saturday directive of Pope Francis.

The Holy Father instituted the new secretariat with a letter issued motu proprio titled “The Current Communication Context,” promulgated June 27. 

“The current communication context, characterized by the presence and the development of digital media, by the factors of convergence and interactivity, requires a rethinking of the information system of the Holy See and dedication to a reorganization which … must proceed decisively towards integration and a unified management,” the Pope wrote.


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FDA Announces Additional Risks of Essure Contraceptive Device (1956)

At least five deaths of women and five deaths of fetuses in women who’ve been implanted with Essure have been reported.

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CNA/(CC0 1.0)

– CNA/(CC0 1.0)

DENVER — After receiving thousands of complaints about the adverse effects of the birth-control implant Essure, the FDA announced late Wednesday that it has updated the list of risks and complications associated with the device, adding that a public hearing would be held Sept. 24 to evaluate the product.

Essure is a permanent type of birth control in the form of tiny metal coils inserted into women’s Fallopian tubes. When the coils are implanted, they are supposed to stay in the Fallopian tubes, where they create a chronic infection that will cause scar tissue to form around the coils, effectively closing the tubes and rendering the woman sterile.

Until this week, possible side effects of...READ MORE

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