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Does the Bible Support Gay Marriage, Greece as a Model of What Will Happen to The West, and More! (2873)

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07/23/2015 Comment

Click on Does the Bible Support So-Called Same-Sex Marriage? by Joe Heschmeyer Of Strange Notions link to read more.

Does the Bible Support So-Called Same-Sex Marriage? by Joe Heschmeyer Of Strange Notions - Big Pulpit

Don’t Forget That Jesus Is True Man - Nicholas Senz, Catholic Stand

Ten Awkward Moments When Planning a Catholic Wedding With a Non-Catholic Family - Laura Manfredi, Epic Pew

Greece as a Model of What Will Happen to The West - David Warren, The Catholic Thing

10 Things to Remember if You’re Worried About Persecution - Fr. Dwight Longenecker, Standing on my Head

Syrian Tragedy Is a ‘Third World War’ Say Church Leaders - Ed West, Catholic Herald Magazine

Saint Benedict and the Benedict Option for Today – Constance T. Hull, Catholic Exchange

From Democracy to Mythology – Donald DeMarco...READ MORE

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Merchants of Faith: Christian Business Owners Discuss the Costs of Defending Marriage (4949)

‘We have felt the Lord’s presence throughout all this like we have never felt it in our lives,’ said Aaron Klein, co-owner of an Oregon bakery forced to close because of the issue.

07/22/2015 Comments (46)
Flickr  (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

– Flickr (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

GRESHAM, Ore. — For several weeks, the phone rang off the hook at Sweet Cakes by Melissa in Gresham, Ore.

Aaron and Melissa Klein, the bakery shop’s owners, received countless angry phone calls from people who were livid that the Kleins had refused to bake a wedding cake for a lesbian couple in January 2013.

The Kleins’ home address was posted on the Internet. Aaron Klein said callers told him he deserved to die and that they would go to his house to kill him. Other wedding caterers that had referred customers to Sweet Cakes were also harassed and warned to stop doing business with the Kleins.

“It’s a very offensive thing to stand for God’s definition of marriage,” said Aaron Klein, 36,...READ MORE

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European Court Set to Rule on Life or Death in French Euthanasia Case (901)

Vincent Lambert’s mother says the French government is using her son’s case to push for legalization of euthanasia, which is illegal in France.

07/22/2015 Comments (4)
CNA/Facebook Soutien Pour Vincent Lambert et sa Famille

Vincent Lambert has been a quadriplegic since being injured in an accident in 2008.

– CNA/Facebook Soutien Pour Vincent Lambert et sa Famille

PARIS — Bishop Thierry Scherrer of Laval, France, and the bioethics committee of his diocese are pleading with doctors at a hospital in Reims not to end the life of a young quadriplegic man.

“Human life is a gift from God, and doctors are at its service. The omnipotence that technology gives us has to respect this limit,” Bishop Scherrer and the bioethics committee affirmed in their July 16 statement.

They urged the medics to respect the life of Vincent Lambert, who became quadriplegic as the result of an accident in 2008.

Euthanasia is not legal in France. However, in 2013, Lambert’s wife and six of his eight siblings asked the courts to disconnect his hydration and nutrition. In...READ MORE

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Why the Catholic Behind the Planned Parenthood Videos Went Undercover (17864)

Investigator David Daleiden explains to the Register how his team of citizen journalists is exposing the abortion provider’s controversial conduct.

07/22/2015 Comments (44)

David Daleiden

– centerformedicalprogress.org

IRVINE, Calif. — With the façade of a fictitious biotechnology company, David Daleiden and his fellow investigators from the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) infiltrated the bowels of the abortion industry at its ugliest. 

For 30 months, as part of their “Human Capital” investigation, they followed the trail that led to aborted babies whose parts are earmarked for sale, even while their little hearts are still beating. 

“It is a paradox that we can’t have laws that recognize unborn babies as human, and yet, it is their very humanness that makes them valuable for experimentation,” Daleiden said in an interview last week with the Register.

“It is as if they [the biotech companies] are...READ MORE

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African Bishops Seek Less 'Eurocentric' Synod in October (2060)

African bishops and Church leaders recently gathered in Nairobi for the final phase of a three-year evaluation of the Catholic Church on the continent, during which discussion largely fell to topics surrounding the Oct. 4-25 gathering in Rome.

07/22/2015 Comments (10)
2014 CNA/Mazur/catholicnews.org.uk

Opening Session of the Extraordinary Assembly of the Synod of Bishops at the Vatican

– 2014 CNA/Mazur/catholicnews.org.uk

NAIROBI, Kenya — October’s synod on the family should take on a global perspective, rather than sticking to isolated issues found primarily in Western society, African Church leaders have said.

The chance that voices of the European Church could dominate synod discussion is “a danger of a Eurocentric synod without strong input from Africa,” Father Joseph Healey of the Maryknoll Society told the Catholic News Agency for Africa (CANAA), in an article published July 16.

African bishops and Church leaders recently gathered in Nairobi for the final phase of a three-year evaluation of the Catholic Church on the continent, during which discussion largely fell to topics surrounding the Oct. 4-25...READ MORE

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Padre Pio Prayers Part of Pope Francis’ Jubilee of Mercy Schedule (2438)

Twelve other prominent events have been scheduled in Rome during the upcoming extraordinary holy year.

07/22/2015 Comment

VATICAN CITY — Twelve prominent events, each with the participation of Pope Francis, have been scheduled in Rome for the upcoming Jubilee of Mercy, and CNA was able to glance at details of their programs.

The twelve big events of the Jubilee of Mercy will be: “24 Hours for the Lord,” a day-long period of Eucharistic adoration; “To Dry the Tears,” a prayer vigil; and jubilees centered on pilgrimage workers, the sick and disabled, catechists, deacons, teenagers, priests, volunteers of mercy, the Curia, Mary and Divine Mercy spirituality.

In addition to these events, a “Jubilee for Padre Pio’s Prayer Group” will take place Feb. 13, 2016, as the body of the Capuchin saint who bore the...READ MORE

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15 Feels of a Catholic Feminist, Was Jesus Really Silent on So-Called Same-Sex Marriage, and More! (3487)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

07/22/2015 Comment

Click onFifteen Feels of a Catholic Feminist by Tatiana Federoff of Epic Pew link to read more.

Fifteen Feels of a Catholic Feminist by Tatiana Federoff of Epic Pew - Big Pulpit

Was Jesus Really Silent on Same-Sex ‘Marriage’? - Christopher Eden, Catholic Lane

Love Did Not Win, But It Will! - Strahlen Smith, Catholic Stand

Why Are We Forgetting to Venerate the Precious Blood? – Mary O’Regan, Catholic Herald Magazine

To Be a Fool - Theresa Williams, Ignitum Today

We Shouldn’t Resort to ‘Catholic Facebook’ - Fr. Al Lucie-Smith, Catholic Herald Magazine

Laudato Si’ Bingo – Lucy West, Epic Pew

Book Review: From the Kippah to the Cross – Francis Phillips, Catholic Herald Magazine

Americans Rally Behind Christian Bakers, Donate More Than $250,000 – Kathy Schiffer, Seasons of Grace


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In New Video, Planned Parenthood Exec Appears to Joke About Pricing Baby Parts (2725)

‘I want a Lamborghini,’ Dr. Mary Gatter says in the undercover video released today by the citizen journalist group Center for Medical Progress.

07/21/2015 Comments (11)
YouTube/Center for Medical Progress

Dr. Mary Gatter, president of the Planned Parenthood medical directors’ council, discusses compensation for the provision of fetal tissues in an undercover video posted on YouTube.

– YouTube/Center for Medical Progress

WASHINGTON — Another undercover video released today allegedly shows a senior official at Planned Parenthood flippantly discussing monetary compensation for aborted baby organs and the alteration of abortion procedures to ensure that the organs are intact.

“It’s been years since I talked about compensation, so let me just figure out what others [Planned Parenthood affiliates] are getting. If this [price] is in the ballpark, it’s fine; if it’s still low, then we can bump it up,” Dr. Mary Gatter appears to tell actors posing as representatives of a fetal-tissue procurement company, before joking, “I want a Lamborghini.”

Gatter is president of the Planned Parenthood medical directors’...READ MORE

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