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Cardinal Schönborn: Pope, Cardinals Share ‘Strong Will ’ to Advance Vatican Reforms (2598)

The Austrian cardinal spoke to Catholic News Agency about the discussions that took place at the Feb.12-13 extraordinary consistory of cardinals.

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Bohumil Petrik / CNA

– Bohumil Petrik / CNA

VATICAN CITY — Reform was the watchword as cardinals met at the Vatican for briefings about the state of Vatican finances and about the work of a pontifical commission that protects minors.

Cardinal Christoph Schönborn of Vienna spoke with CNA about the extraordinary consistory of cardinals, reporting that “we are in the middle of a discussion, there are things to be refined, but there is a strong papal will to carry forward the reforms, and I can sense this among cardinals as well.”

Father Federico Lombardi, director of the Holy See Press Office, discussed the extraordinary consistory in a media briefing.

According to Father Lombardi, the Feb.12-13 extraordinary consistory took place...READ MORE

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Pittsburgh’s ‘Church Alive’ Fundraising Campaign Sets Record (4032)

Bishop Zubik’s pastoral plan galvanized laity and priests in Pittsburgh to make the campaign the largest sacrificial-giving campaign accomplished by a U.S. diocese.

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Jim Judkis

Bishop Zubik’s evangelical vision of ‘The Church Alive’ inspired the pastoral plan that encouraged Pittsburgh’s faithful to give sacrificially to the record-setting diocesan campaign.

– Jim Judkis

PITTSBURGH — When Bishop David Zubik proposed his vision for “The Church Alive” in 2008, little did he imagine that the faithful in the Diocese of Pittsburgh would send a resounding “Yes” in 2015 by pledging a record-setting $230 million for the capital, program and endowment campaign to make the diocese’s pastoral plan a reality.

“I was totally shocked to see the results,” Bishop Zubik said, calling the response from the faithful “so heartwarming.”

“We were just blessed because the campaign’s intent was to do the work of Jesus, the work of the Church.”

The Catholic faithful in the Diocese of Pittsburgh not only exceeded the $125-million target of the initiative, “Our Campaign for The...READ MORE

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Ten Things to Think About While You’re Watching ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ (7926)


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– Shutterstock

Do you want to come and see Fifty Shades of Grey with me? You know we really shouldn’t be going to see it. But what the heck. It is just a movie. It is perfectly okay. Since we pretty well know the “plot” will drag in a movie like this, here are a few things for us to think about.

1. We came to this movie because we expected to be sexually stimulated. Anything else, we tell ourselves, is self-deception.

2. The images we are seeing on the screen are going to be lodged in our memories forever. You don’t like the particular image you are seeing right now? Too bad. I saw some movies back in my 20s, and those images are still with me. They appear in my mind at the most inopportune times. The...READ MORE

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Three Countries Get First Cardinal Ever (1069)

As of tomorrow, bishops from Burma, Tonga and Cape Verde will become members of the College of Cardinals.

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Cardinals participate Feb. 12 in the opening day of this month's consistory at the Vatican.

– ctv.va

VATICAN CITY — The different cultures represented by bishops who will be created cardinals this weekend demonstrate the Church’s universality, thereby enriching the College of Cardinals, says the prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples.

Referring to those countries never before represented by a red hat, Cardinal Fernando Filoni told CNA their presence “is also making the Church very universal, not only in name, but also, in fact, in presence. These different cultures are enriching the cardinals’ college.”

Of the 20 cardinals who are to be created during the Feb. 14 consistory in the Vatican, three hail from countries that have never before been represented by a...READ MORE

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‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Meets Target (10746)

NEWS ANALYSIS: The film version of the bestselling trilogy brings sadomasochism to Main Street, USA, prompting a merchandizing frenzy and boycotts.

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HOLLYWOOD — Back in 2012, when Fifty Shades of Grey — a trilogy that depicts a sadomasochistic relationship with a “happily ever after” ending — became a global bestseller, a feminist New York Times columnist struggled to explain the phenomenon.

“In a season when Rick Santorum and other conservatives are on a tear trying to debase women, it’s natural to wonder why women are thronging to the story of an innocent who jumps into the arms of a Seattle sadist,” sniped Maureen Dowd, a Times columnist who regularly flaunts her hostility toward the Catholic faith of her childhood.

Dowd turned for an explanation to authors like Anne Rice, whom she described as “the godmother of vampire and S&M...READ MORE

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Catholic Benefits Association Appoints Douglas Wilson Its First CEO (2513)

The Catholic Benefits Association is composed of Catholic employers, both nonprofit and for-profit, committed to providing life-affirming health coverage consistent with Church teaching.

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Catholic Benefits Association

– Catholic Benefits Association

OKLAHOMA CITY — When hospitals are struggling financially, they bring in Douglas Wilson Jr. to turn around their fortunes.

Wilson, who previously served as CEO of five distressed hospitals throughout the United States and successfully turned them into growing enterprises, was recently named the first chief executive officer of the Catholic Benefits Association and Catholic Insurance Co.

“The board is tremendously enthusiastic about Doug becoming our first CEO. His deep experience and success uniquely positions him to lead the CBA and CIC to achieve its mission of making quality, competitive, morally compliant health-care coverage available to our members,” Archbishop William Lori of...READ MORE

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Catholics Fight Rising Tide of Suicide (6074)

Experts say talking freely about mental health, banishing stigmas and giving people hope is key to preventing the tragedy of suicide.

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Facebook/R.I.P AMBER Cornwell

Sixteen-year-old Amber Cornwell of East Flat Rock, N.C., took her own life on Dec. 20.

– Facebook/R.I.P AMBER Cornwell

WASHINGTON — “If I die tonight, would anyone cry?”

Amber Cornwell, 16, took her life shortly after leaving behind those final words on Facebook on Dec. 20. According to local media in North Carolina and a memorial Facebook profile, she was both beautiful and talented — and bullied at school. Sadly, she is one of the thousands of stories giving a face to the rising U.S. suicide epidemic, now at a 25-year high.

According to the federal Centers for Disease Control (CDC), approximately 40,600 people committed suicide in 2012, accounting for 1.6% of deaths in the U.S. The CDC found that among the 10 leading causes of death, only suicide increased, while eight decreased. Suicide reached the...READ MORE

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Pope to Consistory: ‘A Reform to Promote Harmony’ (1939)

Opening this week's gathering of cardinals, the Holy Father stressed that the goal of the Vatican reform process is to promote a ‘strong Christian witness.’

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Cardinals listen to Pope Francis' opening address to this week's consistory at the Vatican.

– ctv.va

VATICAN CITY — Reform to promote greater harmony in the work of the Roman Curia, in Pope Francis’ words, was the topic of discussion on Thursday, the opening day of an extraordinary consistory of cardinals held at the Vatican.

Opening the consistory Feb. 12, Pope Francis stressed that the aim of reform “is always that of promoting greater harmony in the work of the various dicasteries and offices, in order to achieve more effective collaboration in that absolute transparency which builds authentic synodality and collegiality.”

“Reform is not an end in itself,” he said, “but a way of giving strong Christian witness; to promote more effective evangelization; to promote a fruitful ecumenical...READ MORE

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