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Sin of Gossip Brings Great Harm to Others; Healing in Public; ‘Gender Rights’ and More! (2845)

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Bishop Ricken Highlights 'Contradiction' of Gloria Steinem's St. Norbert Invitation (6546)

The Diocese of Green Bay shepherd issues strong disapproval as college prepares to host pro-abortion feminist on Wisconsin campus.

01/21/2015 Comments (30)
Ms. Foundation for Women

Gloria Steinem

– Ms. Foundation for Women

GREEN BAY, Wis. — Bishop David Ricken didn’t criticize St. Norbert College’s (SNC) decision to host pro-abortion feminist Gloria Steinem when the announcement was first made on Sept. 29, 2014.

But that’s only because he wasn’t made aware of it.

Now, after receiving a steady stream of complaints from concerned Catholics in the Diocese of Green Bay, Wis., Bishop Ricken has left no doubt about where he stands on SNC’s invitation of the feminist activist, who once said that Planned Parenthood was the most important organization in the world.

“I do not approve of the appearance of Gloria Steinem at St. Norbert College,” Bishop Ricken wrote in his Jan. 8 column in the diocesan publication The...READ MORE

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'The Apology’ — Men Speak Up About Abortion (1465)

A new video produced by Heroic Media highlights how men involved in abortions are affected.

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YouTube/Heroic Media

Christian pastor Shane Idelman is one of three men who discuss their experiences with abortion in the video The Apology.

– YouTube/Heroic Media

WASHINGTON — A pro-life organization is aiming to highlight how men are affected by abortion — and offer hope for healing and renewal — through a new video called The Apology.

“The pain of regret is one of the hardest things to deal with, because it is a constant reminder that we let down God; we let down others; we let down our child,” stated one of the men featured in the video.

The film was released by Heroic Media, a life-affirming multimedia organization, and produced under the direction of John Blandford, one of the men featured in it.

The short video showcases three men, all Christian believers from different backgrounds, who admit that...READ MORE

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Pope: It Gives Hope to See Children Welcomed as Gifts From God (1666)

The Holy Father reflected on his Asian journey on Jan. 21.

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– Shutterstock

VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis has rejected the “simplistic” belief that large families are among the causes of poverty, stressing that economic systems that create a culture of waste are to blame.

“Families know they are essential to the life of society,” the Pope said Jan. 21 during his first weekly general audience since returning from his Jan. 12-19 tour of Sri Lanka and the Philippines.

Speaking to the crowds gathered in the Vatican's Paul VI Hall, the Holy Father recalled his Jan 16. meeting with 1,000 families in Manila, one of the main events of his visit to the Philippines.

“It gives consolation and hope to see many large families who welcome children as a true gift of God,” he...READ MORE

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Overcoming Doubt and Anxiety, Humanae Vitae, U.S. Immigration, and Much More! (2166)

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01/21/2015 Comment

Little Girl Has a Message for Michelle Obama – Abby Johnson, Epic Pew

Overcoming Doubt and Anxiety – Monsignor Charles Pope,Psyched Catholic

Conspiracies and Catholicism: Nunsense – Foxfier, Catholic Stand

Humble Suggestions for the Pope's Ecology Encyclical - Carrie Gress, The CWR Blog

The Tipping Point of Islam & the Crisis for Christendom - BigPulpit.com

Is the Oscar Romero Case Asking the Right Question? - Dr. Ed Peters, In the Light of the Law

Epic Giveaway: Verbum Basic - Shaun McAfee, Epic Pew

Is U.S. Immigration Problem a Contraception Problem? – Nicholas Dane, Dead Philosophers Society

Three False Christs: The Myth, the Mortal, and the Guru – Carl E. Olson, Strange Notions...READ MORE

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Integrating Faith With Psychology, Directing Souls to Christ and Healing (6086)

01/21/2015 Comments (8)

– http://pixgood.com/child-praying-hands.html

Catholic psychotherapy is grounded in St. Thomas Aquinas’ teaching that grace perfects nature.

“In other words,” explained Christina Lynch, director of psychological services at St. John Vianney Theological Seminary in Denver and president of the Catholic Psychotherapy Association (CatholicPsychotherapy.org, CPA) , “God’s work in the human person does not supplement or bypass our humanity, but, rather, heals, strengthens and transforms it.”

“One cannot separate the person into parts of healing,” she explained. “Therefore, those who engage in psychological counseling in conjunction with spiritual direction are more likely to flourish, as opposed to addressing only one part of the person.”...READ MORE

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Former Hewlett Packard CEO Sees Unrealized Potential in Special-Needs Children (2770)

Carly Fiorina, also a 2010 GOP Senate nominee, gave the keynote address at the Heritage Foundation event 'Welcoming Every Life.'

01/21/2015 Comment

Carly Fiorina speaks Jan. 20 at 'Welcoming Everyday Life,' sponsored by the Heritage Foundation.

– heritage.org

WASHINGTON — Children with special needs can bring joy, grace and a potential to thrive in the workplace in a way that parents may never have foreseen — says a former CEO and senate candidate who gave her personal witness to this at a pro-life event on Tuesday.

After discussing her time teaching an 8-year-old boy at a special-needs school, Carly Fiorina revealed, “I have learned over the course of my life that every person has potential, that everyone has God-given gifts, and in truth, most people have far more potential than they realize.”

Fiorina, the former CEO of Hewlitt Packard and 2010 GOP Senate nominee, gave the keynote address Tuesday at the Heritage Foundation event “Welcoming...READ MORE

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Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ Issue Part of Push for State Religious-Liberty Bills (5002)

At least 19 states have passed their own versions of the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act, and several other state legislatures are considering similar bills this year.

01/21/2015 Comments (12)

Kelvin Cochran was fired this month as Atlanta's fire chief for giving co-workers copies of his Christian self-help book, which is critical of homosexuality.

– 11alive.com

WASHINGTON — Instances where business owners and other individuals have been sued or threatened with legal action for not accommodating same-sex “married” couples are motivating some lawmakers and legal analysts to call for new state laws to protect religious liberties.

As of mid-January, at least 19 states had passed their own versions of the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act, and several other state legislatures are considering similar bills this year.

“I see this as a shield for religious liberty. That’s why I filed the bill. Anything we can do to further protect the First Amendment and religious liberty is the goal,” said Indiana state Sen. Scott Schneider, R-Indianapolis, who...READ MORE

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