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Thailand’s Catholic Bishops Declare Holy Year of Prayer for a New Pentecost (2639)

The great jubilee will also mark the opening of the first plenary council of the Catholic Church in Thailand under the theme “The Disciples of Christ Live the New Evangelization,” slated to be held April 20-25, 2015.

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CNA/Aroonprapha Sukkasee.

– CNA/Aroonprapha Sukkasee.

BANGKOK — Thailand’s Catholic bishops have declared a “holy year” aimed at restoring the fervor of a New Evangelization and commemorating the 350th anniversary of the first Synod of Ayutthaya in Thailand.

The great jubilee will also mark the opening of the first plenary council of the Catholic Church in Thailand under the theme “The Disciples of Christ Live the New Evangelization,” slated to be held April 20-25, 2015.

The bishops opened the holy year by striking a gong three times during a solemn Mass on Dec. 6. The congregation consisted of priests, religious and faithful gathered at Lux Mundi, the national major seminary in the Samphran district of Thailand’s west-central Nakhon Pathom...READ MORE

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Indian Parade Sets Guinness Record With 18,112 Santas (3395)

The Catholic-organized Buon Natale march took place Dec. 27 in Thrissur, the cultural capital of the southern Indian state of Kerala.

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Anto Akkara

A Buon Natale parade, featuring a Guinness record of 18,112 Santas, flows through the heart of Thrissur, India, on Dec. 27.

– Anto Akkara

THRISSUR, India — Dec. 27 became a red-letter day — and a red-suited day — in the history of Thrissur, when the local archdiocese organized a historic Buon Natale celebration that set a new Guinness record for “the largest gathering of Santa Clauses.”

Thrissur is the cultural capital of Kerala, the southern Indian state with the nation’s largest Christian population. The Santas came from parishes throughout the area.

“It is a mammoth and amazing achievement. You have assembled the largest Santa Claus gathering ever. The final count is 18,112,” declared Guinness Book of World Records’ official adjudicator, Lucia Sinigagliesi, after taking the official count of the horde of Santa Clauses...READ MORE

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ISIS, Assad, and What the West Is Missing About Syria, The Dignity of Men, and Much More! (3050)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

12/30/2014 Comment

Click on ISIS, Assad, and What the West Is Missing About Syria by Alessandra Nucci of Catholic World Report link to read more.

ISIS, Assad, and What the West Is Missing About Syria by Alessandra Nucci of Catholic World Report - BigPulpit.com

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National Relations Labor Board and the Lost Soul of U. S. Catholic Higher Education – The Motley Monk, The American Catholic

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Ukraine Catholics Being...READ MORE

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Pope Francis: Large Families ‘Represent Hope for Society’ (4085)

The Holy Father addressed members of Italy’s National Numerous Family Association on Sunday.

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CNA/Kyle Burkhart

– CNA/Kyle Burkhart

VATICAN CITY — In an address on Sunday to Italy’s National Numerous Family Association, Pope Francis thanked the members of large families for their cultivation of virtues that benefit society at large, as well as themselves.

“The fact of having brothers and sisters is good for you,” he said Dec. 28 to the children among the some 7,000 members of large families from across Italy at the Vatican’s Paul VI Hall.

“The sons and daughters of large families are more inclined to fraternal communion from early childhood. In a world that is frequently marred by selfishness, a large family is a school of solidarity and sharing; and these attitudes are of benefit to all society.”

The audience was on...READ MORE

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Values Voters Go South on Democratic Party (4789)

The party’s liberal positions on cultural issues such as same-sex ‘marriage’ and abortion are a key reason why it has lost its political appeal in Southern states.

12/30/2014 Comments (45)
Sean Gardner/Getty Images

Republican challenger Bill Cassidy celebrates with supporters Dec. 6 in Baton Rouge, La., after defeating incumbent Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu.

– Sean Gardner/Getty Images

WASHINGTON — There used to be an old saying in the South: You vote the way your grandfather shot in the Civil War.

“You just didn’t vote for Republicans, because they were the enemy,” Matt Green, an associate professor of politics at The Catholic University of America, told the Register.

That has changed dramatically — with religious and cultural issues playing a key role.

With incumbent Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., losing a Dec. 6 runoff election against Republican challenger Bill Cassidy, there will be no Democrats in the U.S. Senate, a governor’s office or in the majority of any legislature in any Southern state from Texas to the Carolinas.

In the states that comprise the former...READ MORE

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Things I Said 'I Would Never' Do by Abby Johnson, A New High-Tech Bishop and Much More! (4069)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

12/30/2014 Comment

Click on Things I Said “I Would Never” Do by Abby Johnson of Epic Pew link to read more.

Things I Said “I Would Never” Do by Abby Johnson of Epic Pew - BigPulpit.com

The New High-Tech Bishop of Burlington – Brandon Vogt

What Begging for Money Taught Me About the Richness of Poverty - Olivia Spears, Ignitum Today

Why Is Christian Marriage Indissoluble? – Father Dwight Longenecker, Standing on my Head

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Why Predators Love Planned Parenthood – Cynthia Millen, Catholic Stand

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True, Virginal Wife of Joseph – Jonathan Fleischmann, Homiletic & Pastoral...READ MORE

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Alice von Hildebrand on Fleeting Fads and Eternal Truth (15525)

The Catholic philosopher offers a solution to today’s ‘severe moral crisis.’

12/29/2014 Comments (35)
Alice von Hildebrand Dietrich von Hildebrand Legacy Project

Alice von Hildebrand

– Alice von Hildebrand Dietrich von Hildebrand Legacy Project

At 91, Alice von Hildebrand knows she is approaching the end of her life. However, she does not take this as an excuse to blithely give today’s moral problems a free pass. As devoted to objective truth as ever, she does not hesitate to challenge moral relativists or even orthodox Catholics who might be mistaken on a given issue.

In her latest book, Memoirs of a Happy Failure, von Hildebrand recounts her upbringing in a “truly Catholic” Belgium, her dangerous voyage to the United States (which included nearly being sunk by a German submarine) and her many clashes with relativists at Hunter College in New York City. She also tells of her marriage to the late Dietrich von Hildebrand,...READ MORE

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Father Landry to Serve at U.N. Mission in New York (1984)

His appointment begins in March and likely will last for four years.

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Facebook/Father Roger Joseph Landry

Father Roger Landry

– Facebook/Father Roger Joseph Landry

FALL RIVER, Mass. — Father Roger Landry, pastor of St. Bernadette’s Church in Fall River, Mass., will begin service in March at the Holy See’s permanent mission to the United Nations.

Father Landry disclosed to his parishioners during Masses on the weekend of Dec. 28 that, earlier in December, Bishop Edgar da Cunha of Fall River had informed him that Archbishop Bernardito Auza, the papal nuncio to the permanent observer mission at the United Nations, had requested that Father Landry be released temporarily from diocesan service in order to work for the Church in New York.

Both Bishop da Cunha and Father Landry assented to Archbishop Auza’s request.

The U.N. appointment will likely last...READ MORE

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