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St. Thérèse’s Sister Is on the Road to Sainthood (3000)

Bishop Jean-Claude Boulanger of Bayeux-Lisieux in France recently announced his intention to open Leonia Martin’s cause of beatification and canonization.

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Sister Leonia Martin, sister of St. Thérèse

– CNA via public domain

ROME -- The sister of St. Therese of Lisieux is on the road to sainthood, a reminder, according to her postulator, that holiness is a calling for all people.

Bishop Jean-Claude Boulanger of Bayeux-Lisieux in France recently announced his intention to open Leonia Martin’s cause of beatification and canonization.

Leonia was the third daughter of Blessed Louis and Zelia Martin, the married couple beatified on Oct. 19, 2008, by Pope Benedict XVI. She was also the sister of St. Therese of the Child Jesus, who is a doctor of the Church and the patroness of missions.

While Leonia eventually joined the Order of the Visitation, as a girl she was fragile, insecure and introverted. She was...READ MORE

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Pope: Lent Is a Time of ‘Spiritual Battle Against the Spirit of Evil’ (1442)

“As we cross the Lenten 'desert,' we fix our gaze toward Easter, which is Jesus' definitive victory against evil, against sin and against death,” the Holy Father said Feb. 22.

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Jesus ministered to by angels in the desert.

– Wikipedia

VATICAN CITY -- The 40 days of Lent are a reminder that we face spiritual deserts, and we must confront them with courage and the aid of Scripture, Pope Francis said during his weekly Angelus address.

Delivering the Feb. 22 address from the papal apartments to a sizable crowd gathered in St. Peter's Square, the Pope's remarks came on the First Sunday of Lent, hours before he embarked on a retreat with members of the Curia.

The Pope began his pre-Angelus reflection by speaking on the Gospel reading of the day, in which St. Mark gives an account of Christ's 40 days in the desert, following his baptism. During this period, he recalled, Jesus was “tempted by Satan” and “was with the wild...READ MORE

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Pope Denounces Organized Crime: Christ and Evil Are Incompatible (1178)

“Our era is in great need of hope! Young people should not be denied hope; young people need to hope. We must offer those experiencing pain and suffering concrete signs of hope,” he emphasized.

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VATICAN CITY — You cannot call yourself a true believer if you participate in organized crime, Pope Francis told members of the Cassano all’Jonio Diocese in Italy on Saturday.

No one, the Pope said Feb. 21, can “call themselves Christians and violate the dignity of the person; those who belong to the Christian community cannot program or carry out acts of violence against others and against the environment.”

“Jesus never invited demons to lunch. No, he chased them away, because they are evil,” he said, emphasizing that Christ and evil are incompatible.

Mere external signs of devotion that are not coupled with a true and “public” conversion “are not enough to be considered in communion...READ MORE

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Texas Judge’s Decision Complicates Immigration Issue (2141)

The Feb. 16 ruling blocks President Obama’s recent executive actions to assist undocumented immigrants, but some Catholic advocates describe it as only a temporary setback.

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WASHINGTON — Calling it a “temporary setback,” Catholic immigrant advocates said they are not deterred by a federal judge’s recent ruling that halted President Barack Obama’s executive actions to extend temporary work permits and legal protections to as many as 5 million immigrants who are in the United States without documents.

“The judge’s ruling wasn’t unexpected. … It’s important that the legal process work its way through before anyone draws any conclusions,” said Kevin Appleby, director of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Office of Migration Policy and Public Affairs.

Jeanne Atkinson, executive director of the Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc. (Clinic), told the...READ MORE

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Is There No Salvation Outside the Catholic Church, Vatican on Vaccines, Internet Ire and Much More! (3506)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

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Click on Is There Really “No Salvation Outside the Catholic Church?” by Tim Staples of Catholic Answers link to read more.

Is There Really “No Salvation Outside the Catholic Church?” by Tim Staples of Catholic Answers - BigPulpit.com

Pontifical Academy Didn’t Argue It’s Morally Obligatory to Use Tainted Vaccines – Doctor Jeff Mirus, Catholic Culture

Internet Ire and Righteous Results – J. R. Baldwin, Ignitum Today

“Hanging Out” With Pope Francis - Chelsea Zimmerman, Reflections of a Paralytic

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Winning Back the Youth of the Catholic Church – Thoughts from a Catholic

Your Lenten Bucket List: Five Ways to Prepare – Robert Barbry II, Epic Pew

Girl in Tuxedo: Two Variations on Sexual Orientation & Gender I. D. – Jean Lloyd

The Friendship Which Is Marriage –...READ MORE

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Poor Excuses for Not Liking the Catholic Church, Best Catholic Books for Lent and Much More! (3719)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

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Click on Worst Excuses for Anti-Catholicism, Ever by David Rummelhoff of Epic Pew link to read more.

Worst Excuses for Anti-Catholicism, Ever by David Rummelhoff of Epic Pew - BigPulpit.com

Outrage! President Obama Likens ISIS to Crusades? – Kathy Schiffer, Seasons of Grace

Best Catholic Books for Lent 2015 – Jean Heimann, Catholic Fire

It Is Vital that Young Catholics Involve Themselves in Politics – Peter Smith, Catholic Herald Magazine

Oscar Romero’s Martyrdom a Witness Against Tunnel Vision - Doctor Jeff Mirus, Catholic Culture

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The Delights of Holding Back: Self-Mastery has a Place in Every Marriage – Jason Godin, Fathers for Good


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Spend Lent With St. John Paul II (3194)

Book Pick: Bringing Lent Home With St. John Paul II

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Bringing Lent Home with St. John Paul II

Prayers, Reflections and Activities for Families 


By Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle

Ave Maria Press, 2014

96 pages, $2.95

To order: avemariapress.com


Lent is a penitential season that is designed to transform hearts and souls. It is also a time when families can grow closer to one another by praying together and communicating with one another. Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle has provided an excellent way for readers to accomplish both objectives.

Using St. John Paul II as a spiritual guide, Cooper O’Boyle effectively assists families in experiencing a deeper spiritual growth and conversion during the holy and penitential season of Lent in...READ MORE

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Archbishop to Politicians: Would You Hire a Campaign Manager Who Works Against What You Stand for? (5505)

Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone defends Catholic schools' teacher handbook against California politicians' criticism.

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SAN FRANCISCO — Politicians have targeted San Francisco Catholic schools’ teacher standards, but Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone says they are a matter of Catholic mission and common sense.

“Would you hire a campaign manager who advocates policies contrary to those that you stand for and who shows disrespect toward you and the Democratic Party in general?” he wrote in his reply to eight state legislators who had criticized Catholic standards for school employees.

The archbishop suggested a hypothetical situation in which Democratic politicians employ a “brilliant campaign manager,” though a Republican, who is willing to work for them and not speak or act contrary to his employers or his...READ MORE

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