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Millennials and Marriage: 'We’ve Lost the Concept of What Love Is' (2443)

Millennials who gathered outside the Supreme Court building Tuesday believe that the redefinition of marriage is just as harmful to society as no-fault divorce.

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CNA/Addie Mena

Defenders of marriage join rallies in front of the Supreme Court building during oral arguments over the definition of marriage in Washington on April 28.

– CNA/Addie Mena

WASHINGTON — Traditional-marriage advocates of all stripes rallied outside the Supreme Court in Washington on Tuesday, calling for the institution of marriage to be maintained.

Doug Mainwaring was one of those standing up in defense of marriage as the union of a man and a woman.

He himself is an admitted former member of a same-sex union.

“I have as much trouble with no-fault divorce as I have with same-sex marriage,” he told an audience outside the Supreme Court building.

Nonetheless, he sees danger in re-defining marriage — so much so that he is actively fighting it in front of the Supreme Court.

“The way I got into this was through concern for my children,” he explained to CNA. “In...READ MORE

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SDG Reviews ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ (6494)

Overstuffed with too many characters and too much plot, the latest Marvel extravaganza remains more entertaining than most — but what’s up with the God talk?

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The first word in Avengers: Age of Ultron, spoken by Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), is a rude expletive. The second word, from Captain America (Chris Evans), is a mild rebuke. In two words of dialogue, writer-director Joss Whedon gives us characterization, conflict and theme.

This happens amid a pitched battle in which we get a traveling shot of all six Avengers each doing what he or she does best while taking on an army working for a pair of villains from prior Marvel movies in order to recover the scepter of Loki, brother of Thor (Chris Hemsworth) — an artifact from the first Avengers movie that turns out to have an unexpected connection with the Tesseract cube in that film as well as...READ MORE

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Vatican Global-Warming Conference Displays Climate of Cooperation (2213)

Delegates at an April 28 conference lauded the Holy See for its commitment to sustainable development, but others dispute whether humanity has caused climate change.

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AP Photo/Andrew Medichini

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon (l), flanked by Ecuador's President Rafal Correa, attends a Vatican conference on the environment, at the Vatican on April 28.

– AP Photo/Andrew Medichini

VATICAN CITY — The Catholic Church, together with other religions, could take a “decisive role” in helping to solve the problem of climate change by mobilizing public opinion, participants of a major Vatican workshop on the issue have said.

In a statement issued at the end of an April 28 workshop entitled “Protect the Earth, Dignify Humanity: The Moral Dimensions of Climate Change and Sustainable Humanity,” delegates said finding ways to develop a “sustainable relationship with our planet” requires “a moral revolution.”

“Religious institutions can and should take the lead on bringing about such a new attitude towards creation,” they said. The Church could accomplish this “by mobilizing...READ MORE

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Typical Comments a Single Catholic Hears, Things Every Catholic Should Know About Marriage and More! (2274)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

04/30/2015 Comment

Click on Typical Comments a Single Catholic Hears by Doug Johnson of Epic Pew link to read more.

Typical Comments a Single Catholic Hears by Doug Johnson of Epic Pew - Big Pulpit

Ten Things Every Catholic Should Know About Marriage – Father Dwight Longenecker, Standing on my Head

How to Respond to Size-of-Family Smears - Patti Maguire Armstrong, Epic Pew

From San Francisco’s ‘Gay Mecca’ to Healing in Christ – Jim Graves, The Catholic World Report

When Couples Have Mismatched Sexual Desire by Sebastian Mahfood, OP, of Epic Pew - Big Pulpit

Venerable Traditions and Radical Ideologies – Mitchell Kalpakgian PhD, Truth and Charity Forum

Depression: Down, But Not Out – Victor Ajluni MD, Catholic Stand

13 Reasons Jesus’ Disciples Didn’t Hallucinate After the Resurrection – Peter...READ MORE

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Pope: ‘The Masterpiece of Society Is the Family’ (1600)

“The most persuasive witness of the blessing of Christian marriage is the good life of Christian spouses and the family,” Francis said on April 29.

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– Shutterstock

VATICAN CITY — With the number of children raised in brokenness on the rise, many young people view marriage as a path to failure, so Pope Francis says it’s time for Christians to restore faith in the family.

“The most persuasive witness of the blessing of Christian marriage is the good life of Christian spouses and the family,” the Pope said to some 60,000 people in St. Peter's Square on April 29. “There is no better way of expressing the beauty of the sacrament.”

Since the end of last fall, Pope Francis has been centering his catechesis for the weekly general audience on the family ahead of the World Meeting of Families in September as well as October’s Synod of Bishops on the Family.

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Archbishop Lori: Please Pray the Rosary for Peace and Justice in Baltimore (1912)

Baltimore needs a return to calm and the building of bridges, says Archbishop William Lori, who called on Catholics to ask the Blessed Mother to heal his community’s wounds.

04/29/2015 Comment
Andrew Burton /Getty Images

Violent protests have occurred in Baltimore in the wake of the April 19 death of Freddie Gray while in police custody.

– Andrew Burton /Getty Images

BALTIMORE — The mysterious death of Freddie Gray due to spine and throat injuries allegedly sustained while in police custody has roiled the city of Baltimore. A week of peaceful protests since the 25-year-old black man’s April 19 death were followed by the first outbreak of riots since 1968 on the afternoon of Gray’s funeral — a day that protest leaders and Gray’s family had called to be demonstration-free.

The outrage surrounding Gray’s death has laid bare festering wounds suffered by the African-American community, ranging from crushing poverty and fatherlessness (according to Forbes, in the area of West Baltimore, where the riots took place, median household incomes hug the poverty...READ MORE

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Meet the Oriental Orthodox Christians, Walking Our Journey to God, The Law of Human Nature and More! (990)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

04/29/2015 Comment

Click on Meet the Oriental Orthodox Christians and Their Controversial Christology by Taylor Marshall, PhD, link to read more.

Meet the Oriental Orthodox Christians and Their Controversial Christology by Taylor Marshall PhD - Big Pulpit

The Stillbirths of Science in Ancient Cultures – Stacy Trasancos PhD, Integrated Catholic Life™

Walking Our Own Journey to God – Tammy Ruiz, Catholic Stand

The Law of Human Nature Still Exists – Mark Davis Pickup, Catholic Lane

The Goal of Classical Education Is Truth – Tom Jay, Crisis Magazine

Of Catholic Schools, Down Syndrome, and Hospitality – God-Haunted Lunatic

Francis Cardinal Arinze on Radical Discipleship and Consecrated Life - The Catholic World Report

A Special and Courageous Young Man – Randy Hain, The Integrated Catholic Life™

Five Things Christians Should Know...READ MORE

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‘Little Boy’: A Parable About Faith (1178)

Movie Offers Lessons on the Corporal Works of Mercy and Love

04/29/2015 Comments (1)

– Instagram.com/LittleBoyMovie

Metanoia Films’ first feature-length film — Bella — told the story of an adoptive father, a Joseph-like character, who selflessly stepped into a crisis pregnancy to raise a child not his own.

The same team that produced that film — writer and director Alejandro Monteverde, actor Eduardo Verástegui and producer Leo Severino — have now produced Little Boy.

It, like its predecessor, is a film about a father.

In this case, the film mirrors the Holy Trinity. It’s about the love of a father, the love of a son and what that outpouring of love produces in the small fictional town of 1940s’ O’Hare, Calif., a sleepy fishing village where anti-Japanese racial prejudice runs rampant.


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