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German Prelate Breaks Ranks With Cardinal Marx, Insists on Fidelity to Rome (3573)

Cardinal Paul Cordes addressed an open letter to his brother bishops that was published in a German-language newspaper.

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Cardinal Paul Cordes

– Wikipedia/Karl-Michael Soemer

MUNICH — A German cardinal has publicly opposed the words of two other German bishops who have suggested that the nation’s Church can form its own policies without direction from Rome.

Cardinal Paul Cordes published a letter in a German newspaper earlier this month objecting to the pronouncements of prominent leaders of the Church in Germany that the nation’s bishops’ conference will pursue its own program of pastoral care for marriages and family regardless of the outcome of October’s Ordinary Synod of Bishops on the Family.

At a Feb. 25 press conference following the German bishops’ plenary assembly, Cardinal Reinhard Marx of Munich and Freising, who is president of the conference,...READ MORE

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High-Stakes Irish Politics (2270)

NEWS ANALYSIS: Emerald Isle will hold same-sex ‘marriage’ referendum in May.

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DUBLIN — The Irish Constitution, enacted in 1937, acknowledges the fundamental human rights of the person and recognizes the importance of the natural family for the healthy functioning of society. The constitution can only be changed by way of a referendum, but the 34th attempt to modify it is looming: On May 22, the Irish public will be asked to vote on a proposal to allow homosexual “marriage.”

And as part of a package deal, the Irish government is seeking to rush through legislation prior to the referendum that would allow for homosexual adoption as well as a raft of other changes that Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Enda Kenny has described as the most important change in family law in the...READ MORE

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A Priest's Journey: Suicidal Thoughts, A Growing Order of Carmelite Nuns and Much More! (2786)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

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‘Jesus of Nazareth’ Concluded Benedict XVI’s Theological Work, Secretary Says (8253)

Archbishop Georg Gänswein told an Italian magazine that while the pope emeritus’ memory remains sharp, he doesn’t possess the physical strength to tackle new writing.

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CNA file

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

– CNA file

VATICAN CITY — Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI is no longer writing on theology, as he doesn’t have the strength to continue with this work, his personal secretary has said.

In an interview with the Italian weekly magazine Oggi, published March 17, Archbishop Georg Gänswein said Benedict XVI “no longer dedicates himself to theological or scientific writings,” and with the completion of  his three volumes of Jesus of Nazareth, “he has concluded his theological work.”

“He says he doesn’t have the strength to write anymore,” Archbishop Gänswein said. “He continues to preach a homily at holy Mass on Sunday — without notes. He has a great memory.”


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The pope emeritus is “well for his...READ MORE

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Miracle Occurs in Naples: Patron Saint’s Blood Liquifies in Pope’s Presence (1720)

This phenomenon is said to happen three times a year: May 1, Sept. 19, which is the saint's feast day, and Dec. 16. The last time this occurred with a pope was in 1848.

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Pope Francis and Cardinal Sepe hold relic of St. Januarius' blood in the Naples cathedral March 21.

– CTV via CNA

ROME — While Pope Francis was giving some advice to the religious, priests and seminarians of Naples on Saturday, a miracle occurred: a vial of dried blood from a fourth-century saint liquefied.

This stunning but locally known and accepted phenomenon is said to happen three times a year: May 1, Sept. 19, which is the saint's feast day, and Dec. 16.

The last time this occurred with a pope was in 1848, with Pius IX. It didn't happen when St. John Paul II visited the city in October of 1979 or when Benedict XVI went in October 2007.

The blood belongs to St. Januarius, patron of Naples and former bishop and martyr of the city, whose bones are also preserved in the cathedral. He's believed to...READ MORE

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Pope in Naples Denounces Corruption and Exploitation, Stresses Human Dignity (594)

‘How much corruption is in the world!’ the Holy Father said March 21.

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Screenshot via CTV

Pope Francis speaks during his March 21 trip to Naples.

– Screenshot via CTV

NAPLES, Italy — Addressing the crowds in Naples’ notorious outskirts of Scampia, Pope Francis gave a verbal slap to corrupt leaders who exploit local laborers, charging that they “cannot claim to be Christian.”

Speaking off the cuff during his one-day trip to the city March 21, the Pope also warned that every person is capable of being corrupt and that no one should feel exempt from this temptation.

“If we close the door to migrants, if we take jobs and dignity away from people, this is called corruption. And all of us are capable of being corrupt. None of us can say, 'I will never be corrupt,'” the Pope said.

Pope Francis added that human nature always contends with a strong pull “to...READ MORE

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Cardinal: Secularism Is the Face of the Devil, Foundless Francis Fantasies and Much More! (1336)

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Click onFor Thailand’s New Cardinal (Francis Xavier Kriengsak Kovithavanij), Secularism Is the Face of the Devil by Andrea Gagliarducci of Catholic News Agency link to read more.

For Thailand’s New Cardinal (Francis Xavier Kriengsak Kovithavanij), Secularism Is the Face of the Devil by Andrea Gagliarducci of Catholic News Agency - BigPulpit.com

Foundless Francis Fantasies – Dr. Adam A. J. DeVille, The CWR Blog

Top 10 Headaches of a Catholic Mother, Part II - Laura Hensley, Epic Pew

Archbishop Cordileone, Church in San Francisco Under Attack from Without and from Within – Fr. Z’s Blog

The Real Tango Lesson: Responding to God’s Movement – Tya-Mae Julien MD, Catholic Stand

Don’t You Impose Your Morality on Me! - Dr. Edward Sri, The Integrated Catholic Life™

Works of Mercy Part II: Feeding the Hungry & Counseling the Doubtful; & Part III – J. C., Ignitum Today


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Political Partisanship Over Abortion Blocks Human-Trafficking Bill (2010)

Bipartisan legislation that would support victims has been stalled by Senate Democrats' opposition to the decades-old Hyde Amendment that restricts federal funding of abortion procedures.

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Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., speaks March 18 on the Senate floor against inclusion of Hyde Amendment language in a human-trafficking bill.

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WASHINGTON — If ever there was a bill that looked like it would easily be passed in the fiercely partisan U.S. Senate, the Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act of 2015 (JVTA) was it.

But just as the bill was nearing the finish line, the frail and rare political harmony was shattered. Senate Democrats suddenly altered their tune and have subsequently blocked several attempts to bring the bill to a vote.

The legislation, which aims to support victims of human trafficking and equip preventive efforts by establishing a fund made up of fines collected from convicted traffickers, had several co-sponsors form both parties. Introduced on Jan. 13 by Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, JVTA had made it...READ MORE

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