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Planned Parenthood Video Wars: Abortion Empire Strikes Back (5604)

The nation’s largest abortion provider is deploying attack ads, threats of lawsuits, and a renewed public relations campaign in response to a series of damaging videos.

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Cecile Richards of Planned Parenthood

– YouTube

WASHINGTON — Planned Parenthood is launching a counterattack to defend itself in the wake of increased pressure on its public image and government funding sources due to a series of undercover videos exposing its abortion business.

Since July 14, the Center for Medical Progress has released eight videos — edited versions accompanied by full footage and transcripts — centered on Planned Parenthood’s role in procuring fetal tissue and body parts from aborted children to companies that process them for scientific researchers. The videos feature frank discussions with Planned Parenthood officials about the abortion industry almost never seen in public discourse on abortion.

Although a measure...READ MORE

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Archbishop Aymond on Katrina Recovery: ‘The Work Is Not Finished’ (1598)

The Crescent City’s shepherd reflects on the hurricane’s material and spiritual consequences, 10 years after it devastated his hometown.

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Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Trees are seen blown over in front of St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans during Huricane Katrina on Aug. 29, 2005.

– Chris Graythen/Getty Images

NEW ORLEANS — Ten years ago this week, Hurricane Katrina slammed into the Gulf Coast, displacing more than 1 million people. In New Orleans alone, more than 1,500 lives were lost related to the hurricane.

Although the Crescent City is still recovering from the devastation, the Catholic Church has seen a resurgence. Archbishop Gregory Aymond of New Orleans came back to his hometown as archbishop in 2009. In commemoration of Hurricane Katrina, the archbishop celebrated a Mass at St. Louis Cathedral on Aug. 23; and as a sign of recovery, and the work left to be done, a statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus that had been left in its damaged state since Katrina was restored.

EWTN anchor Raymond...READ MORE

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Did Archbishop Blase Cupich Really Call for Mercy for Nontraditional Families?; Happiness and More! (1992)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

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Click on Did Archbishop Blase Cupich of Chicago Really Call for ‘Mercy for Nontraditional Families’? by Fr. Dwight Longenecker of Standing on my Head link to read more.

Did Archbishop Blase Cupich of Chicago Really Call for ‘Mercy for Nontraditional Families’? by Fr. Dwight Longenecker of Standing on my Head - Big Pulpit

Is It Wrong to Lie to Planned Parenthood? Some Pro-Lifers Say Yes, I Say No – Patti Maguire Armstrong. Aleteia∝

Planned Parenthood Protest: Educating One Heart at a Time – Leila Miller, Catholic Stand

Christian Happiness Is the Key to Cultural Renewal – Jeff Mirus Ph.D., Catholic Culture

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Are Religious People Happier? Why Yes, Yes They Are – Jeff Mirus Ph.D., Catholic Culture

Lord I Am Not Worthy! – Steven Jonathan Rummelsburg, Ignitum...READ MORE

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Denver Airport Puts Chick-fil-A on Hold Over CEO’s Marriage Stance (7819)

In the name of ‘equality,’ members of the City Council’s Business Development Committee have said they are morally obliged to keep the restaurant chain out of the city-owned facility.

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2012 Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Drive-through customers wait in line at a Chick-fil-A restaurant in Fort Worth, Texas.

– 2012 Tom Pennington/Getty Images

DENVER — The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution says government may not abridge free speech or interfere with the free exercise of religion. The Supreme Court of the United States ruled in Lemon v. Kurtzman (1971) that government may not “advance nor inhibit religious practice.”

In other words, government officials should not try to ban a business from the Denver International Airport on a basis of the CEO’s religious beliefs. So say critics of a decision by Denver City Council members to delay approval of a contract with Chick-fil-A on objections to the top executive’s old comments supporting the traditional family.

Though mounds of legal precedent establish governments may not...READ MORE

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A Tech Company May Have Received Whole Fetuses for Tissue Harvesting (2041)

Tuesday’s video is the latest in the “Human Capital” series produced by the Center for Medical Progress, a three-year investigation into the fetal body parts trade.

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CNA/CDC/Jim Gathany. Public domain

– CNA/CDC/Jim Gathany. Public domain

WASHINGTON — Is a fetal tissue supplier receiving whole fetuses from abortion facilities? That’s what one citizen journalist group claims from video of a secretly-recorded conversation released Tuesday.

At issue is a statement by the CEO of the California-based fetal tissue supplier StemExpress, Cate Dyer. In a dialogue about procuring liver tissue, Dyer said that StemExpress receives “intact cases” from abortion businesses.

Whether by “cases” she meant intact livers or intact fetuses is debated. The group that recorded and produced the video, the Center for Medical Progress, claims she is clearly referring to wholly intact fetuses, which if true could mean that abortion clinics are...READ MORE

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Benedict XVI: Mankind’s Greatest Challenge Is the Quest for God (1877)

‘Benedict said ‘the center of history is the living God who opened himself in Jesus Christ, and true progress is found in faith,’ according to former student Father Stephan Horn, organizer of the annual Ratzinger Schulerkreis.

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2005 L'Osservatore Romano

– 2005 L'Osservatore Romano

VATICAN CITY — Benedict XVI considers the quest for God to be contemporary society’s foremost challenge, according to one of the emeritus Pope’s former students, who has organized the annual meeting of Ratzinger’s students to discuss that very topic.

The Ratzinger Schuelerkreis will gather Sept. 28-30 to discuss the theme set them by their former professor. The group has gathered to discuss topics in theology and the life of the Church since 1978, shortly after their mentor was pulled from academia to become a bishop.

“Benedict XVI identified, from his earliest theological studies, a faith in the progress of man that he deems to be an ideology,” Salvatorian Father Stephan Horn told CNA.


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A New Pope in 2016?; What Kind of Evil? The Planned Parenthood Scandal; Women Priests and Much More! (4237)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

08/27/2015 Comment

Click on A New Pope in 2016? by Karl Keating of Catholic Answers link to read more.

A New Pope in 2016? by Karl Keating of Catholic Answers - Big Pulpit

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Do Catholics Still Do...READ MORE

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American Churches 20 Years from Now, Planned Parenthood Skirts Laws Around the Globe, and Much More! (1878)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

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Click on American Churches 20 Years from Now by Zachary Gappa of Catholic Lane link to read more.

American Churches 20 Years from Now by Zachary Gappa of Catholic Lane - Big Pulpit

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