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Tips to ISIS on Chicago, Priest Shocked by Conditions for Iraqi Christian Refugees and Much More! (2650)

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08/28/2014 Comment

Follow the Tips to ISIS on Chicago by Donald R. McClarey, JD, of The American Catholic link to read more.

Tips to ISIS on Chicago by Donald R. McClarey, JD, of The American Catholic – BigPulpit.com

Priest Shocked by Conditions for Iraqi Christian Refugees – Doreen Abi Raad, The Catholic Herald

Just Show Up: To Dress Up or Not for Mass – Jenni Groft, Catholic Stand

Patriarch: While Politicians Argue, Iraqi Christians Die – John Burger, Aleteia∝

A Nation Pulling Apart by Elizabeth Scalia of First Things – BigPulpit.com

When You Feel Ashamed & Helpless at Persecution of Christians – Laura McAlister, Catholic Cravings

The Ephesians 5 Wife: Subject or Spoiled? – Lauren Meyers, Ignitum Today

Benedict XVI: Pope as Prophet on Islam – Fr. George W. Rutler, Crisis Magazine

Religion & the...READ MORE

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California Places Abortion Mandate on Catholic Universities’ Insurers (8660)

But Gov. Jerry Brown’s administration may have jeopardized billions in federal dollars for California by aggressively pursuing its abortion agenda, critics say.

08/27/2014 Comments (18)
Facebook/Santa Clara University

California Gov. Jerry Brown

– Facebook/Santa Clara University

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — State officials in California have put health insurers of two Catholic universities on notice that they have re-interpreted the law to require coverage of elective abortion procedures in health-insurance plans. The decision affects Catholic employers who provide group health-insurance plans to their employees, but it also may create legal challenges endangering California’s access to federal funding.

“It’s a particularly disappointing and frustrating ruling by the Department of Managed Health Care,” said Ned Dolejsi, executive director of the California Catholic Conference.

“We feel that, as Catholics, abortion is not part of medical care, but is the taking of...READ MORE

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Symbolon Program Aims to Form Adult Catholics (1351)

The faith-formation resource is now available in its complete version on DVD and through a special digital-subscription program for mobile devices.

08/27/2014 Comments (1)

DENVER — The release of the complete adult faith-formation series Symbolon: the Catholic Faith Explained hopes to offer a profound way of encountering the truths of the Catholic Church.

Symbolon is designed to be a resource for adult faith formation for the New Evangelization,” Edward Sri of the Denver-based Augustine Institute told CNA Aug. 20.

“The Symbolon video series proclaims the truth and beauty of the Catholic faith in a way that meets people where they are at, captivates their hearts and minds for Christ and his Church and forms them with a Catholic worldview that prepares them to engage the many cultural influences today that undermine Christian living.”

Sri is the program...READ MORE

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New Abortion Controversy Roils Irish Politics (2486)

Pro-abortion activists and politicians are utilizing a case where a pregnant woman threatened to commit suicide to lobby for further changes to Ireland’s abortion law.

08/27/2014 Comments (17)

Participants hold candles at an Aug. 22 pro-life vigil outside of Ireland's legislature in Dublin.

– prolifecampaign.ie

DUBLIN — In July 2013, Enda Kenny’s coalition government pushed the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill through the Irish Parliament, and it went into effect in January 2014.

The law allows for abortion, without time limit, where there is a risk to the life of the woman, including threatened suicide. It is not known how many times (if any) the provisions of the legislation have been implemented, but a major disagreement has now broken out over the first abortion controversy since the law was enacted.

The facts relating to this current case are unclear and are subject to some legal reporting restrictions. But some apparent details have emerged very slowly in recent days, based mainly...READ MORE

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Faith Offers Healing to Ferguson’s Wounds (2091)

Throughout the St. Louis suburb’s ordeal, Catholic clergy have joined with other faith leaders in raising their voices for peace to solve issues of race and justice.

08/27/2014 Comments (11)
Scott Olson/Getty Images

Demonstrators pray outside of the Buzz Westfall Justice Center Aug. 19 in Clayton, Mo. Michael Brown, 18, was shot and killed by a Ferguson police officer on Aug. 9. Despite the Brown family’s continued call for peaceful demonstrations, violent protests have erupted in Ferguson since his death.

– Scott Olson/Getty Images

FERGUSON, Mo. — For nearly two weeks, the small Missouri town of Ferguson seemed poised on the edge of a full-scale conflagration: Angry crowds demanded transparency and justice in the shooting death of a black teenager by a white police officer. Citizens faced off against heavily armed police in armored vehicles and riot gear.

But voices of faith, walking on either side of the protester-police line, helped calm violent confrontations and prevent a bad situation from becoming much, much worse.

“So far, it has been an ecumenical movement,” said Father Art Cavitt, a black Catholic priest and the executive director of the St. Charles Lwanga Center for the Archdiocese of St. Louis, explaining...READ MORE

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Chilean Lawmakers Urge President to Denounce Iraqi Violence (870)

Congressman Felipe De Mussy said, although ‘we may be hundreds of kilometers away, we have to take this on and clearly, firmly reject it.’

08/27/2014 Comments (1)
CNA/R. Nuri UNHCR-ACNUR via Flicjr

A family at the Khazair checkpoint after fleeing from Mosul, Iraq, in June.

– CNA/R. Nuri UNHCR-ACNUR via Flicjr

SANTIAGO, Chile — The Chilean Congress has unanimously approved a measure calling on President Michelle Bachelet to condemn “the brutal persecution” of Christians in Iraq and to ask the United Nations to take measures for a “quick solution.”

Congressman Felipe De Mussy, who sponsored the measure, told CNA on Aug. 21, “We need to understand that there are people who are suffering greatly; and although we may be hundreds of kilometers away, we have to take this on and clearly, firmly reject it.”

Brutal violence continues to plague Iraq, as militants with the Islamic State, known as ISIS, have taken control of numerous cities and ordered Christians and other religious minorities to convert,...READ MORE

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Papal Envoy: We Must See the Humanity of Each Iraqi Refugee (855)

Cardinal Fernando Filoni gave Pope Francis a firsthand account of the desperate plight of a populace uprooted by Muslim radicals.

08/27/2014 Comments (1)

Refugees who have fled from ISIS and arrived in Ankawa, in the northern part of Erbil, Iraq.

– CNA/www.ankawa.com

VATICAN CITY — The international community must view suffering Iraqi refugees not as a collective group, but as individual persons, each with his or her own story and needs, the Pope’s envoy to the country encouraged.

“We should set our sight on every child, every person. When you look at them, sitting on the ground, you don’t think of them as a crowd. You think about them as single persons, about each individual story,” Cardinal Fernando Filoni told CNA Aug. 22.

Earlier this month, Pope Francis selected Cardinal Filoni as his personal envoy to Iraq. In addition to his role as the current prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples, the cardinal served as papal nuncio to...READ MORE

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Pope Francis: Church Is One and Holy (1278)

Holy Father spoke on importance of unity Aug. 27.

08/27/2014 Comments (2)

VATICAN CITY -- During his weekly general audience, Pope Francis spoke on the unity and holiness of the Church, stating that, despite the fact we are sinners, we are called to live as a community centered on Christ.

“In a Christian community, division is one of the most serious sins, because it does not allow God to act,” the Pope said in his Aug. 27 general audience address. “What God wants is that we be welcoming, that we forgive and love each other, so as to become more and more like him, who is communion and love.”

Addressing the thousands of pilgrims gathered in St. Peter’s Square, the Pope explained that as Catholics “we affirm in the Creed that the Church is one and that she is...READ MORE

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