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Raymond Arroyo’s Interview with Donald Trump: Full Text (214)

The GOP presidential candidate was featured on the Oct. 27 episode of EWTN’s The World Over.

10/27/2016 Comment
EWTN/The World Over

EWTN News Director Raymond Arroyo interviews Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on 'The World Over.'

– EWTN/The World Over

EWTN News Director Raymond Arroyo interviewed Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on the Oct. 27 episode of EWTN’s The World Over.

Below is the transcript:


Great! Mr. Trump, thanks for the time.

Thank you.


I want to start with your mother, Mary Trump, who we hear very little about; but, you said she had a flair for the dramatic. What do you see in yourself that you saw in her?

Maybe that … she was a ... she was a terrific woman — beautiful woman. She was born in Scotland, came here at 19 years of age; met my father; they got married. They were married for 63 years or something, and they had a great marriage. It was very beautiful, but she was a very, very smart woman....READ MORE

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Proportionality and Voting: What Is Non-Negotiable? (496)

Election 2016 Commentary

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– Shutterstock

Things can get a little more complicated, however, when considering a “pro-choice” candidate who has a seemingly Catholic-friendly basket of negotiable policy issues. Here is where two important words enter into the conversation: negotiable and non-negotiable.One of the questions that Catholic voters often ask is how to navigate the potentially treacherous waters of moral theology when it comes to voting. We are all obligated to form our consciences properly, and that is easy to employ when faced with a candidate who clearly promotes policies and ideas in direct contradiction to the most important teachings of our faith, such as abortion and the destruction of authentic marriage.


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Debate Boils Over Sex Education in Catholic Schools (3810)

With recent well-publicized protests from parents of Catholic school students to the firestorm over new sex-education materials published by the Vatican, things only seem to be growing more intense, leaving many faithful Catholic parents looking for answers.

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Screen shot of the homepage for the Meeting Point sex education materials from the Pontifical Council for the Family. Critics say the materials are explicit in some cases and are inappropriate the target age groups.

The issue of sex education in Catholic schools has been hotly debated for decades, but with recent well-publicized protests from parents of Catholic school students to the firestorm over new sex-education materials published by the Vatican, things only seem to be growing more intense, leaving many faithful Catholic parents looking for answers.

A group of parents recently raised an alarm over sexually graphic pictures and explicit text being included in their 14-year-olds’ sex-education course at Father Ryan High School in Nashville, Tennessee.

The graphic drawings and detailed information go over the line, say some parents. “What I’ve seen is disturbing,” said one parent, James Bowman,...READ MORE

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Desecration of the Church of the Transfiguration Prompts Outcry (4212)

Unknown burglars robbed the church Oct. 24. They destroyed the tabernacle, desecrated the Hosts and stole the ciborium after throwing the Hosts on the floor.

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Photo courtesy of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem

The tabernacle at the Church of the Transfiguration in Israel, destroyed by burglars Oct. 24.

– Photo courtesy of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem

JERUSALEM — Suspected burglars’ desecration of the Church of the Transfiguration has prompted outcry from leading Christians in the Holy Land.

“The Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, together with all churches and the Custody of the Holy Land, condemn this desecration as a heinous crime and an act that violates the sanctity of the Holy Sites,” the patriarchate said Oct. 25.

“We also ask the police to conduct an investigation, to seriously look into the matter and apprehend the perpetrators who are culpable of these disgraceful actions.”

The Church of the Transfiguration is on Mount Tabor, near the Sea of Galilee in Israel. In the care of the Franciscans, it is held to be the site of the...READ MORE

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Encountering the Lord’s Mercy in the Footsteps of John the Baptist (1303)

A Year of Mercy pilgrimage to the Holy Land of Jordan.

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Peter Jesserer Smith photos

Above, Peter Jesserer Smith in front of the Treasury of Petra. Below, the Dead Sea at sunset, the baptismal site of Jesus, the Christian proprietors of Beit Sitti, with one of their Muslim cooks, and Machereus.

– Peter Jesserer Smith photos

“Truly, I say to you, among those born of women there has risen no one greater than John the Baptist; yet he who is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he.” — Matthew 11:11


AMMAN, Jordan — The Kingdom of Jordan, the East Bank of the Holy Land, has the meaning of the Jubilee Year of Mercy — “Merciful Like the Father” — written all over the holy places and the people. As a Christian pilgrim on a tour for religious journalists sponsored by the Jordanian Tourism Board, I had an opportunity to experience in a deeply personal way the historical truth of God’s love and work of salvation for mankind by walking in the footsteps of St. John the Baptist, the greatest of the prophets.


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Pope Francis: When We Welcome the Stranger, We Welcome Christ (1118)

In Oct. 26 audience on Matthew 25:35-36, the Holy Father noted the need for Christians to help migrants, the homeless, the unemployed, trafficking victims and anyone discriminated against because of race or faith.

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Lucía Ballester/CNA

Pope Francis greets pilgrims at the general audience in St. Peter's Square on Oct. 19.

– Lucía Ballester/CNA

VATICAN CITY — When we perform the corporal works of mercy — specifically, welcoming the stranger in the form migrants and refugees — we are welcoming Christ in them and helping to restore their full dignity as humans, Pope Francis said Wednesday.

“These works, in fact, make evident that Christians are not tired and lazy in waiting for the final encounter with the Lord, but every day go out, recognizing his face in the many people asking for help.”

Continuing his reflection on the corporal works of mercy, the Pope’s catechesis during his Oct. 26 general audience centered on Matthew 25:35-36: “I was a stranger, and you welcomed me; naked, and you clothed me.”

The works of mercy related to...READ MORE

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82-Year-Old Priest Attacked, Robbed Outside Kansas City Church (2872)

Father Tom Kearns is in the hospital recovering from an attack outside of Blessed Sacrament Church in Kansas City, Kansas.

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Neville Elder via Shutterstock

– Neville Elder via Shutterstock

KANSAS CITY, Kan. — 82-year-old Father Tom Kearns is in the hospital recovering from an attack outside of Blessed Sacrament Church in Kansas City, Kansas, on Friday.

The priest was unloading a pumpkin out of his car, which was still running, when he was struck in the face and knocked unconscious by two attackers, thought to be two teenage boys.

The attackers then stole Father Kearns’ wallet and drove off in his car, according to reports.

Father Kearns was unconscious for an estimated 30 minutes and was left with a shattered eye socket that will require surgery, which he was scheduled to undergo on Monday. He is a retired priest in residence at Blessed Sacrament parish.

Father Mark...READ MORE

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40 Days for Life Hits the Road for the Unborn (1367)

Bus tour covers 50 states in 40 days.

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Courtesy of 40 Days for Life

Above, 40 Days for Life rally in Memphis, Tennessee, and, below, pro-lifers signing the bus.

– Courtesy of 40 Days for Life

The growing 40 Days for Life prayer and fasting effort added an attention-getting new dimension this year. The “40 Days Bus Tour” is covering 50 states in 40 days, stopping at local prayer vigils and state rallies in front of abortion centers. Begun Sept. 28, the campaign continues through Nov. 6.

The rally cry is being heard: Reports from local 40 Days for Life campaigns indicated 410 babies have been saved as of Oct. 24.

“We felt we needed to do more this election year,” said David Bereit, the campaign director. “There’s such cultural chaos, and the moral breakdown and political toxicity of the campaign really called for an emphasis on defending the unborn with prayer and fasting.”    ...READ MORE

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