Well on Wednesday it was still raining — three days of rain with three more in the forecast. Still our spirits cannot be dampened. 

On Wednesday I sat with other moviemakers on a press conference panel to discuss the emergence of arts in media for Catholicism. There is a lot going on but also a lot left to be desired and the other side is vicious and unrelenting. You must be careful and understand that there are many within our boundaries who call themselves Catholic but being Catholic is the furthest thing from their intent. They intend to minimize the authenticity of our faith by making relativistic arguments.

You must study and know the authentic faith and follow the leadership of the Pope. If the Pope is against abortion, then Catholics are against abortion. If the Pope is for normal marriage between a woman and a man then you can't be Catholic and support gay marriage. These are absolutes and we must be aware that many in the entertainment media are trying to minimize the intensity and authenticity of the true one holy Catholic and Apostolic church as created by Jesus Christ.

Remember, we are to be Christ like, not Christ sort of.

After the panel we ran into a snag with our second screening event. It seems the event was scheduled in a tough part of town and none of the drivers would take us there. It is sad that this reality exists. That a child born in that environment has little, if any, chance of ever getting out. This is the end result of the minimization of God in society and the abandonment of responsibility for the quest to only satisfy one's self. A simple lack of sacramentality. With all of the man-made belief systems trying to substitute the true presence of Christ in the Eucharist, it means opening the door to put one's self above God and your neighbor. The first commandment that Moses accepted from God our Father was to love God above all else. Do you love God more than anything in your mortal life?

Today I feel as though the Messenger Eagle is having a tough time soaring to new heights as my thoughts have zeroed in on parentless homes and situations like the above where gangs have taken over. It should inspire us to pray (try a full rosary) to the Virgin Mary for Her merciful intercession with Her Son Jesus Christ to save these souls while inspiring us to be more responsible to our children and our God.

World Youth Day's motto is “Go and make disciples of all nations." I hope you do this, but start at home, with your friends, and with your co-workers. Defend the one holy Catholic and Apostolic Church like you would you favorite sport team or reality TV show.