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Chris Kudialis in São Paulo

My road to Rio has been a long one, paved with ambition, excitement, fear, doubt and, of course, prayer. It wasn’t until two weeks ago that I actually finalized my flight and hotel reservations, and here I am with the opportunity and the honor of covering World Youth Day 2013 for the Register.

I’m Chris Kudialis, a 22-year-old recent graduate of the University of Michigan, and a second-time participant at World Youth Day. In August 2011, I chronicled the events of Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to Madrid, Spain, for the Spanish magazine Mundo Cristiano. My articles on sports and faith have also been published in the Los Angeles Times and Raleigh (N.C,) News & Observer.

WYD 2013 began, for...READ MORE

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The Register on EWTN live radio from WYD

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A runner carries a Jesus flag up and down Copacabana beach in Rio De Janeiro. After all, HE is the real reason we are at WYD anyway.

Countdown to World Youth Day is the EWTN live radio show from Rio de Janeiro. I was a guest on today’s show (audio player above).  

Elena Rodriguez is reporting live from the International Broadcast Center at Copacobana beach in Rio. Thom Price is her co-host at the EWTN studio in Birmingham, Ala. 

We talked about the 5,500 journalists registered for WYD, most of whom began to descend on Rio today. Elena interviewed Register correspondent Justin Bell at Christ the Redeemer statue. Justin described what it was like to travel with his group from Boston.

I talked about how the mood of WYD always changes when the Pope leads the Stations of the Cross. Prior to that moment, the event...READ MORE

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Guests in Rio

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Jeanette De Melo in front of Christ the Redeemer statue on top of Corcovado mountain in Rio de Janeiro on July 21.

The Register, represented by yours truly, arrived in Rio de Janeiro on Saturday morning, July 20.  My travel companions are 11 members of the EWTN television and radio team.  Three Franciscan Missionaries of the Eternal Word are among that group, Father Mark, Father Miguel and Father John Paul.

Although Brazil is said to be the country with the largest Catholic population in the world, 123 million Catholics in a total population of 191 million or 64%, quite a few Brazilian heads have turned to see the friars in full habit walking down the streets of Copacabana. Something tells me Rio is still unaware of what is about to hit them when a tidal wave of pilgrims arrives in joyful force.


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Capturing the Moment And Letting it Soak In

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Justin Bell (far right, camera in hand) and his travel companions for WYD Rio 2013.

Greetings from Rio de Janeiro!  As perhaps others who have made it down here have told you electronically.  But regardless if you know someone here or not, I am happy to be one of the WYD witnesses for the Register.

My name is Justin Bell and I became a correspondent with the Register in 2007 with a story I filed from Northern Ireland about a significant step in the Peace Process there.  Reporting has been a continuing education for me, interviewing engaging people and researching complex situations. I hope to give you some sketches of the WYD Rio experience with these blogs.

I have been to one earlier World Youth Day in Toronto in 2002 when I traveled with a group from Denver: young...READ MORE

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On the Road to Rio

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The Register is now on the road to Rio.  We'll be providing our readers up-to-date reporting and blogging about the week-long adventure known as World Youth Day, which begins July 22 and lasts until July 28.  Our writers and bloggers will be arriving early next week and you will be introduced to them on this blog spot.  I'm on my way as I type this note.   Pray for safe travels for all pilgrims and stay tuned!

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WYD Witnesses
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The Register's coverage in at World Youth Day in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil includes blog entries from a variety of pilgrims--from regular Register correspondents and staff to seasoned filmmakers to a priest and bishop leading their flock.

WYD Witnesses bloggers include:
Bishop James Conley, Bishop of Lincoln, Neb., who is a veteran at WYD, having attended in Denver, Paris, Rome, Sydney, and Madrid.
Father Matthew Gamber, S.J., theology teacher at Jesuit High in Tampa, Fla. Leading a group with 52 students and teachers from Jesuit to WYD Rio.
Tim Watkins, the director of the documentary film The Blood & The Rose, and president/CEO of Renegade Communications headquartered in Hunt Valley, Md.
Chris Kudialis, a Register correspondent, who lives in Detroit and whose work has also appeared in the Los Angeles Times, Raleigh News & Observer, and Mundo Cristianois, the last of which featured coverage of 2011 WYD in Madrid, Spain.
Justin Bell, a Register correspondent, who lives in Boston and at WYD is embedded in a national group of about 20 deaf participants and leaders, along with hearing interpreters, who are traveling with more than 100 from the Boston archdiocese.
Jeanette De Melo, the Register’s editor in chief, who resides in Denver and who covered WYD Toronto in 2002. She's traveling with EWTN's television and radio crew.