Pope John Paul I died 30 years ago yesterday, on Sept. 28, 1978.

In his Angelus remarks to pilgrims at the papal summer residence in Castel Gandolfo, Pope Benedict XVI noted the humility of spirit John Paul I displayed during his brief, 33-day pontificate in 1978.

John Paul I, said Benedict, “chose Saint Charles Borromeo’s episcopal motto — Humilitas — as his own, a word that sums up that which is essential in Christian life and which indicates the virtue needed by those in the Church who are called to serve the authorities.”

Added Benedict, “In one of the four general audiences held during his brief pontificate he said among others things and in that very informal way of his: I will just recommend one virtue so dear to the Lord. He said, ‘Learn from me who am meek and humble of heart.’”

Italian press coverage of yesterday’s Angelus comments noted that John Paul I is expected to be beatified soon, and an article in La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno contained details about the miracle that has been attributed to the late Pope’s intercession.

— Tom McFeely