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Space Age Cathedral

09/24/2008 Comment

Seminarians pose last month at Oakland's new Cathedral of Christ the Light. (CNS)

“If the Jetsons were Catholic, they would worship here,” the Oakland Tribune enthuses in an article about Oakland’s new Cathedral of Christ the Light.

The $190-million cathedral will be consecrated and dedicated tomorrow at a special private Mass.

The cathedral project, which took only three years to complete, is replete with 21st-century features such as bead-blasted candleholders, holy texts illuminated in stainless steel and embedded in the concrete floor, and a laser-generated, 58-foot-high image of Christ on the cathedral’s 90-foot Omega window.

The cathedral complex includes offices, a conference center and a free health clinic, staffed by a doctor and a nurse practitioner and volunteer physicians.

A video by the Oakland Tribune about the Cathedral of Christ the Light is can be viewed here.

More information about the new cathedral is available here at its website.

— Tom McFeely

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