Marjorie Dannenfelser has nailed it here, in terms of explaining the contradictions that underlie the soothing comments about abortion President Barack Obama made yesterday at Notre Dame.

In his commencement address Obama called for a search for “common ground” and for respect for the pro-life side in the national debate over abortion.

But as noted by Dannenfelser — who is the president of the Susan B. Anthony List — Obama’s own actions as president indicate he is a pro-abortion extremist whose policies have been entirely hostile to pro-life perspectives.

Said Dannenfelser, “At Notre Dame, President Obama spoke of respecting the consciences of those Americans who are morally opposed to the tragedy of abortion. Yet his most recent budget proposal to Congress fails to respect the consciences of taxpayers who are morally opposed to funding the destruction of human life. Further, in working and advocating to fully fund abortions, the president undermines his own purported goal of reducing the ‘need’ for abortion.”

Added Dannenfelser, “America deserves authentic leadership on the abortion issue — someone who will help find common ground through civil discourse. Yet there is no evidence of an open mind in President Obama’s recommendation that Congress fund abortion on demand with taxpayer dollars. No true leader on a ‘heart-wrenching,’ ‘complex issue’ would seek to set it aside publicly while advancing quietly to achieve his own goals, all the while positing that the two sides are irreconcilable. True common ground exists. He is just not standing on it.”