Vote with your pocketbooks, America.

That’s the challenge Catholic moviemaker Steve McEveety has issued to conservative-minded moviegoers in conjunction with the release of his new movie project, “An American Carol.”

The comedy, which opened in theaters Oct. 3, lampoons the left-wing biases of Hollywood filmmaker Michael Moore.

“An American Carol” was directed and produced by Jewish filmmaker David Zucker and co-produced by McEveety’s studio, Mpower Pictures.

McEveety said in a letter that buying tickets for “An American Dream” was equivalent to casting a vote in the nation’s “emerging culture war,” Catholic News Agency reported.

Zucker told the Chicago Tribune that he’s sick of anti-Christian bias, and especially of Catholic-bashing.

Zucker said he particularly enjoyed filming a scene in which a character modeled on Rosie O’Donnell shows Bill O’Reilly a documentary that allegedly “tells the truth about radical Christians.”

An imaginary montage of Christian “terrorism” ensues, including a nun blowing up a bus.

Said Zucker, “I loved doing that scene.”

In other Hollywood-related news, the recently released pro-marriage movie “Fireproofing” is continuing to do well at the box office.

— Tom McFeely