Pope John Paul II gave a courageous testimony to the Catholic faith and the human spirit throughout his life.

Now, a new docudrama entitled “Testimony” is providing an opportunity to observe his heroic Christian witness through the eyes of John Paul’s long-time papal secretary, Cardinal Stanis?aw Dziwisz of Krakow, Poland.

The Polish-produced docudrama is based on Cardinal Dziwisz’s 2007 biography of the same title. Narrated by English actor Michael York, the film portrays John Paul’s life through documentary footage along with dramatized material. 

“I saw it as my duty to contribute [to the book and film],” Cardinal Dziwisz said at a press conference today in Rome. “People don’t want to forget the life of John Paul II, so there is a need to carry on his legacy.”

Added the cardinal, “The Pope was like a father figure to me — we had a father-son, family type of relationship, and I tried to help and to serve him.”

York told the press conference that “my immediate instinct was to say yes” when he was asked to narrate the film during a trip to Warsaw.

Said York, “This job was heaven sent.”

— Edward Pentin