Christian actor Kirk Cameron’s new pro-marriage movie “Fireproof” opens in theaters tomorrow.

The movie stars Cameron as a fire captain named Caleb Holt whose marriage is in trouble.

At the suggestion of his father, who has recently developed a faith in God, Caleb accepts a challenge to devote 40 days to finding a way to salvage his marriage.

In an interview with McClatchy Newspapers, Cameron discusses the movie’s message and his own commitment to God, marriage and family.

“There are a couple of themes in the movie: Never leave your partner behind. That’s the firefighter’s adage and the way it ought to be in marriage, especially in times of fire,” Cameron said.

Added Cameron, “Another theme is don’t follow your heart; lead your heart. If you follow your heart, it can be deceptive … The movie is full of principles of what it means to love someone.”

— Tom McFeely