Faithful Faith-Based Voters

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A new study comparing religious voters’ preferences in the current presidential race and in 2004 has found a surprising degree of similarity.

The Fifth National Survey of Religion and Politics, undertaken by University of Akron pollster John Green, was conducted before the Democratic and Republican national conventions.

The survey found Democratic candidate Barack Obama does best with the same religious groups that supported John Kerry most strongly in 2004: Jews, black Protestants, Latino Catholics and the religiously unaffiliated.

Republican candidate John McCain’s support is strongest among evangelical Protestants, where he had almost as big an edge over Obama (37.3%) as...READ MORE

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God and Tony Blair at Yale

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Former British PM Tony Blair (AFP)

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair delivered his inaugural lecture Sept. 19 as a visiting lecturer on religion at Yale University.

Blair converted to Catholicism in late 2007, only a few months after resigning as prime minister.

The Yale lecture was delivered to only a small number of students, but Blair also gave a more informal talk later in the day to a crowd of more than 2,000 students.

In his position as Yale’s Howland Distinguished Fellow, Blair will give five lectures annually at Yale for the next three years. The lectures will focus on the subject of faith and globalization.

— Tom McFeely

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Supreme Knight Chides Biden

09/22/2008 Comment

Sen. Joe Biden on Meet the Press. (CNS/Reuters)

The head of the Knights of Columbus has written an open letter to Democratic vice-presidential candidate Sen. Joe Biden about Biden’s position on abortion.

Addressing Biden as “a fellow Catholic layman,” Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson took issue with Biden’s abortion-related comments during a Sept. 7 appearance on Meet the Press. Biden said he accepted the Church’s teaching that life begins at conception “as a matter of faith” but said he could not impose that belief on others through public policy.

Biden was subsequently criticized by many American bishops for having misrepresented Church teachings in his remarks.

In his letter, Anderson appealed to Biden to abandon his...READ MORE

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'Christianophobia' Rampant

09/22/2008 Comment

Indian schoolgirls protest anti-Christian violence. (CNS/Reuters)

The Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera warns in today’s edition that hatred of Christianity has become global and constitutes a contemporary equivalent to anti-Semitism.

The Corriere della Sera article reported on the alarm sounded Sunday by Avvenire, the daily newspaper of the Italian bishops’ conference.

In an editorial, Avvenire called on the European Union to apply “the right of humanitarian intervention” against “Christianophobia” to defend Christians in areas where they are being persecuted, such as in the Indian state of Orissa.

Avvenire praised the example given by the United States in drawing attention to violations of religious freedom. Said the newspaper, “The U.S....READ MORE

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NYT: Abortion Hurting Dems

09/22/2008 Comment

Since their defeat in the 2004 presidential campaign, the Democratic Party has sought to shift Catholic attention away from the party’s pro-abortion position.

But The New York Times says the issue is damaging Democrats again in 2008.

In a Sept. 16 article, the Times reported that recent comments about abortion by Democratic vice-presidential nominee Joe Biden and by U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi have caused some Catholic voters in the key swing state of Pennsylvania to shift support to Republican presidential nominee John McCain.

But while the Times article acknowledges abortion is hurting the Democrats with Catholics, it misrepresents the teaching of the U.S. bishops regarding how...READ MORE

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