Columbus’ Dia de La Raza

10/13/2008 Comment

Columbus unbowed. (VOA)

Miguel Perez remembers the days when Italians saved Columbus Day. Now he hopes Latinos will.

In a syndicated commentary piece, Perez says Columbus “to most of us … was the ultimate explorer, the gutsy genius who brought Europe to the New World, one of history’s greatest figures.”

For others, Columbus Day is “a day to malign the memory of Columbus. Because he opened the gate to the New World, they make it seem as if he personally ordered the slaughter of millions of indigenous people. Some extremists have compared him to Hitler; others have called him ‘America’s first terrorist.’”

Perez says “blaming Columbus for a holocaust is a terrible distortion of history, especially because...READ MORE

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Purpose-Driven Debates

10/12/2008 Comment

Tennessee tension. (AFP)

The title of Fred Barnes’ piece says it all: “Paging Rick Warren: Why Did a Town Hall Debate in Nashville Revolve Around What Interests an East Coast Newsman?” 

The first reference is to Rick Warren of Saddleback Church in California, the author of the best-selling The Purpose-Driven Life, who held a forum for Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. John McCain in August.

The second reference is to last Tuesday’s debate, where voters got to see two candidates on autopilot and learned nothing new about either of them.

“The problem was the questions, chosen from thousands on the Internet and others from the 80 undecided voters assembled in a college arena in Nashville, Tenn. No doubt there were some...READ MORE

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Yuppies No More

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Some choose home-schooling for its merits, some fall into home-schooling for financial or ideological reasons, and some have home-schooling thrust upon them.

Sally Thomas at the First Things blog reviews a new book by Gregory and Martine Millman who married in the 1980s and planned to lead a “normal yuppie life.”

“How, then, did they come to write a book called Homeschooling: A Family’s Journey?” asks Thomas.

“Two factors intervened in their quest for a mainstream middle-class life, sending them down an unanticipated long-term detour. The first was their decision to live on one income, with Martine a stay-at-home mother to their six children, a choice that put both private schools and...READ MORE

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Maher the Adolescent

10/11/2008 Comment

Maher vs. 'straw men.' (Movieweb)

More readers are learning that “Bill Maher Makes an Adolescent Case Against Religion in Religulous.” That’s because the review by Village Voice film critic J. Hoberman is being picked up by many alternative papers. The Houston Press, for instance

Hoberman judges the movie “Initially quite funny in its head-on engagement with star-spangled, self-righteous platitudes.” But the movie takes a turn for the worse when Maher visits a small North Carolina chapel and harangues congregants. Such unplanned confrontations favored the challenger. Especially since the challenger then got to heavily edit the results.

“Such one-sided encounters are more depressing than fun,” writes Hoberman. Much...READ MORE

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Boardroom and Bedroom

10/11/2008 Comment

I see London,I see France … (AFP)

“Ironically, like ‘safe sex,’ safe speculation has proved to be an illusion.”

So concludes Angelo Matera of Godspy in his post “Thinking Catholic: European leaders blame crisis on ‘speculative capitalism.’”

He says Europeans were suckers for easy subprime mortgage profits, just like Americans, and with the same result. But he credits Europe’s “Catholic roots” with giving Europeans a better handle on the crisis.

For Matera, French President Nicolas Sarkozy summed up the different responses when he said: “We want a capitalism of entrepreneurs. We don’t want speculators.”

Matera hears an echo of Pope John Paul II in that statement, and quotes the 1991 encyclical Centesimus Annus at...READ MORE

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