Rosary vs. Pornography

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“The Rosary is excruciating. There I said it.” Thus begins Brian Pessaro’s “My Struggle With the Rosary” at Godspy.

“I wouldn’t be where I am today had it not been for Mary’s intercession,” he writes. “Since the age of 11, I was addicted to pornography. It began simple enough with sneaking peaks at my best friend’s father’s Playboys in the basement of his house. But by the time I was 25, I was so hooked on Internet porn that I would itch for my wife to leave the apartment so I could secretly jump online. Several times over the years I tried to quit. Each time, not only did I fail, but the addiction got worse to the point where I gave up resisting.”

Then, while...READ MORE

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Video: Catholics and Life

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Gus Lloyd told me about this clear and concise video from the Scranton Diocese taking on arguments that downplay the importance of the right to life to Catholics.

Here’s where I found it on YouTube.

— Tom Hoopes

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Bishops, Soundbited

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Our news editor, John Burger, did an excellent job selecting and excerpting some of what the bishops have been saying about the election in “Vote 2008: The Shepherds Speak,” which you can find in full and for free linked at the home-page slide show.

But if you want an even more abbreviated version (we did it for a design idea that didn’t work out), here you go:

U.S. Bishops on the 2008 Election

Reversing Roe v. Wade “it is not a mere political tactic, but a moral imperative for Catholics.”
— Cardinal Justin Rigali, chairman of the U.S. Bishops Committee on Prolife Activities

“We cannot be mute on this premier civil rights issue of our day.”
— Milwaukee Archbishop Timothy...READ MORE

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McCain: ‘I Won’t Cave’

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One reason John McCain makes pro-lifers queasy: the Supreme Court. McCain’s Gang of 14 snatched defeat from the jaws of victory for pro-life judges.

Now comes Human Events, nailing McCain down on the question: What will your nominees be like?

It seemed like a vote for McCain was a vote along the lines of the logic of Horatio Hornblower’s duel in the book Midshipman Hornblower . A bad shot, Hornblower arranged it so that only one gun was loaded, and it was random whether he or his opponent got it. He figured a 50/50 chance was better than certain death. Rolling the dice on McCain’s nominees beats the certainty that Obama’s will be Roe v. Waders.

But, quoth the interview:

“Q: On the...READ MORE

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The Bust Is Good

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Jeffery Tucker asks at Inside Catholic: What’s Wrong With Failure? It’s a subject Catholics are more likely to understand than most. After all, we’re the ones with the big statues of our failed leader front and center in our churches.

Writes Tucker: “As angry as many people were about the bailout of Wall Street, something else makes people just about as angry: falling stock prices. It is probably for this reason that Washington decided to take the risk and push one of the more outrageously extravagant spending programs in the history of the world.”

He continues, “What’s really at issue is a deeper problem that is culture-wide: the intolerance toward failure. We can’t face...READ MORE

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Ideal Catholic Candidate?

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John Allen at the Reporter says he has avoided wading into election issues, but now realizes he must. In doing so he describes what the perfect Catholic candidate would be like, in his view.

He speaks for “Catholics alienated from both parties, who aren’t undecided but rather disenfranchised.”

“Most analyses of the ‘Catholic vote’ presume there are three basic camps: pro-Obama Catholics, pro-McCain Catholics, and the undecided,” he writes. “For purposes of electoral handicapping, that’s a natural way of slicing the pie, but it neglects another important constituency. This block has no candidate, no network of think-tanks and advocacy groups, and it only registers indirectly...READ MORE

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A Saint on Broadway

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“When statesmen forsake their own private conscience for the sake of their public duties, they lead their country by a short route to chaos.”

The New York area has been seeing ads for Broadway’s A Man for All Seasons on Broadway.  Now Amanda Shaw and Nathaniel Peters give the play two thumbs up at First Things blog. And in doing so, they provide an excellent critique of the excesses in Robert Bolt’s play, and the modesty of director Doug Hughes’ production.

“The strength of Bolt’s script and Doug Hughes’ direction is that neither turns the play into a lecture on politics,” they write of this play about the patron of statesman that is playing in an intense election year.


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John Paul the Exorcist

Sunday, October 19, 2008 4:53 PM Comments (0)
Pacific Yooper

– Pacific Yooper

You’re reading the Register’s Daily Blog — which will always be free. But our newspaper content, under the orange bar to the right, will be mostly subscriber-only soon. Become a subscriber to get articles like this one, to be published soon:

A woman was wildly shaking, shrieking, shuddering in the Pope’s presence. It wasn’t her. Somebody else had taken possession of her body. 

“The few people in the room were afraid,” said Archbishop of Krakow Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz. “The Holy Father [John Paul II] was calmly reciting the rite of exorcism, but it did not work. The woman kept quivering and yelling, out of control. The Pope took a few steps back and said to the woman,...READ MORE

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