Marriage and Democracy

11/16/2008 Comment

The battle for marriage is the battle for democracy in our time.

“Same-sex marriage arrived in Connecticut this week the only way it could: by bypassing the democratic process.”

Thus begins Peter Wolfgang’s column in today’s Hartford Courant.

“Only three states have had same-sex marriage, and in each case it was imposed by a 4-3 vote of the states’ high courts,” he continues. “In California, the people reasserted their right to self-government and — thanks especially to African-American turnout — voted on Nov. 4 to overturn their court and restore the traditional definition of marriage. With Arizona reversing an earlier vote, same-sex marriage has now lost in all 30...READ MORE

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Passion Player Update

11/16/2008 Comment

For what it’s worth, currently in production ...

Mel Gibson is an L.A. cop trying to solve the murder of his activist daughter in Edge of DarknessThe action culimates in Holy Cross Cathedral.

Jim Caviezel is trying to stop Samuel Jackson from blowing up London in Blown.

And, in real life, Maia Morgenstern (Mary) is criticizing the lack of action regarding the desecration of Jewish gravesites in Romania.

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What Catholics Can Expect

11/16/2008 Comment

George Marlin at The Catholic Thing offers a helpful bullet pointed list of what Catholics can expect in the next four years (and I quote):

• The executive ban on funding abortions in U.S. overseas health agencies will be eliminated.
• The executive order barring federal financing of embryo stem-cell research will be eliminated.
• Culture-of-death judges who believe in a “living Constitution” will be installed at all levels of the federal judiciary.
• Reinstatement of the Fairness Doctrine will eliminate radio and television discussions of issues that matter to Catholics.
• A national “gay rights” bill that will confer special status on homosexual men and women...READ MORE

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Kmiec Evolves

11/15/2008 Comment

Black Pro-Lifers Worry

11/15/2008 Comment

Arnold Culbreath of

You may have noticed the article to the right about “Black Pro-Lifers’ Joy and Pain.”

In it, Tim Drake talked to several black pro-lifers who celebrated the historic nature of the election of Barack Obama, but were worried about how black babies would be affected.

“It’s an incredibly historic moment for our nation. There were many African-Americans who didn’t think we would see this in our lifetimes,” said pastor Arnold Culbreath, urban outreach director for Protecting Black Life in Cincinnati.

“However,” he added, “abortion remains the leading cause of death in the black community. With President-elect Obama being as aggressively pro-abortion as he is, that makes our work...READ MORE

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The Proverbs 31 Husband

11/15/2008 Comment

Catholic moms familiar with the Proverbs 31 wife, who we hear about this Sunday, might sympathize with Daria Sockey. As April and I promised in our Guide to Sunday, here is Daria’s Faith & Family magazine payback piece:

Proverbs has a section subtitled “The Ideal Wife:” She’s held up to us as a role model, yet she dishes out intimidation as well as inspiration, if you ask me.

“When one finds a worthy wife, her value is far beyond pearls.
Her husband, entrusting his heart to her, has an unfailing prize.”

On the one hand, anyone trying both to run a home and earn extra income sees a true sister in Mrs. Proverbs 31. She’s CEO of a cottage industry garment factory, a real estate...READ MORE

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Advent Activities: Jesse Tree Readings

11/09/2008 Comment

Rebecca Teti shared her parish’s “Jesse Tree Craft Swap” in the Register in the past.

But if no Jesse Tree craft swap is possble for you this year, simply use the list of ornaments and the readings she offered to do your own Jesse Tree at home.


Bible Readings

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‘Logic of the Market’

11/09/2008 Comment

Another great Register piece that got swallowed by the election was our symposium on the moral dimensions of the economic crisis. The whole thing is worth reading. But I wanted to point out Mark and Louise Zwick’s contribution.

It is a shame that adolescent-hearted men and women yoked liberal Catholicism to theological and moral dissent. Apart from sins of commission, those who did so will have sins of omission to answer for: They have taken a rich vein of Catholic thought and placed it at the service of the abortion, divorce and contraceptive industries. Instead of putting the Church’s wisdom to work in the world, they took the world’s wisdom and used it to throw roadblocks in front of...READ MORE

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