Thanksgiving Gratitude

11/27/2008 Comment

... From Louis C.K. Enjoy! (Warning: A little crude in a couple of parts ... and if you’re thinking: “That’s great. I wonder if the rest of his stuff is as worthwhile?” we wondered, too, and found that his other stuff is afflicted with the modern comedic problems: too profane and too crude.)

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Hope, American Style

11/24/2008 Comment

We’ve got the final installment in our hope-after-the-election series up, now. Our hope is an American hope, based on the fact that we live in a Democracy where it is still possible to change minds and, along with them, laws.

And, so you know, when we say hope, we don’t mean:
—“Boy, we hope Obama won’t keep his promises on abortion.” He will.
—“Boy, we hope it won’t be that bad, what he does.” It will.
—“Man, I hope the GOP will rescue us two years from now.” They won’t.

Where the heck are we finding hope, then? “The New Springtime of the Faith.” Huh?

Go ahead and see ...

— Tom Hoopes

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Laura Ingraham vs. Our President

11/24/2008 Comment

Apparently we hit the big time this morning. Laura Ingraham commented on my “Our President” blog post.

I missed it, but knowing Laura (from listening to her, anyway) I’ll bet it was good. And true. She must have been worried that the Register is being naive, not alert to the danger, and too accommodating.

She probably made a point we made in a recent editorial: Wishful thinking is deadly to a political movement.

She’s right. To simply close our eyes and say, “There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home” while we click our heels won’t get us back to Kansas, not this time.

Because of her show, I even made a change to the post: It no longer says that we at the Register liked...READ MORE

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‘We Hold These Truths’ Top 10

11/23/2008 Comment

Erin was conceived in a petri dish and adopted as an embryo. (CNS/Don Blake, The Dialog)

It falls to Christians once again to defend the fundamental beliefs and highest aspirations of mankind. After all, we believe in principles that are losing adherents by the day. A top 10:

10. Individual freedom of religion. We still believe in the conscience rights of everyone. And we include: Anti-porn librarians, Catholic teachers, pro-life health care workers, pro-marriage adoption agencies, Christmas-loving state workers, prayer warrior students in assemblies, etc.

9. Respecting the handicapped. We believe that handicapped people — even those with Down Syndrome — ought to be allowed to be born. And that those in a coma should be protected from being offed.

8. Nuremburg standards....READ MORE

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Hope for Marriage

11/23/2008 Comment

This guy gives us hope for marriage. Which is what we are looking for in part two in our series about where Catholics can find hope after the election.

Though marriage won big, we strike a note of caution in part two. Why? Because “There are two attitudes that kill political movements,” says the editorial. “One is wishful thinking. The other is discouragement.”

“It’s wishful thinking to believe that the current pro-marriage majority will last,” we continue. “If opposition to same-sex ‘marriage’ is based on prejudice, it is destined to fail. We have already seen a decades-long cultural project designed to change people’s attitudes toward same-sex couples. ... It’s working.”


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2-Minute Christ the King

11/23/2008 Comment

Here’s an excellent, quick take on Christ the King 2008 for you. Enjoy!

— Tom Hoopes

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‘My Mouth Swallowed Saline’

11/22/2008 Comment

Project Clip and Share is the Register’s new plan to provide powerful stories of personal change (in English and Spanish) for readers to pass on to others.

Feminists for Life is doing the same thing with three videos on its website. Here’s a heart-breaking one. Notice the looks in eyes of the audience members. There’s a culture of pain behind those eyes. But listen to the cheers when she makes her announcement ...

— Tom Hoopes

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Our Hope Wasn’t in McCain

11/22/2008 Comment

“It might seem like things are bleak and getting bleaker.” So begins the first editorial in our “Hope for America” series.

“The truth is, there are several things we can do to either ensure that this is the first step of a crushing defeat on the one hand, or the beginning of a new victory on the other.” Readers of “Our President” and this week’s Letters will know where that “first step of a crushing defeat’ thing is going.

But where’s the hope?

“In a way, the election is an opening for us. We never had high hopes for John McCain, who voted to take money from our paychecks and use it to pay scientists to kill embryos. Our hope is in the Holy Spirit, who is far more powerful than the...READ MORE

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