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Yazidis and Christians, 3 Small Lessons One Huge One Learned from Giving Up Complaining and More!

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03/23/2016 Comment

Click on Yazidis and Christians by David Warren of The Catholic Thing link to read.

Yazidis and Christians – David Warren, The Catholic Thing

Three (3) Small Lessons (and One Huge One) Learned from Giving Up Complaining for Lent – Felix Whelan, Catholic Stand

Saints Who Battled Satan (Tan Books) – Stuart Dunn, Stuart’s Study

What It’s Like To Be the Only (Or One of the Only) Catholic on Campus – Mary Flynn, Epic Pew

Black Lives Matter from Conception Until Natural Death – Sister Mary Rose, The Dead Philosophers Society

The Via Crucis: Walking the Passion with Jesus, Part Two – Paul Senz, Catholic Stand

An Aragon Ballroom Tutorial – Rick Becker, Clinging to Onions

Anointing His Feet – Mary Proffit Kimmel, Ignitum Today

Materialism, Positivism and the Politics of Modern Science – Robert Lowry Clinton, Crisis Magazine

Quotes Suitable for Framing: C.S. Lewis – Donald R. McClarey J.D., The American Catholic

Theistic Science Words are Going Out of Style – Stacy Trasancos Ph.D., Science in the Light of Faith

Hail Mary, A Meditation – Luciano Corbo, New Evangelizers

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