The Return of the Heresy of Angelism - Thomas Storck, Ethika Politika

Pavarotti and Sting Surprise with the Most Amazing Hymn to Jesus in the Eucharist - Aleteia

List Of Biblical Contradictions Withers To None - William M. Briggs Ph.D., Statistician to the Stars!

Another Vatican ‘Reform’ Cast in Doubt - Phil Lawler, Catholic Culture

Boston Library Has Blasphemous Drag Queen “Nuns” Read to Children for “Pride Month” – ChurchPoP

You Went to the Wedding, Now What? – Strahlen Smith, Catholic Stand

Fr. James Martin, “Bridges”, and the Triumph of the Therapeutic Mentality – Eduardo Echeverria, The Catholic World Report

There’s a Catholic Primary School, That’s Found Great Way to Get Children to Pray – Bullivant, Catholic Herald

Can a Scientist be Catholic? A Conversion Story – Robert Kurland Ph.D., Aleteia

Getting Back on Track with Your Fundraising Goal – Brice Sokolowski,

Conflicts, Campuses, and the Return to Catholic Commitments – Adam A.J. DeVille Ph.D., The Catholic World Report

The Falling Away of Humanity from Experiencing God Through Nature – Thomas Clements, Ignitum Today

A Syllabus of Errors: An Update In Ninety-Five Sentences – James Soriano, Crisis Magazine

Roman Concrete, the Roman Rite, and You – Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, Fr. Z’s Blog

Is Religious Skepticism a Sign of Intelligence? – Regis Nicoll, Crisis Magazine

Pope Francis Visits Fatima: An Interview with Two Pilgrims – Julie Machado, Catholic Stand

The Stages of Evangelization, According to Pope St. Gregory the Great – Msgr. Charles Pope, Community in Mission

Pope Francis: The Struggle Behind the Curtains – Andrea Gagliarducci, Monday Vatican

Five Kinds of Feminism – David Carlin, The Catholic Thing

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