“How do you know when a baby’s life begins?”

That’s the worthy question that starts off this scene from the film “Come What May,” which is available on DVD beginning next week.

Produced by the Advent Film Group, a core team of 40 home-educated students from 16 different states worked on the movie, which examines the issue of life.

It’s a film our President should watch.

“Life doesn’t begin incrementally,” says the young man’s father in the movie clip. “It’s radical. It’s an event, and it only happens once. It’s so simple even a 10-year-old can understand it.”

President Barack Obama’s executive order on Monday to rescind President George W. Bush’s limits on embryonic stem-cell research, guarantees not only that more human embryos will be destroyed in the name of science, but also that taxpayer dollars will go toward the destruction of that life.

What’s so unfortunate is that such research isn’t necessary. Given the alternatives, which do not destroy innocent human life, and recent advances in adult stem cell research such as the possibility of iPS – induced pluripotent stem cells – coaxing skin cells to become other cells in the body, there’s no need to fund life-destroying embryonic stem-cell research. You can read about adult stem cell advances here and here.

To date, more than 20 successful clinical trials have taken place using adult stem cells.

Wesley Smith, over at his blog Secondhand Smoke, says that the untold story is that the President’s order not only allows further embryonic stem-cell research, but it also eliminates federal funding for the morally ethical and scientifically successful alternatives. Smith, like so many others, suggests that embryonic stem-cell research will only open the doors to embryo farms or ‘fetal farming.’