President Obama Meets With Catholic Press Tomorrow

07/01/2009 Comment

Tomorrow morning at 10:45 Eastern time the president is hosting a roundtable at the White House for members of the Catholic press.

The National Catholic Register’s publisher, Father Owen Kearns, will be among eight religion reporters and editors in attendance at that gathering.

The purpose of the gathering, according to Chris Hensman, press secretary with the National Security Council, is a “preview of the president’s upcoming visit with Pope Benedict XVI.” The president is meeting with the Pope on July 10.

Father Kearns just received the invitation to the meeting yesterday via e-mail. At this point, there isn’t a complete list of the media who will be in attendance, but our...READ MORE

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U2 Singer Bono's Ode to Mary

06/30/2009 Comment

In a recent Rolling Stone magazine interview with Brian Hiatt, U2’s Bono says that the song “Magnificent” is inspired by the Blessed Virgin Mary.

“All music for me is worship of one kind or another,” says Bono.

The song appears on the band’s new album, “No Line on the Horizon.”

“Magnificent was inspired by the Magnificat, a passage from the Gospel of Luke in the voice of the Virgin Mary that was previously set to music by Bach,” says Bono. “There’s this theme running through the album of surrender and devotion and all the things I find really difficult.” 

The lyrics include: “Magnificent, Magnificent, I was born, I was born to be with you in this space and time. I was born, I was...READ MORE

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Father Vakoc Is Laid to Rest

06/26/2009 Comment
Dave Hrbacek

Father Vakoc's body is brought from the St. Paul Cathedral (Dave Hrbacek).

– Dave Hrbacek

This morning I attended the St. Paul Cathedral funeral Mass for Father Tim Vakoc, the Army chaplain who was severely injured in Iraq five years ago, in St. Paul, Minn.

In attendance were two bishops, another bishop-to-be, at least a hundred priests, military personnel and hundreds of family, friends and others.

The Gospel reading was the story of Lazarus being raised from the dead. In answer to the question of where was God five years ago, the homilist, Father Stan Mader, a seminary classmate of Father Vakoc’s, said, “Jesus wept. But then he turned to his Father, had Lazarus unbound, and then let him go.”

Father Mader urged those in attendance to let Father Tim go “from the bed that had...READ MORE

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Catholic Actress Farrah Fawcett Dies

06/25/2009 Comment

CNN is reporting that Catholic actress and model Farrah Fawcett died this morning at the age of 62.

Several media previously reported that a priest had been called to Fawcett’s bedside at St. John’s Hospital in Santa Monica, Calif., to administer the last rites. Fawcett was first diagnosed with cancer in 2006.

A 1970s’ television actress and pin-up icon, in recent years Fawcett said that she derived strength from her faith. She attended a Catholic elementary school and attended St. Patrick’s Catholic Church in Corpus Christi, Texas, with her family. She had reportedly received visits from her local ordinary and some religious sisters during her convalescence.

Her cancer journey was...READ MORE

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PBS: No Mass, No More

06/24/2009 Comments (1)

The elderly or homebound who enjoy watching a local Catholic Mass on PBS in cities such as Washington, D.C., New Orleans or Denver may soon have to look elsewhere.

The U.S. Public Broadcasting Service, which consists of 354 member TV stations, is banning all new religious programming.

According to Zenit, the decision was made at last week’s board meeting at PBS’ East Coast headquarters in Arlington, Va. The board decided to enforce a ban on its member stations, with the threat of having their network affiliation revoked in case of noncompliance.

The stations receive much of their content from independent producers and sources outside the broadcasting service, including Catholic dioceses...READ MORE

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Movie Continues to Save Lives

06/23/2009 Comment

It’s not often that a work of art has an eternal impact, but three years after the world first heard about the motion picture Bella, when it won the Toronto International Film Festival’s People’s Choice Award, the film is continuing to change and save the lives of others.

At least 70 babies’ lives have been saved by the film. It gives new meaning to the Jewish expression: “If you’ve saved one life, you’ve saved the world entire.”

Within the first year after its release in the fall of 2007, the filmmakers were aware of at least 15 babies who had been threatened by abortion, whose mothers decided for life after seeing the movie. Now, through the efforts of Bella Hero and Bella on Campus,...READ MORE

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Chaplain Dies After Being Wounded in Iraq

06/22/2009 Comment

Father Vakoc celebrates Mass in the field.

Five years after being wounded by a roadside bomb in Iraq, Army chaplain Father Tim Vakoc has died.

In a letter to his sister, he said, “The safest place for me to be is in the center of God’s will, and if that is in the line of fire, that is where I will be.”

Register readers will recall getting to know Father Vakoc through previous articles, such as the article that came out just prior to when he was injured, or this one after he was injured, or the article about when he regained his voice.

One of Father Vakoc’s superior officers commented on his dedication and noted that he was injured while returning from serving soldiers out in the field.

“The fact that he was returning from...READ MORE

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Colleges Lobby Bishops on Abortion Speakers

06/18/2009 Comments (2)

In the wake of the University of Notre Dame scandal and the Cardinal Newman Society report naming 10 Catholic universities that actually promote abortion by recommending student internships at pro-abortion organizations, comes the story that Catholic college leaders are lobbying the U.S. bishops to withdraw their 2004 policy banning pro-abortion speakers.

In the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities’ summer 2009 newsletter, it’s reported that association’s board of directors concluded that it would be desirable for the policy “Catholics in Political Life” to be withdrawn. The ACCU made its recommendation during its June 11-12 board of director’s meeting at the University of San...READ MORE

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