Australia's Post-WYD Religious Resurgence

08/11/2009 Comment

We’ve written about this both during and after Sydney’s World Youth Day, but Sunday’s Daily Telegraph reports that Sydney’s seminaries have three times as many seminarians as there were in 2000.

For the first time in 10 years, 60 men are currently studying for the priesthood. Eighty percent of the men are under the age of 30. The youngest is 19. The majority are in their early or mid-20s.

Some have cited World Youth Day’s role.

“There is definitely a renewed interest in the Church and the priesthood,” said Father Anthony Percy, rector of the Seminary of the Good Shepherd, one of two seminaries in Sydney.

“We had the ordination of four priests a few months ago — that hasn’t happened...READ MORE

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Guadalupe Image Is Beyond Scientific Explanation

08/10/2009 Comment

The Catholic News Agency reports that physicist Aldofo Orozco told participants at the International Marian Congress on Our Lady of Guadalupe that there is no scientific explanation for the 478 years of preservation of the tilma on which the image appears.

According to Orozco, all cloths similar to the tilma that have been placed in the salty and humid environment around the basilica have lasted no longer than 10 years. In contrast, Orozco said, “The original Tilma was exposed for approximately 116 years without any kind of protection, receiving all the infrared and ultraviolet radiation from the tens of thousands of candles near it and exposed to the humid and salty air around the...READ MORE

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Hollywood's Eszterhas Pens Guadalupe Script

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The Hollywood Reporter says that film screenwriter Joe Eszterhas is planning a motion picture about Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Eszterhas, director of such sordid films as Basic Instinct and Showgirls, is apparently partnering with Steve McEveety’s MPower Pictures to produce a film about the apparition.

Eszterhas, who is working on the script, described the project as a “labor of love.”

After receiving a diagnosis of throat cancer several years ago, Eszterhas gave up his Hollywood lifestyle, moved his family to Cleveland, and returned to his Catholic roots. Eszterhas penned a book about his journey. It’s titled Crossbearer: A Memoir of Faith (St. Martin’s Press, 2008). Brian Craig has an...READ MORE

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Catholic Charities Lands $100 Million Contract

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According to Catholic News Service, Catholic Charities USA has landed a five-year federal contract worth potentially more than $100 million.

The contract with the Department of Health and Human Services is the first the agency has received from the federal government. The monies will be used in Catholic Charities’ natural disaster relief work.

The contract governs disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and earthquakes provided a federal disaster declaration is issued. It calls for the agency to organize national, regional and local teams to respond quickly and to work with disaster victims to meet their immediate needs as well as long-term needs in putting their lives back...READ MORE

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Saving His Soul vs. Voting for ObamaCare

08/04/2009 Comment

Louisiana Rep. Anh Joseph Cao and family.

Catholic News Agency is reporting that Louisiana Congressman Anh “Joseph” Cao prefers to “save his soul” rather than vote for the health-care bill.

Cao told The Times-Picayune on Saturday that he cannot support any bill that permits public money to be spent on abortion.

“At the end of the day if the health-care reform bill does not have strong language prohibiting the use of federal funding for abortion, then the bill is really a no-go for me,” said Cao, who spent time in formation to be a Jesuit priest.

“Being a Jesuit, I very much adhere to the notion of social justice,” Cao said. “I do fully understand the need of providing everyone with access to health care, but to me...READ MORE

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Is Having Children Criminal?

08/04/2009 Comment

If you follow the logic of some scientists and environmentalists, the answer to that question appears to be a resounding “yes.”

Yahoo’s unnamed LiveScience staff has posted the article “Save the Planet: Have Fewer Kids.”

According to the article, a study by statisticians at Oregon State University concluded that in the U.S. the carbon legacy and greenhouse gas impact of an extra child is almost 20 times more important than driving a high-mileage car, recycling or using energy-efficient appliances and light bulbs.

Study team member Paul Murtaugh’s findings are detailed in a 2009 issue of the journal Global Environmental Change. Among his findings: Each child ultimately adds about 9,441...READ MORE

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Phelps Passes on Pope

07/31/2009 Comment

Earlier reports that Olympic medalist Michael Phelps would be meeting with Pope Benedict XVI were premature.

According to The Associated Press, Phelps is skipping the meeting in order to rest before his final individual race of the world championships.

Pope Benedict is scheduled to host about 100 swimmers Saturday at Castel Gandolfo. Phelps was among those invited, but his coach, Bob Bowman, said he’ll be resting after three races Friday and the final of the 100-meter butterfly on Saturday night.

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Pope Benedict's Guardian Angel

07/29/2009 Comment
Catholic News Service

Pope Benedict sits on a bench during vacation in the Italian Alps. (CNS photo)

– Catholic News Service

The Holy Father said today that his guardian angel failed to stop him from falling and breaking his wrist recently because God wanted to make him humbler.

Taking his leave of the northern Italian mountain village where he has spent a summer break, Pope Benedict XVI quipped to well-wishers: “My guardian angel didn’t prevent my mishap, certainly on orders from on high,” the Italian news agency ANSA reports.

“Perhaps the Lord wanted to teach me more patience and humility to give me more time for prayer and meditation,” said the Holy Father, who is expected to make a full recovery from his injury.

ANSA says the Pope posed with local authorities and police and thanked them for acting as...READ MORE

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