Register Radio: What Happened at the Political Conventions?

Writers Charlotte Hays & Michelle Bauman

09/07/2012 Comments (9)

Today on Register Radio, we spoke with National Catholic Register correspondent Charlotte Hays, who covered the Republican National Convention, and Michelle Bauman, who covered both the Republican and Democratic National Convention as Washington, D.C. correspondent for Catholic News Agency/EWTN.

Both writers spoke about the Catholic presence at the conventions.

"The Republican convention had a sunny, upbeat tone," described Hays. She said that the two most visible Catholics at the convention were Cardinal Timothy Dolan and Republican Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan. "Ryan is really interesting for Catholics because he has based his economic proposals on Catholic social thought....READ MORE

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Register Radio: 'Restless Heart' and Doug Keck

Ignatius Press' Anthony Ryan & EWTN's Doug Keck

09/06/2012 Comment
Ignatius Press

Scene from "Restless Heart: The Confessions of Augustine".

– Ignatius Press

Due to a technical glitch, we weren't able to get the full episode of last week's Register Radio posted until yesterday morning. The show was recorded live at the Catholic Marketing Network Trade Show/Catholic Writer's Guild/Catholic New Media Conference being held in Arlington, Texas. Here's what you missed.

In the first half of the program Thom Price and Dan Burke spoke with Ignatius Press' marketing director, Anthony Ryan, about the film "Restless Heart: The Confessions of Augustine," which premiered at the Catholic Marketing Network Trade Show on August 29.

Ryan explained how it was that Ignatius Press came to obtain the distribution rights to the film, and spoke about their...READ MORE

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Sliding Down the Same-Sex Slippery Slope

California and Brazil Embrace Three-Parent Families

08/30/2012 Comments (25)
Graphic by Melissa Hartog

– Graphic by Melissa Hartog

Homosexual advocates have long said that the redefinition of marriage will not lead to polygamous unions. Supporters of marriage between one man and one woman have disagreed. Well, recent efforts both at home and abroad seem to demonstrate that the supporters of traditional marriage are right.

Two recent stories, one from California and the other from Brazil, highlight the slippery slope of so-called same-sex "marriage." Both show that opening the door to homosexual unions and so-called same-sex "marriage," clearly paves the way for other alternative unions tomorrow.

On Monday, the California State Assembly approved legislation SB1476 allowing judges the ability to declare more than...READ MORE

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Paul Ryan on America's Biggest Problem

08/29/2012 Comments (26)

Last week on Register Radio, we interviewed Ben Wiker about a conversation he had with Congressman (now vice-presidential hopeful) Paul Ryan, R-Wis. With the Republican National Convention taking place, it might be good to know a bit more about the Catholic Republican vice-presidential candidate.

Ben Wiker's interview is now available for free through Patrick Madrid's website.

Take a listen. It's a fascinating conversation in which Ryan talks about his Catholic faith and what he sees as the biggest problem in America. His answer may just surprise you.

"The biggest problem in America ... is moral relativism and this concept that truth is fungible and that there are no absolutes,"...READ MORE

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An Important Film for Our Time

"2016: Obama's America"

08/27/2012 Comments (9)

Last night my wife and I ventured out for a rare date - 2 for 1 burritos and the documentary 2016: Obama's America, which, surprisingly, is playing at two movie theaters near our central Minnesota home. To find it near a theater near you, look at this list. The film performed extremely well this weekend and has opened at additional theaters across the country.

Imagine my shock, first of all, to find the theater three-quarters full on a Monday night, with people of all ages. When I asked the theater staff person how the movie has been doing, he replied, "This movie has been doing very well here."

Dinesh D'Souza's cautionary documentary, based on his book "The Roots of Obama's Rage," is...READ MORE

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Portraying the Boy Who Became a Saint

Interview with Actor Mauricio Kuri

08/27/2012 Comments (6)
Photo by Eric Charbonneau, La Studio Photography/ARC Entertainment

Actor Mauricio Kuri

– Photo by Eric Charbonneau, La Studio Photography/ARC Entertainment

The epic film For Greater Glory opened in theaters this summer and told the largely unknown story of the Mexican Cristero war – the 1920’s fight for religious freedom against the oppressive Mexican government. The movie will be available on DVD from Ignatius Press beginning September 11. Mexican actor Mauricio Kuri portrayed Blessed Jose Sanchez del Rio in the film. He spoke with Register senior writer Tim Drake from his home in Mexico about the film, his role, and acting.

Did you know anything about Blessed Jose Sanchez del Rio prior to playing him?

No, I didn’t know anything about the Cristero war. When I got the script, I was really speechless that I didn’t know about this, about...READ MORE

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Register Radio: Paul Ryan and Catholic Doctors

Columnists Benjamin Wiker & John Brehany

08/24/2012 Comments (4)

Today on Register Radio, I interviewed author and speaker Benjamin Wiker about his recent column for the Register on Republican Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan and his professed admiration for the ideas of novelist Ayn Rand.

"Paul Ryan has affirmed his great appreciation of Ayn Rand. That is something that needs to be explained," said Wiker. "She was a devout atheist and her understanding of capitalism was based entirely on selfishness. Her own personal life manifested that. Paul Ryan has some explaining to do."

Wiker put that question to Ryan when he interviewed him a couple of years ago.

"I pointed out Rand's dark aspects are exceedingly dark," said Wiker. "He said that he...READ MORE

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Bringing St. Augustine to the Big Screen

An Interview with Ignatius Press' Tony Ryan

08/22/2012 Comments (15)

A few years ago, Ignatius Press began partnering with various European production companies to obtain the licensing rights to distribute European-made films in North America. That partnership has resulted in high-quality made-for-television Italian films such as Claire and Francis, Padre Pio: Between Heaven and Earth, and St. Giuseppe Moscati: Doctor to the Poor being made available on DVD in the US. I spoke today with Anthony Ryan, director of marketing with Ignatius Press, about their latest film and effort - allowing organizations to host sponsored-theatrical screenings of their newest film, Restless Heart: The Confessions of Augustine. Ignatius had the film professionally edited so...READ MORE

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