In 60 Seconds: To Rome With Love! Beasts of the Southern Wild! More!

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Latest Reel Faith 60 Second Reviews … enjoy!

To Rome, With Love

Beasts of the Southern Wild

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

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In 60 Seconds: Pixar's Brave! Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter!

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Latest Reel Faith 60 Second Reviews from David and me! Enjoy! And watch tonight's episode at 8pm Eastern!

Brave (SDG)

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Brave (DD)

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In 60 Seconds: Moonrise Kingdom! Rock of Ages! More!

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Latest “Reel Faith” 60-second reviews … enjoy!

Moonrise Kingdom (SDG)

Rock of Ages (DD)

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (DD)

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DON'T read reviews of Pixar's 'Brave'!

The trouble with spoilers … and the magic of discovery.

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Last week I screened Pixar’s new movie Brave with my oldest daughter Sarah. I’m still under embargo and can’t tell you what I thought of the film until next week — but I can tell you this much.

Reviews from the Hollywood trade journals (Variety, the Hollywood Reporter, etc.) and perhaps other sources are starting to appear … and they all freely reveal a key second-act plot twist that I went into Brave not knowing. And I’m sure that more reviews, as they come out, will do the same.

What these reviews treat as basic background information came as a complete surprise to me — a surprise I’m grateful for. It’s not in the trailers, which mostly focus on the first act, culminating in an...READ MORE

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In 60 Seconds: Prometheus! Madagascar 3! Snow White!

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Latest Reel Faith 60 Second Reviews from David and me … enjoy! P.S. If you missed our special episode on For Greater Glory, it's available on YouTube.

Prometheus (SDG)

Snow White & the Huntsman (SDG)

Madagascar 3: Europe(DD)

Prometheus (DD)

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Bible quiz show on Game Show Network: Catholics wanted!

06/05/2012 Comments (21)

This August, the Game Show Network (GSN) will be debuting a game show testing contestants' knowledge of the Bible — and they're recruiting candidates who know their Bible right now.

The show, "The American Bible Challenge," will be hosted by comedian Jeff Foxworthy, host of "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?" Not everything Foxworthy has done has been family friendly, but it looks like this show will be. And while I appreciate the random educational value of watching trivia game shows from "Jeopardy!" to "Cash Cab," a game show about the Bible could help raise the Biblical literacy of countless viewers.

From their website it looks like casting is mostly over — there were events in...READ MORE

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The Fairest One of All

05/29/2012 Comment
Note: This week’s opening of Snow White and the Huntsman, the second Snow White movie this year after Mirror Mirror, is as good an occasion as I’m likely to get to go back and review the fairest one of all.

Walt Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is widely celebrated as a beginning, the first feature-length animated film in Hollywood history. It’s just as correct, though, and perhaps more illuminating, to hail it as a culimination — as the crowning achievement of years of experimentation, discovery, growth and achievement by Disney’s animation team.

A decade earlier, with the landmark short Steamboat Willie, Disney had pioneered the union of animation and sound, including...READ MORE

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The Fairest One of All (Part 2)

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Part of Snow White’s charm and power lies in its lingering redolence of the world of animated shorts. The shorthand way that Snow White and the Prince fall in love — an early scene in which the Prince comes upon Snow in her ragged attire at the wishing well, and serenades her briefly at her balcony, professing already that his heart is hers alone — works here in a way that it wouldn’t have in, say, Cinderella. (Granted, one magical date and a quixotic quest with a glass slipper isn’t much more on which to hang a life together, but still the romance in Cinderella is treated with more naturalism than Snow White.)

The key to Snow White’s storybook feel is its pervasive musical...READ MORE

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