In 60 Seconds: Anna Karenina! Hitchcock! More!

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New 60s! David and I offer our short takes on three of the films we’ll be reviewing on tonight’s brand-new “Reel Faith” at 9pm EST on NET (watch live), plus David offers a second look at Life of Pi that’s rather different from the very mixed response I had in the last batch of 60s. (By the way, you can still catch last week’s show at the website.) Enjoy!

Anna Karenina


Silver Linings Playbook

Life of Pi

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In 60 Seconds: Life of Pi! Rise of the Guardians! More!

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New 60 second reviews!

Are you watching “Reel Faith”? This Friday at 9pm EST, David and I will be reviewing Anna Karenina, Hitchcock and Silver Linings Playbook (watch NET live). (Last week’s episode, featuring Rise of the Guardians, Twilight and Life of Pi is still to come at the show’s website; right now at that link you can still catch our holiday season premiere featuring Lincoln, Wreck-It Ralph and Skyfall.

P.S. For readers waiting for my next written review…it’s coming soon. (Hint: It starts with a party.)

Life of Pi (SDG)

Rise of the Guardians (DD)

Twilight: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 (DD)

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In 60 Seconds: Skyfall! Wreck-It Ralph! Flight! More!

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Reel Faith is back! The holiday mini-season begins tonight as David DiCerto and I review Lincoln, Wreck-It Ralph and Skyfall. Watch NET tonight at 9pm EST. In the meantime, here are our latest 60-second reviews.

Skyfall (SDG)

Wreck-It Ralph (SDG)

Flight (SDG)

Lincoln (DD)

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In Praise of Pixar Short Films

The second collection of Pixar short films is available today in Blu-ray/DVD.

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One of the more striking marks of Pixar’s innovative stature and impact on the world of Hollywood animation has been their pioneering revival of the long-neglected animated short film prior to the feature (at least prior to animated features) as an industry staple.

In 1998, moviegoers watching A Bug’s Life were treated to the outstanding short “Geri’s Game,” a brilliantly crafted tale of an old man playing chess against himself in the park. The following year, Toy Story 2 was preceded by a much earlier short, the groundbreaking “Luxo Jr,” a simple vignette about a pair of anthropomorphic desk lamps that gave Pixar its animated logo as well as its trademark rubber ball.

Since then,...READ MORE

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Decision 2012: Hitting Bottom? A Moment of Clarity

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The idea of “hitting bottom” is somewhat contested in addiction and recovery circles. The experience of beginning the road to recovery after finding oneself with “nowhere to go but up” resonates with the experience of some recovering addicts; but it’s been pointed out that every new low can potentially feel like “bottom,” until you sink lower still. Thus, one speaks of “hitting bottom” in retrospect, after a pivotal “moment of clarity”—a realization that one has been deluded, that one has a problem, that the way one has been living isn’t working, and that one doesn’t want to continue down the same path.

For the pro-life movement, for people who tend to vote Republican, and for people...READ MORE

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My Most Dubious Review…Evah?

10/09/2012 Comments (8)

I…I don't know what I was thinking. Is this really how Finding Nemo goes?

Last week I went to the NET studio to shoot a batch of "Reel Faith" 60-second reviews, and while I don't quite remember one that went exactly like this, it's all such a blur now. I can't deny that I really said all these things. Am I slipping so soon after going on semi-hiatus for my diaconal studies?

I suppose I have alert reader Victor to thank for highlighting this lapse in critical acumen on his YouTube channel and keeping me humble. In addition to being the Catholic blogosphere's MVC (most valuable commenter), he's also a very funny guy. I hear he has mad digital studio skillz, too. Hm. 

P.S. My latest...READ MORE

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In 60 Seconds: Frankenweenie! Looper! Hotel Transylvania! More!

10/05/2012 Comments (15)

60 Second Reviews are back! In between studying Synoptic Gospels and Revelation & Faith at Immaculate Conception Seminary for my diaconal studies, I've had time to catch a few movies, and while I haven't written any full reviews lately (though I've got one coming up), I did shoot some 60s this week. Enjoy!

Frankenweenie (SDG)

Looper (SDG)

Hotel Transylvania (SDG)

Finding Nemo (SDG)

The Master (DD)

Restless Heart (DD)

Trouble with the Curve (DD)

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Singing to Babies (and Kids)

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Our new arrival, Matthew, is going on a month old, and he’s learning a lot about the world. One of the things he’s learning is that when Papa holds him, it’s not delicious like with Mama — but Papa sings songs, which seems to interest him. Suz says that when he’s not hungry he seems to prefer to be held by Papa, which may have as much to do with my patented rocking hold technique as my crooning, but I like to think the crooning helps too.

I’ve always sung songs to all our kids. We sing hymns every evening with prayers, and occasionally I sing religious songs, but for the most part my eclectic repertoire centers on folk, work songs, lullabies and songs for children.

When I was a kid I...READ MORE

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