So Long! Farewell!

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Labor Day isn’t until next week, but for all practical intents and purposes it’s time to say goodbye to the summer season. This past weekend Suz and I drove Sarah back to Christendom College — and this week I begin year 2 of my diaconal studies at Immaculate Conception Seminary.

And that means that, along with my studies, it’s time, alas, to resume my semi-hiatus from film reviewing. Over the summer I enjoyed a prolific streak, reviewing movies almost every week, in writing, in 60-second reviews and on “Reel Faith.” (By the way, our “Reel Faith” summer season finale, with summer round-up and fall preview, is online at the show’s website.)

Now, though, it’s time to go back to reviewing...READ MORE

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Reel Faith season finale! In 60 seconds: The Butler! Elysium! More!

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Last week David DiCerto and I wrapped up our fourth summer season of “Reel Faith” with reviews of Lee Daniels’ The Butler and Elysium, looking back over the best and worst films of summer and ahead to the coming fall season.

Our season finale aired Friday at 8pm, and will be available soon on the show’s website. At this writing it’s not too late to catch the previous episode, in which we review Disney’s Planes, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters and We’re The Millers.

If you’ve enjoyed “Reel Faith,” or our 60 second reviews, please stop by the show’s Facebook page and like us!

Meanwhile, enjoy the latest 60 second reviews. (For more 60s, including The Wolverine, 2 Guns and Smurfs 2, see...READ MORE

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In 60 Seconds: The Wolverine! 2 Guns! Smurfs 2! More!

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Tonight on “Reel Faith” David and I review The Wolverine, 2 Guns, and Smurfs 2 (and I catch up with The Heat). Tune in tonight at 8pm EDT (watch NET live). You can also see last week’s episode at our website.

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The Wolverine (SDG)

He’s the best there is as what he does, but what he does isn’t very nice. In a summer of overcooked Big Macs, Hugh Jackman’s latest is a gingery palate cleanser.

2 Guns (SDG)

Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg are two great tastes that taste great together. So why did this film leave a sour taste in my mouth?

Smurfs 2 (DD)

David says the sequel is an upgrade on...READ MORE

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In 60 Seconds: Turbo! The Conjuring! Pacific Rim! Fruitvale Station!

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The last two episodes of “Reel Faith” I think are among our best.

Last week’s episode, with The Lone Ranger, Despicable Me 2 and The Way, Way Back, is up right now at the “Reel Faith” website, and will be available through the weekend.

Tonight’s episode, with The Conjuring, Turbo and Pacific Rim, airs tonight at 8pm EDT (watch NET live), and will be up at the website sometime early next week.

Check them out — and if you like the show, or if you enjoy the 60 second reviews below, do me a favor and visit the “Reel Faith” Facebook page and “like” it.

P.S. Do not miss the 60 second review of Fruitvale Station below. You may not have heard of this one — an indie drama about the last...READ MORE

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In 60 Seconds: Despicable Me 2! Lone Ranger! More!

07/12/2013 Comment

The latest season of “Reel Faith” is going strong—we’ve just wrapped our seventh episode, airing tonight, and while I haven’t seen it yet, I think it may be one of our best. David and I rip into The Lone Ranger and talk about Steve Carrell’s summer, from Despicable Me 2 to The Way, Way Back.

There’s nothing like “Reel Faith” on Catholic TV, and I hope you’ll check us out tonight at 8pm EDT (watch NET live). If you’ve enjoyed our show—or our 60 Second Reviews—do me a favor and stop by the Reel Faith Show Facebook page and either leave us a message, or click “like,” or both. Your support helps the show, and helps me. Thanks! 

Either way, enjoy the 60s! (For more 60s, including dueling...READ MORE

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SDG’s Very, Very Little Movie Glossary

My sometimes obscure review tagging system — explained!

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Yes, I really have two different terms named after Aragorn. No, I have no excuse for that.

Roger Ebert’s Little Movie Glossary is a minor classic of meta-criticism and an entertaining skewering of movie foibles. We’ve all seen the Climbing Villain, the Nerd Rule and the Waterfall Rule in action, and maybe we were willing to overlook them before, but once a name has been put to them, we start hooting and eye-rolling as soon as we see them coming.

This little essay is barely a footnote to Ebert’s book. Still, in the dozen or so years that I’ve been writing movie reviews, I’d like to think I’ve come up with a few witty, possibly even useful terms — Everything Picture, Medieval Grunge and Mythology-Bound among them — that might contribute to movie discussion.

Anyway, they’ve been...READ MORE

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Which is groovier: Emperor’s New Groove or Lilo & Stitch?

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Recent Blu-ray releases include a trio of post–Disney Renaissance features — Atlantis: The Lost Empire, The Emperor’s New Groove and Lilo & Stitch — two of which are definitely worth a look.

What all three films have in common, of course, is that they date to an experimental stage in Disney animation following the collapse of the Disney Renaissance of the 1990s, with its show-stopping musical numbers and soulful, misunderstood heroines and heroes wanting more, had collapsed.

You could say Disney had lost their groove, and while they never quite got their groove back, in their efforts to find a new groove they did at least produce a couple of pretty groovy films.

In fact, it’s hard...READ MORE

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Man of Steel: dueling opinions! The Purge! Much Ado! More!

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Are you watching the new season of Reel Faith? David and I have very different takes on Man of Steel — as you can see from our 60-second reviews below — and on tonight’s episode (8pm EDT) you can hear our debate on the film, as well as our less contentious discussion of The Purge and Joss Whedon’s Much Ado about Nothing. (By the way, you can also read my full review of Man of Steel right here at

Incidentally, this evening I’ll be on Catholic radio from sometime during the last hour of “Kresta in the Afternoon” (5pm EDT) through the first hour of “Catholic Answers Live” (6pm EDT), discussing the latest movies and much more. Listen in!

Man of Steel (DD)

Man of Steel (SDG)...READ MORE

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