Video Reviews: God’s Not Dead! Captain America! More!

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Quick update: Tonight, Friday April 11, I’ll be on the air from 7:00 to 8:30pm Eastern — first on radio, then on TV, talking about everything from Noah, God’s Not Dead and Son of God to Captain America: The Winter Soldier

I’ll be on the second hour of “Catholic Answers Live” tonight, taking your calls and chatting with Patrick Coffin about all these movies and more. Check station listings or listen online (7–8pm Eastern).

Then at 8pm, watch a special episode of “Reel Faith” devoted to religion on the big screen. David and I will discuss Noah, God’s Not Dead and Son of God, plus the 10-year anniversary of The Passion of the Christ. Check local listings or watch online (8–8:30 Eastern).


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UPDATED: Fr Barron on “Noah”—now with video! Catholic Culture! More!

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Update: This post now includes the video version of Father Barron’s take on Noah as well as commentary from


Father Robert Barron is one of the Church’s best commentators on popular culture today, so I’ve been waiting for his take on Darren Aronofsky’s Noah. He doesn’t disappoint.

You can also read the text version of Fr. Barron’s take.

I’ve often mentioned in my own extensive coverage of Noah that the film relies on the Jewish midrash tradition, but a point I wound up dropping from my first review (mostly for space reasons in a very long review) is that the film essentially is a cinematic midrash. I’m delighted to see that Fr. Barron takes up that point for me....READ MORE

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Everything SDG on ‘Noah’: Vatican Radio, NBC News, EWTN News Nightly and more!

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This has been a crazy week!

I was interviewed about Noah for Vatican Radio, the NBC News website, EWTN News Nightly, Kresta in the Afternoon and The World Over. (That last segment has yet to air. I also received interview requests for Huffington Post TV and al-Jezeera, but those didn't happen.)

In addition, besides my various pieces here at the Register, I wrote a theological reflection on the film for Catholic World Report. It’s been so much, I decided to bring it all together in one blog post just to keep track of it all. (Note: Don’t miss the Bonus Video That Has Nothing To Do With Noah!)


Listen to the Vatican Radio interview (MP3, a little over 17 minutes). Excerpt:

There’s a...READ MORE

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New 60s! Noah! Muppets Most Wanted! Son of God! More!

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This week David and I met at NET and shot a bunch of new 60s. Some are still on the editing table, but I wanted to get these to you ASAP.

Okay, technically Noah and Son of God aren’t 60s, since I couldn’t limit myself to 60 seconds! Not even close.

Noah (SDG)

Is Noah too secular for religious audiences and too religious for secular audiences? Here’s my take. (See also my full review.)

Muppets Most Wanted (SDG)

Jason Siegel and Amy Adams are out; can Ricky Gervais, Ty Burrell and Tina Fey pick up the slack?

Son of God (SDG)

After ten years, Jesus is back on the big screen; was it worth the wait?

Need For Speed (DD)

Fast & Furious: The Knockoff! David drives this one into the...READ MORE

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Best Films of 2013: More Lists

02/28/2014 Comment

For the past few years, after publishing my own annual wrap-up and top films list for the previous year, I pull together a run-down of some of my friends’ and peers’ best-film lists.

Until this year, I’ve led with the Critics Choice and Most Redeeming top 10 lists, in which I’ve voted each year. For 2013, though, took a different approach, asking regular critics to come up with personal movie picks (and, as it happens, I didn’t review any movies for this past year, so I didn’t do a list). Unfortunately, the new site layout offers no good way to link to these pieces. Google to the rescue: all 2013 Movie Picks at


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Everybody chill out about the ‘Noah’ movie

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So what’s the deal with the Noah movie?

Does it replace the message of the Bible story with a message created by Hollywood?

Is Russell Crowe’s Noah an environmentalist wacko? Is God a monster out to eradicate humanity entirely?

Get a grip, people.

Some background…

Questions about the movie, a passion project of filmmaker Darren Aronofsky, have been swirling since it was first announced years ago. Aronofsky says he’s been obsessed with the Noah story since seventh grade, when he won an award for a poem he wrote about it. Apparently he’s been noodling concepts for a feature film since high school.

Aronofsky’s concept of Noah as a “dark, complicated character” who suffers from...READ MORE

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How Christian is Disney's Frozen? (Not very.) Part 1

Attempts to read Disney’s monster hit as an allegory of the Gospel greatly overstate their case.

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Bend the stubborn heart and will;
Melt the frozen, warm the chill;
Guide the steps that go astray.
(Pentecost Sequence)

Beware the frozen heart. (Frozen)

As I mentioned in my last post about gay themes in Frozen, I’m mixed on Disney’s monster hit; I like some elements much more than others. Certainly I’m not surprised that it’s a smash: It’s beautifully designed and animated (apart from a poorly designed but surprisingly endearing snowman sidekick), with energetic songs and two princess heroines — a welcome first for Disney — one of whom has Frozone/Iceman-style superpowers she hasn’t yet learned to control.

There are other things to appreciate. Fans celebrate Frozen as a Disney fairy...READ MORE

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So, How Gay IS Disney’s Frozen?

Does Disney’s monster hit include the first same-sex couple in the studio’s history?

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See also: How Christian is Disney’s Frozen? (Not very.) Part 1

So basically everyone loves Frozen except me. I’m fine with that. I’m not a fan, but I don’t dislike it; parts of it I like very much, though other elements I found disappointing and off-putting. I’ve watched it twice now, and both times I enjoyed enough things about it to be frustrated by the elements that ultimately keep me from embracing it.

I’m not surprised that it’s such a huge hit. I am a little surprised at the sustained effort of Christian fans to spin Frozen as some sort of Christian allegory (more on this in an upcoming post).

For now, though, I want to address something I noted in passing in my review: the...READ MORE

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