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60 Sec Reviews: 21 Jump Street! Wrath! Kid w/Bike! October Baby! More!

04/03/2012 Comments (12)

Here's the second installment of my new Reel Faith 60-second reviews, for the crude comedy 21 Jump Street, the Dardennes' masterful The Kid with a Bike and the action sequel Wrath of the Titans.

I've also included David DiCerto's latest 60-second reviews for October Baby, The Hunger Games and Undefeated.

What do you think of the new 60-second format? The comboxes for these posts are always quiet, but they get a lot of hits, so I know y'all are out there watching. Is this approach working for you? Let me know.

21 Jump Street (SDG)

The Kid with a Bike (SDG)

Wrath of the Titans (SDG)

October Baby

The Hunger Games




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