Quick update: Tonight, Friday April 11, I’ll be on the air from 7:00 to 8:30pm Eastern — first on radio, then on TV, talking about everything from Noah, God’s Not Dead and Son of God to Captain America: The Winter Soldier

I’ll be on the second hour of “Catholic Answers Live” tonight, taking your calls and chatting with Patrick Coffin about all these movies and more. Check station listings or listen online (7–8pm Eastern).

Then at 8pm, watch a special episode of “Reel Faith” devoted to religion on the big screen. David and I will discuss Noah, God’s Not Dead and Son of God, plus the 10-year anniversary of The Passion of the Christ. Check local listings or watch online (8–8:30 Eastern).

Meanwhile, here are our latest video reviews.


God’s Not Dead (SDG)

I went into this one with low expectations. I didn’t set them low enough.


God’s Not Dead (DD)

Want a second opinion? Here you go.


Captain America: The Winter Soldier (SDG)

I like Lawrence Toppman’s comment on this one: “This sequel is, by design, entirely absorbing and satisfying without being one whit memorable.”


Captain America: The Winter Soldier (DD)

And here’s the DC Comics fan’s take.


Divergent (DD)

Just the list of classes or castes in this one makes me tired.


Grand Budapest Hotel (DD)

Wes Anderson’s biggest, most elaborate dollhouse ever?