An anti-Catholic bias appears to be in place at the popular YouTube Internet video site.

The Headline Bistro news service reported Sept. 26 that “outrage is growing as the site has become home to a string of videos depicting acts of Eucharistic desecration, including flushing a host down the toilet, putting one in a blender, feeding one to animals, shooting one with a nail gun and more.”

The videos remain on YouTube despite its content policy, which restricts users from posting videos that contain hate speech or “shocking and disgusting” elements.

“YouTube has to be held accountable and stopped,” said Thomas Serafin, president of the International Crusade for Holy Relics. “If Catholics don’t take a stand right now, they can expect such outrages to continue.”

Meanwhile, Catholic News Agency reported Sept. 26 that YouTube has removed a Spanish version of the video, “The Hard Truth,” which informs Hispanic voters about the abortion industry and pro-abortion record of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama.

The video is narrated by Mexican actor Eduardo Verastegui and contains graphic images of abortions performed in the United States. A shorter version of the video posted by Catholic News Agency remains available on YouTube here.

— Tom McFeely