Sometimes, it’s very hard not to think the world has turned completely upside down.

Black Baptist pastor Walter Hoye currently languishes in jail in Oakland. You can view Rev. Hoye’s “crime” in the above video: Peacefully praying and bearing witness on a public sidewalk outside an abortion facility in Oakland, Calif.

Meanwhile, abortionist George Tiller of Kansas remains free and even socializes with pro-abortion Catholic leaders like Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, President Obama’s nominee as Secretary of Health and Human Services — despite the fact Tiller has killed tens of thousands of unborn babies and is currently standing trial for allegedly flouting the legal requirements for late-term abortions in Kansas.

Father Frank Pavone, national director of Priests for Life, commented yesterday about this seeming inversion of sane law and morality.

“Rev. Walter Hoye of Berkeley, California, has just begun serving a sentence which is blatantly unjust,” Father Pavone said in a press release. “Rev. Hoye did no violence, but rather attempted to stop violence by his prayerful presence at an abortion mill in Oakland. He was right to refuse to promise not to approach the abortion facility. By intervening for these children, he simply seeks to fulfill the command, ‘Do to others what you would have them do to you.’ No government can put a cap on peaceful efforts to save children from violence.

“Meanwhile, abortionist George Tiller in Kansas, who has performed over 80,000 abortions (which is over 20,000 more lives taken then were lost in the Vietnam War) is on trial for having failed to follow the requirements of Kansas law for late-term abortions. This man should be in jail. Whatever the outcome of the trial now underway, the fact is that jail is the only appropriate place for ‘doctors’ who kill children. I commend the efforts of Troy Newman and of so many others who, over the years, have exposed the atrocities committed by George Tiller.”