That’s how pro-life Congressman Chris Smith, R.-N.J., titled a March 6 press release about two of President Barack Obama’s most recent anti-life actions.

And it’s a well-deserved description of the president, who has already moved in a number of areas to accommodate the abortion lobby since assuming office in late January.

The latest move: Obama’s repeal of President George W. Bush’s ban on federal funding of stem-cell research involving the killing of human embryos.

This follows Obama’s repeal of the Mexico City Policy, which banned federal funding of organizations that promote abortion overseas, and announcement of his intention to repeal conscience protections for pro-life medical personnel that were instituted in the final days of the Bush presidency.

It’s also notable that Obama included representatives of the abortion industry among the invitees to last week’s summit about his health-care reform plans. Not invited were any representatives of pro-life groups, reaffirming the ugly fact that Obama’s understanding of “health care” encompasses the killing of unborn babies.

There’s also the fact that Obama has handed the health-care reform file to his appointee as secretary of Health and Human Services, pro-abortion Catholic Kathleen Sebelius, and to his appointee as head of the White House Office for Health Reform, Nancy-Ann DeParle, who has a history of abortion promotion as an official in the Clinton administration.

Pro-Obama Catholic apologists like Pepperdine law professor Doug Kmiec will no doubt cite Obama’s lack of action to date on fulfilling Obama’s campaign pledge to sign the abortion lobby’s Freedom of Choice Act, or FOCA, as some kind of “proof” that Obama isn’t really an abortion extremist. The fact about FOCA is that it’s up to Congress to pass the legislation, not Obama.

But if that happens, you can bet the pro-abortion ranch that Obama will sign the bill, which would in one fell swoop remove all federal, state and local restrictions on access to abortion. If it doesn’t happen, you can bet the pro-abortion ranch that he’ll keep trying to reach the same pro-abortion goal in piecemeal fashion, killing more unborn babies with each individual piece of pro-abortion legislation he signs and with each pro-abortion executive order he issues.

What else can anyone expect? After all, Barack Obama is America’s Abortion President.