It’s not exactly news that homosexual activists aren’t great believers in direct democracy.

Since they have had notably little success in persuading American legislatures to grant legal recognition to same-sex “marriage,” the limited gains the homosexual lobby has made have come exclusively by way of sympathetic judges.

So it comes as no surprise that the losing side in California’s Proposition 8 initiative, which successfully amended that state’s constitution to define marriage as a one man, one woman institution, wasted no time in filing legal challenges that seek to invalidate the people’s will.

For another manifestation of the unwillingenss of the losing side to accept Proposition 8’s outcome, check out the picture at the start of this article and the CNN video below. Both record angry protests by homosexual activists outside Mormon churches in Los Angeles in the wake of the election results.

California Catholics should be prepared for the possibility of similar disturbances at their own churches this Sunday, given that the Church played a bigger role than the Mormons in helping the Yes side to its historic victory on Tuesday.

— Tom McFeely