Some Polish Catholics are expressing outrage over Madonna’s plan to stage a concert in Warsaw this August on the feast of the Assumption, which is a national holiday in Poland.

Jonathan Luxmoore reports here on the controversy.

The fact that Madonna has chosen a concert date that appears calculated to give offense shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, we suppose, given the aging pop singer’s long history of trying to gain notoriety and make money by insulting Catholics through her words and actions.

In fact, she’s centered her career on offending Christians, as witnessed by the photo accompanying this article. It shows a protest in September 2006 against the concert she staged in Moscow as part of her Confessions tour. According to Reuters, the poster in the photo states, “We demand Madonna’s Moscow concert be cancelled, because it would insult the religious feelings of believers, the memory of those who perished in the September 11 attacks in New York five years ago and provoke new terrorist attacks on a grand scale.”

And as Luxmoore notes in his article, the Rome concert on that same tour generated a Vatican protest “when Madonna appeared crucified on a giant cross at Rome’s Olympic Centre, less than a mile from St. Peter’s Square.”