The presidency of Barack Obama is only a little over a month old.

But it’s already indisputably clear that the most pro-abortion presidential candidate in U.S. history intends to govern in accordance with his extreme pro-abortion political convictions.

So what can faithful Catholics do in the face of Obama’s promotion of the Culture of Death? Among other things, according to the website that has been launched by Brenda Becker, they can fast.

“I am a pro-life woman who refuses to accept that Barack Obama, the most inspiring American leader of my lifetime, will not extend his promise of hope and change to the most fundamental civil rights issue of our time: the protection of life before birth,” Becker says on her website.

How can it be, Becker wonders, that a leader as inspiring as Obama has become so strongly pro-abortion?

“It just doesn’t square with the brilliant and compassionate man we elected President last November. I believe that Barack Obama, can be moved to realize that women deserve better than abortion…that enhanced access to health care, day care, and support services (including adoption) is a better “choice” than a life-destroying procedure, in almost every case…and that the unborn are indisputably members of our human family and heirs to our American dream.”

Becker says that fasting is an important means to strive to change Obama’s heart and mind about abortion.

“Yes, it’s old-school,” she acknowledges. “No protest signs, PACs, or petitions. But hey, although my pro-life convictions are more ethical than religious, I’m also a Catholic…and it’s Lent…and every time I feel like eating beyond my self-imposed limits, I plan to beseech my God to move the heart of our President.”

Visitors to can express their support for Becker’s initiative by clicking on the link to her guestbook, but she stressed that she’s not trying to recruit people to join the pro-life movement. She is just trying to encourage others to join her in fasting for the president.

“President Obama, we speak on behalf of those with no voice,” Becker says on the website.  “Please work to recognize and protect the rights of women and the unborn; most urgently, please reconsider your support for the ‘Freedom of Choice Act’ and its radical pro-abortion agenda. Inspire us by opening your heart and mind. Please listen to, and join, America’s ongoing conversation about human rights at the most crucial juncture of all: the beginning of life itself.”

Adds Becker, “And forgive us if we’re a little testy; it must be the low blood sugar.”