The Candie’s Foundation, which announced this week that it has appointed Bristol Palin as a Teen Ambassador to promote sexual abstinence, has some problematic agendas.

An alert Daily Blog reader pointed out that the foundation isn’t picky about the means by which it promotes its goal of preventing teen pregnancy.  Along with advocating for sexual abstinence, it also promotes the use of artificial contraception for teens who are sexually active.

And The Candie’s Foundation has a history of allying itself with strongly pro-abortion personalities. Hilary Clinton and Jane Fonda are among the people the foundation has honored at its annual fundraising event, and some of the other celebrities who have endorsed its work also are well known for their advocacy for abortion.

This doesn’t mean that Bristol Palin’s own pro-life commitment is called into question by her association with The Candie’s Foundation. But she should be aware that some of the people she’ll be working with have a completely opposite view on the sanctity of human life.

Furthermore, it’s impossible to deliver a coherent argument to other teens in favor of abstaining from sex, when she’s working on behalf of an organization that also promotes so-called “safe sex.”

It’s not teen pregnancy that’s the core problem; as Bristol knows a baby is always a precious gift from God whatever the age of the mother. The problem that needs to be addressed is removing sexual activity from its only healthy context, within marriage.

If Bristol wants to deliver a less ambiguous message, she should consider aligning herself instead with groups like Pure Love Club that focus on promoting sexual purity among youth. That’s the best way Bristol can work to achieve her goal of educating other teens to avoid repeating her own mistake of engaging in out-of-wedlock sexual relations.