This video is striking evidence of something that proponents of life-destroying embryonic stem cell research don’t like to admit.

Adult stem cell therapies, which destroy no human lives, are delivering spectacular results in treating a broad range of serious health problems.

Embryonic stem cell research, in contrast, has yielded almost nothing in terms of useful treatments.

The video profiles one of the patients who participated in groundbreaking research at Northwestern University for multiple sclerosis. Out of 21 patients who were treated in a clinical trial with stem cells harvested from their own bodies and reintroduced into their bone marrow by the Northwestern University research team, 16 now have no MS symptoms.

Go here to read a report posted yesterday by CBS News about this remarkable MS treatment breakthrough.

To sum up: Revolutionary results with no moral problems related to the killing of human beings in the earliest stages of their lives, as in the case of all research involving embryonic stem cells. Sounds like a win-win solution to us!