Badawi Flogging Case, and Prof. George's Bargain, Reminds Us of Our Obligations

01/27/2015 Comments (5)

A Catholic professor, along with six other members of a politically and religiously disparate group, have each offered to endure 100 lashes on behalf of a Muslim blogger, who was sentenced by the Saudi government to be flogged a thousand times for "insulting Islam through electronic channels" and "going beyond the realm of obedience."

The blogger, Raif Badawi, received the first set of fifty lashes in early January, but the rest of his sentence has been postponed  and is under review by the Saudi supreme court because he was deemed not sufficiently healed enough to continue the flogging. International observers suspect that the postponement of the sentence has less to do with concern over...READ MORE

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March for Life, In Person or In Spirit

01/22/2015 Comments (2)

Today is the 42nd anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the supreme court decision which ruled that a woman's constitutional right to privacy includes her right to have an abortion. The annual March for Life in D.C. is underway, where the estimated half-million marchers will no doubt magically diminish into "thousands" on the evening news. 

As massive as the crowds of pro-lifers are, there are even more of us at home, commemorating this dreadful anniversary in various ways.

The USCCB has called for a day of fasting and abstinence from meat today, and has laid out a nine-day schedule of prayers and suggestions for acts of reparation. Today, which is day six, the focus is on "each person suffering...READ MORE

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Raising Safe, Independent Kids

01/20/2015 Comments (23)

A few people have asked my opinion about the Maryland parents whose kids, age 10 and 6, were allowed to walk home nearly a mile without an adult. According to the Washington Post

On Dec. 20, [the child's father] Alexander [Meitiv] agreed to let the children, Rafi and Dvora, walk from Woodside Park to their home, a mile south, in an area the family says the children know well.

The children made it about halfway.

Police picked up the children near the Discovery building, the family said, after someone reported seeing them.

The family is now under investigation by Child Protective Services. Both parents say that they thought carefully about whether their children were prepared for this...READ MORE

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The Fishers' Shmedifying Guide to Van Maintenance

01/15/2015 Comments (32)

A few years ago, my kids were very excited about getting ice cream at Friendly's. They were so excited that they weren't careful about how they opened the door to the van, and wham! It whacked the car next to us in the parking lot, leaving a small mark.

Being decent people, we immediately got out, apologized to the car owner, and offered her our insurance information. She, being an absolute lunatic, got hysterical, called the police, and reported us to child protective services because our kids were out of control.

It turned out that she was not just an overprotective car owner, but a certifiable crazy person; and since the insurance claim went nowhere, CPS refused to investigate, and the...READ MORE

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Obedience Gives Us Jesus

01/13/2015 Comments (7)

Why did Jesus submit Himself to be baptized by John? He clearly didn't need to have original sin taken away, like the rest of us; so we often hear that His baptism was meant as an example for the rest of us, to show us what to do. I have also heard that Jesus' sacred body actually sanctified the water, so that it could become capable of conferring sanctifying grace. In no explanation do we hear that it was a necessary act, or absolutely mandatory, for Jesus to be baptized.

Generally, if the story strikes us as odd, we wonder why Jesus went into the water. But this time, I was thinking about why He came out -- about what happened when He broke the surface and could breathe again.

It was...READ MORE

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The Abortion Lie that Just Won't Die

01/08/2015 Comments (21)

Abortion advocates will always have one major weapon on its side: our eagerness to accept lies.

We accept the lie that women want abortion while men want to deny them access. In fact, men are more likely than women to favor abortion on demand.  

We accept the lie that unborn babies, who jump and dance away from a playful, prodding finger, somehow can't feel a scalpel in their flesh until the law says they can.  

We accept the lies that abortion is good for women, that it is generally safe, that it frees women, that it's necessary in order for women to have full liberty and self determination.The truth is, some women have abortions and continue to be happy. What does this prove? It proves...READ MORE

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It's Silly Season for Catholics who Bash Francis on Climate Change

01/06/2015 Comments (125)

Want to know the truth? I wasn't thrilled to hear that Pope Francis will be issuing an encyclical on climate change ahead of the upcoming summit in Paris. I am confident that, like all of his formal statements, everything he says about climate change will be a reaffirmation of Catholic doctrine; and I'm confident that his goal is to add a Catholic voice to a debate which is overrun by secular humanists who see the poor as parasites.

But as I said, I wasn't thrilled, and that's because I'm equally confident that the people who howl the loudest about whatever he says will be the people who read it the least carefully, if they read it at all.

Here are a few already-common complaints against...READ MORE

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Happy New Year! You're Going to Die.

01/01/2015 Comments (20)

And my five-year-old can't wait. It's possible that this eagerness comes because I did a little bit too good of a job of helping her get over her fears about death, which were coming to haunt her every evening when she got tired. But when you're dealing with a weeping kindergartener, the right choice is to err on the side of reassurance. 

It's a difficult balance to strike, when our kids worry about death. We want to comfort and reassure them (and stop the howling!), but at the same time, we don't want to lie to them, and give the impression that there's a guaranteed happy ending on everyone's final page. Death may be a beginning, not an end -- a doorway to eternity, not a trap door to...READ MORE

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