There Is No Real Choice In My State

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Catholic voters, do you live in one of those states where the candidates are only weakly pro-life? Perhaps they say they want to protect the unborn, but they can't be trusted to actually vote that way? Or maybe they are strongly pro-life, but are utter nincompoops in every other way? Do you approach the polls with a weight on your heart and a clothespin on your nose, because you know you have a duty to vote for the single most important issue in the world -- but there just isn't anyone you're happy to vote for?

Oh, how I envy you.

At least you have a lesser of two evils to choose. Here, there is no choice. Here's what our ballot looks like in New Hampshire:

For Senate, it's incumbent...READ MORE

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How to Make Your Halloween Magnificent

10/30/2014 Comments (24)

It's Advent that's supposed to be a mini-Lent, when we take a hard look at our souls and make whatever changes we need to, in preparation for Christmas. But really, there's nothing like Halloween to highlight just exactly what is wrong with me as a wife, mother, Catholic, and human being.

Besides carving jack-o'-lanterns, I have long since abandoned the idea of decorating the house for Halloween. We have no trouble getting decorations up, but taking them down again? Ain't happening. Our low point came a few years ago when the five-foot spider made of garbage bags that we nailed to the shed did not, as I anticipated, get taken care of by hurricane season. We did add a Santa hat when Giant...READ MORE

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How's Common Core Working Out for You?

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Because I have no wish to suffer my Purgatory on earth, I've haven't said much about Common Core. Most of what I heard about it was on Facebook, and, in the words of Abraham Lincoln, "The thing about the internet is that you can just make stuff up and nobody will bother to check facts." So when I heard that Common Core was going to teach my children to hate their country, parents, and apple pie, to worship Baal, and to switch to the metric system, I thought I would wait and see how it actually pans out.

We also met with our school's curriculum coordinator, who explained which things would change, which would stay the same, what were the good effects they expected to see, what were some of...READ MORE

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Other People's Blessings

10/23/2014 Comments (28)

The suffering one-upper! You know who I'm talking about. You say you're scrambling to pay for a new transmission? He says he just wishes he even had a car. You sigh because it's hard to find safe foods for your severely allergic child?  She swats you down with a tale of her triplets who stop breathing in the presence of the color yellow. You tweeted from the hospital, where you are slowly and painfully recovering from your eleventh foot surgery? Behold, the man born without legs is doing just fine, and even plays the mandolin! Now aren't you ashamed?

Cross-comparing -- when we look at someone else's suffering and call it little, nothing, or even something to be envied -- is...READ MORE

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Discernment: What It Does and Doesn't Mean

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This year, I've been thinking a lot about what it means to give a decision over to God -- how to discern what God wants us to do, when we have a choice before us. It's one of the more widely misunderstood areas of our practical spiritual life, and I'm still figuring out what it means to live this way. Here are a few things I've figured out about what to expect when I pray for guidance in a decision:


It doesn't mean: You're no longer responsible for your behavior or your behavior's consequences. Prayer is not divination, where you split open the dove before the battle, and then become enemies with Athena if you lose. When we pray about something, that doesn't absolve us from using our...READ MORE

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Working Moms: What Would Help?

10/16/2014 Comments (34)

Lots of moms work, for lots of different reasons. When we talk about how to improve the work and personal lives of working moms, two responses are all too common.

From the secular world that tends to lean anti-family, anti-child, and frankly anti-woman, we hear, "Ugh, parents. Why should they get special treatment just because they freely made the choice to squeeze out a couple of brats?"

It's hard to know what to say to this argument. I suppose there must be some moms and dads who behave as if their lives are important and no one else's is, but probably those people would act that way anyway, whether they had kids or not. What it comes down to is this: children are where people come...READ MORE

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Don't Bubble-Wrap Your Kids

10/14/2014 Comments (26)

This year, I'm not seeing a lot of hand-wringing over the dangers of the occult during Halloween. Most of the Hallowangst of 2014 seems to be focused on how much cancer we are willing to give our kids via the delicious, delicious GMO toxins in the candy they get. My policy on that score is: I love my children so much, and am willing to sacrifice for them; so rather than exposing them to danger, I think they should give me all their candy.

Back to the occult. On the way to school, we pass a house which gets decorated a little bit more for Halloween each year. There are the typical Halloween decorations, like skeletons, spiders, vampires, and jack-o'-lanterns, all falling into the category...READ MORE

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At Synod, Sex-Obsessed Catholic Church Finally Talks About Sex, Finally

10/09/2014 Comments (53)

Need a good laugh this morning? NBC's Ann Curry delivers. The headline: 

Can They Say That at the Vatican? Pope Francis Promotes Sex Talk 

The gist: Everybody knows that the main thing about the Catholic Church is that it is obsessed with sex, and can't stop meddling with people's sex lives, and thinks it has all the answers about sex, and the Church has no business having all these opinions about sex because Catholics have too many babies and think about sex all the time, and has way way too much to say about gay sex and unmarried sex and married sex, and why can't the Church stop talking about sex all the time, the big pervs? Also, this just in: the Church is finally talking about sex,...READ MORE

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