My Brilliant Parenting Idea

10/27/2011 Comments (35)

Sometimes parents have to make dramatic changes in our lives: break habits, shift gears, or renounce cherished parenting theories for the good of our children. Sometimes, though, we can do something really good for our kids by just looking at the natural pattern of our lives, and squeezing every bit of good we can out of what’s already there.

I’ve written about the advantages of having siblings, and I no longer worry that having a big family inevitably means that the kids will be neglected. It does take some vigilance, however, to make sure our kids feel important. No matter how much nurturing and support and benefit kids get from each other, they do need one-on-one time with their...READ MORE

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Twofer Costumes for the Conflicted Catholic Family

10/25/2011 Comments (45)

I really don’t want to talk about Halloween.

I didn’t manage to prepare anything spectacular (read: anything) to celebrate All Saints’ Day this year. 
I do, however, want to immerse my children in the richness of the liturgical year. 
I don’t, however, have the energy to come up with any contorted logic about how dressing up as a zombie with bleeding eyes is actually a corking good, theologically sound method of laughing at the devil. 
I do, however, let my kids wear costumes involving fake blood, severed limbs and terrifying mustaches, if the spirit so moves them. 
I don’t, however, live in Amityville or Sunnydale, so as long as the little temporary pagans don’t show any particular...READ MORE

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Falser Words Were Never Spoken

10/21/2011 Comments (114)

As a mother, hearing outrageously false statements is my bread and butter.  I didn’t even blink when my four-year-old daughter told me that four of her (she has five identical alter egos) grew wings and are flying around outside today.  I said that I would love to see them (and I can’t actually imagine a more glorious sight), but she said they are invizzerbul, but that if I listen closely, I will hear them walking around on the roof.

Some of the tall tales I hear are not quite so charming.  My two-year-old, for instance, hollered that she was NOT POOPY, even though the evidence of this falsehood was so overwhelming that the very air around her lower half was visibly quivering with...READ MORE

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The Grass Is Just as Complicated on the Other Side

10/20/2011 Comments (155)

Despite the kind words of Mark Shea, I actually think it’s a good idea for nice Catholic girls to wade into the world of radical feminist blogs from time to time. Why?

The Catholic echo chamber can skew your perception of how many people agree with you.  Constant affirmation (or squabbling over minutiae) dulls your debating skills.  And it’s healthy and useful to hear opposing argument straight from the horse’s mouth.  We also all need to be reminded that even people with beastly ideas aren’t The Enemy—that they and we share a common enemy, Satan.  Those of us who know how to pray ought to be doing it for those of us who don’t.

But the main reason I often check out radical feminist...READ MORE

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Your Patient Has Become Humble

10/18/2011 Comments (57)

What’s the oppposite of Schadenfreude? Isn’t there a word for that feeling of disappointment when people behave better than you expect? (A word other than “being a jerk?”)

Someone asked a question of Fr. Z:

During the Agnus Dei at Mass this morning, two unfamiliar teenage
girls and a man, who I suspect to be their father, entered our rather
small church and made their way to a pew.
I was saddened to see as I returned to my seat after receiving Holy
Communion that the aforesaid trio were presenting themselves to
receive, and that even though our priest knew they’d arrived late, he
went ahead and distributed the Eucharist to them.

So my question is this: Should the priest have quietly...READ MORE

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Simcha's Guide to Naming Catholic Children

10/14/2011 Comments (174)

It seems that a tenth of parents regret the names they gave their children. An astonishingly low figure, considering how many kids named ”    ” are cropping up on the playground.

You may have noticed that there’s nothing inside those quotation marks. That’s because, no matter how stupid a name I put in there as an example of a stupid name, someone out there would say, “HEY, we just had that name engraved on 63 baby shower invitations, and besides it was my grandfather’s name, and besides it means ‘God is on our side,’ and besides my husband just lost his job and his left leg, and I have Piblokto Syndrome but we’ve decided to carry the child anyway, and I was just about to come back to the...READ MORE

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My Nouveau Traditional SAHM Lifestyle vs. Amanda Marcotte's Exploding Head

10/13/2011 Comments (117)

Amanda Marcotte is utterly fed up with “empty feel-good words and delusions about gender norms.”

My advice to Marcotte:  stay away from mirrors.

She recently flipped out over a study indicating that women increasingly long for “a more traditional lifestyle.”

The study does seem, frankly, a little bit lame.  But what fascinates me are Marcotte’s objections, which are uniformly and outrageously sexist.  Here we go:

Marcotte’s sexist objection #1:

[T]he survey found that 66 percent of mothers would rather be a stay-at-home mother than a working parent . . . But the same survey found that 36 percent of men also said they wanted to stay at home . . . It appears what this survey is measuring...READ MORE

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A Little Blaze

10/11/2011 Comments (33)

Now that Columbus Day is over, maybe I can safely admit:  we celebrated, by doing two of my favorite things, eating and reading.  We read about Christopher Columbus, and we ate Italian food

When discussing history with my older kids, I always hammer home the following point: anyone who tells you that this or that issue is perfectly simple is either stupid or lying.

Here’s a satisfying case in point:  this Salon article reminds us that, despite what renowned scholar Dan “I know how to type” Brown tells us, it wasn’t the mean old misogynistic Church who led those infamous European witch hunts.  Weren’t you taught that innocent women had to die because repressive religious fanatics...READ MORE

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