Gail DeMasi: "The Basic Knowing Is Already on Our Hearts"

Thursday, March 10, 2011 10:00 AM Comments (6)

One nice thing about living in a small state?  You run into the new President of the NH Citizens for Life while waiting for the deli man to slice your ham.  Gail DeMasi has always been more than approachable, though.  She and her husband Andy are down-to-earth, literally: they plow roads and cut wood in their rural neighborhood, as well as renovate and sell houses, raise purebred dogs, sell gelato, and teach the deaf, among other enterprises.  Did you guess that DeMasi also home schools?  Of her fourteen children, five are still at home, along with a few grandchildren.  Her grown children have spread out around the country and the world.

Did I mention she’s taking a Criminology course, is...READ MORE

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You Don't Have to Do This

Tuesday, March 08, 2011 10:00 AM Comments (62)

I was shopping for toiletries at Walmart one evening, and came across a young couple—a very young couple—browsing in the condom aisle.  By their manner, you could see this type of outing was a novelty for them.  They must not have been any older than 15.  I could have picked them both up in my arms without breaking a sweat—they were so puny, so spindly and young.  It was revolting to think of him taking any girl into his bedroom, so far was he from being anything like a man, with his googly eyes, his drooping pants, his acne.  They were both giggling, shoving each other in a teasing, panicked way, the way kids do when they’re making dares.

I wanted to tell the girl:  Do you know that you...READ MORE

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When Someone Is Wrong on the Internet

Friday, March 04, 2011 10:00 AM Comments (31)


(“Duty Calls” at

I’m not always proud of my behavior online.  No, really!  Still, I am better than I used to be; and, as I always tell my kids, you can’t ask for more than progress.  Here are a few things that help me behave when discussing important topics (especially religious ones) online:

Remember there’s a person on the other end. When things get intense, I sometimes mention something personal to bring the conversation back to a human level:  Instead of “I’ve wasted enough time with you, thickhead” try “Gotta go throw that meatloaf in the oven now.”  Someone else is likely to say, “Hey, we’re having meatloaf, too!” and everyone suddenly remembers that, if we were sitting...READ MORE

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New Study: The Church Is Right About Everything

Thursday, March 03, 2011 11:45 AM Comments (77)

Last week, The New York Times wrote about the results of a new scientific study: man are more attracted to a woman when she is ovulating ... but only if he’s not already in a relationship with someone else.  Men who are already in a romantic relationship will get the heck away from an ovulating women he’s not committed to, because—well, you know.  They don’t need that kind of trouble.

This kind of study drives the women of DoubleX cuh-razy.  For you happy innocents who know not DoubleX, it’s a feminist blog whose tagline is, “What women really think.” This always makes me imagine a box of salt with the tagline, “What slugs really want.”  Not this slug!  This slug thinks it’s fascinating...READ MORE

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Tax Return Tithing

Tuesday, March 01, 2011 10:08 AM Comments (45)

To those of you well-situated enough that you actually pay taxes, congratulations!  Good job working hard for your money, and sorry about what’s going to happen to you in April.

To those of us, however, who fall into the tax bracket known as “pitiful slobs,” this is the most wonderful time of year.  It’s the time of year when daddies are allowed to buy socks that don’t have holes in them, and frugal moms splurge on extravagant items like car registrations and non-irregular ketchup.  Yes yes, it’s tax return time!

Can o’ worms disclaimers:

1.  Tithing is a fabulous and praiseworthy practice, and something to be striven for, but it is not possible for all families.  Giving generously and...READ MORE

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The Real Rapunzel

Sunday, February 27, 2011 10:00 AM Comments (31)

I’ve lost count of which wave it is, but lately there is yet another backlash against “princess culture”:  moms digging in and fighting back against the pink and sparkly tide that drowns young girls’ imaginations.  The latest book, Cinderella Ate My Daughter, encourages moms to tell their daughters that poofy dresses are impractical, glass slippers give you corns, and the worst possible way you can spend your life is to wait for Prince Charming to come.

I have to agree that the pink wave is rather nauseating at best; and at worst, there is a genuine danger of girls learning the lesson that feminine=pretty, and nothing more.  Older girls, with no other guidance, translate this equation into...READ MORE

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Not like that!

Friday, February 25, 2011 10:00 AM Comments (9)

Oh, son!  We’ve all had bad days, but this guy is having such a bad day:

(Video found at Hot Air)

I don’t know if the—what would the word be?—programmer/choreographer of this performance had any specific type of battle in mind, or if it’s just an illustration of Being Embattled, in general. 

Either way, this clip seems to show a fairly straighforward representation of human struggle.  As an obsessive metaphor-hunter, though, I think I get more out of unintentional representations of the human condition, than I do from a well-crafted literal depiction of the same.

This scene from It’s a Wonderful Life, for instance—a fine example of a literal representation of prayer.  Poor George...READ MORE

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Adoration Isn’t Flattery

Wednesday, February 23, 2011 3:01 AM Comments (23)

When I was younger, I always felt a little cheesy praising God.

I knew that the proper order of prayer is ACTS: adoration, contrition, thanksgiving, supplication. I always felt fluent in the last three, but adoration was tricky. It was hard to shake the feeling that I was buttering God up in preparation for asking for a favor: “Heyyy, Lord, looking good there. Glorious! I mean, really, just omnipotent today! Love the whole endless goodness thing. With the angels, and the loving sacrifice, and so on. Really grade-A work. So! Um, now that I’m here, I was wondering if you could, um, increase vocations, heal my friend’s cancer, and help me move my couch this weekend ... “

Not exactly Psalm...READ MORE

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