Knock knock! Who's there? A Catholic.

06/25/2015 Comments (22)

Between my adequate-ish knowledge of scripture and our 175-pound mastiff, I think we've seen the last of this particular Jehovah's Witness. 

The woman who came to our door this morning had been here before (back when the dog was smaller and less ... avid), but I think she's finally chalked us up as a lost cause. She said that she had been raised Catholic -- that her own mother is a Eucharistic Minister in my parish. I hate to think what her catechesis was like! She was under the impression that Catholics don't read the Bible or think about what it means. I was able to persuade her otherwise, just by quoting a few lines of the Gospel that I've heard a thousand times at Mass; so at least...READ MORE

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Has Etsy Banned the Sale of Sacramentals?

06/23/2015 Comments (16)

Etsy,the online marketplace for handmade goods, recently announced a change in its policy. Vendors can no longer sell healing, revenge, health, weight loss, or guaranteed love. The new policy says:

In general, services are not allowed to be listed or sold on Etsy. There are a few exceptions noted below that are allowed as they produce a new, tangible, physical item.

Any service that does not yield a new, tangible, physical item is not allowed (for example: tailoring, restoring or repairing an item, photographic retouching or color correction).

Any metaphysical service that promises or suggests it will effect a physical change (e.g., weight loss) or other outcome (e.g., love, revenge) is...READ MORE

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Should You Read Laudato Si? A Quiz

06/18/2015 Comments (32)

Laudato Si is here, and not a moment too soon. Any day now, all the pundits and politicians and armchair theologians were going to start feeling ashamed for going so berserk over an encyclical that hadn't been released yet. Any day, I'm sure of it!. 

Now that it's here, should you read it? It is kind of long, and there aren't any pictures or gifs to break it up. Here's a short quiz to help you determine whether or not you should invest the time and effort. The more points you get, the more urgent it is that you read the encyclical.


Are you a faithful Catholic who feels drawn toward stewardship of the natural world, and who wishes the Church would give us some guidance about...READ MORE

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They Just Exorcised the Entire Country of Mexico

06/16/2015 Comments (26)

Did you know that Cardinal Íñiguez of Guadalajara just exorcised the entire country of Mexico? 

Fr. José Antonio Fortea, one of several exorcists and demonologists present at the ceremony, told CNA 

 “the exorcism performed in San Luís Potosí is the first ever carried out in Mexico in which the exorcists came from different parts of the country and gathered together to exorcise the powers of darkness, not from a person, but from the whole country.”

The Spanish exorcist warned that “to the extent there is more witchcraft and Satanism going on in a country, to that extent there will be more extraordinary manifestations of those powers of darkness.”

What was your reaction when you read...READ MORE

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Does It Matter If Medjugorje Is Real or Not?

06/09/2015 Comment

What do I think about Medjugorje? I'm so glad you asked. I think it's the scam to end all scams. Either it was a hoax from the beginning, and nothing ever happened there; or it was originally a true apparition and has since become a hoax, or possibly even a spiritual manifestation that is not from God. Whichever it is, it's bad, bad news.

But there are plenty of people who remain devoted to Medjugorje, pointing to the "good fruits" as thousands of people return to the sacraments and the rosary.

We can talk all day about how the local bishop, Pavao Zanic, has condemned the apparitions as false and has deplored the disobedience encouraged by the seers and their adherents:

 [T]he Ordinary...READ MORE

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In Which I Nag You To Buy Life Insurance

06/08/2015 Comments (6)

What keeps you up at night? What kind of dark horses go galloping around your brain at 3:30 a.m.?  Lately, my horses are: what if someone asks the kids to prove the existence of God, and they can't, because we gave up on Aquinas? I haven't printed out photos in six years! I'm not sure I ever taught them about sonata form, and now some of them think Cake is actually a good band! I never thanked Nora's mom for making us food when the baby was born, and I'm still not sure which Nora's mom it was! We'll have to change schools. And so on.

Happily, I no longer wake up wondering how our kids will pay for funeral expenses if we die. Yep, the Fishers have life insurance.

For a long time, we just...READ MORE

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Everybody Knows the Church Will Change. (Everybody Is Wrong.)

06/04/2015 Comments (48)

Since I wrote about the Michael Hichborn's effort to gin up panic over gay infiltration of the World Meeting of Families, several readers now assume that I think everything is fine -- that I think there's no threat to the institution of heterosexual, monogamous marriage in the United States.

Hey, folks, I'm not an idiot. Clearly, there is a huge, concerted, organized, heavily moneyed push to normalize gay relationships globally, and the Church is not sheltered from that push. Some bishops are even apparently part of that effort. The Register's Edward Pentin reported on a secret (or at least private) meeting apparently attended by  

 "50 participants, including bishops, theologians and...READ MORE

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Yes, Agenda-Driven Infiltrators Are Hijacking the World Meeting of Families

06/02/2015 Comments (99)

When my daughter was about three, she went into the bathroom and locked the door. Then I heard a shriek. She burst through the door and yelled, "Somebody bite me!" Sure enough, there on her arm were two perfect semi-circles of teeth marks where someone had bitten her.

But no one else was in the bathroom. She had bitten herself. And she was mad about it.

This is more or less what happens every day in the Catholic blogosphere. The latest example of self-inflicted bite wounds: The Lepanto "Institute" reported the other day that the World Meeting of Families was being infiltrated with a gay agenda. The evidence? The contact person for Talley Management, which is the third party company...READ MORE

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