Debates I'd Rather See

10/11/2012 Comments (135)

So, are you gonna watch tonight's V.P. debate?  I'll probably listen to it on the radio, if only to remind my radio how lucky it usually is that I usually listen to something better, like John Tesh

It's hard to care when you not only don't care, but you don't even want to care.  You would punch yourself in the nose for caring.  I mean, I want the extra hideous candidate to lose, and I want the slightly less hideous candidate to win with such a slight margin that he gets a hernia from watching the TV so hard on election night.  But ask me to care about a debate between the people these two paragons of hideousness have chosen to play their professional besties on TV?  Bleah.

I tell...READ MORE

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Hope Stems Eternal From the Cell of Man

10/09/2012 Comments (31)

Hooray!  The Nobel Prize for Medicine has been awarded to two scientists for their work in the manipulation of living cells. 

If that doesn’t sound like good news, then let me put it this way:  two fellows have made it likely that, in the coming years, we will be able to treat dreadful degenerative diseases like Parkinson’s, and we will be able to do it without killng anybody.

In the past, some scientists had made limited progress in trying to manipulate pluripotent stem cells into specialized cells.  They knew that stem cells could be prodded to develop into any sort of cell, which would be useful for thousands of therapeutic purposes.

Now, where would you find these useful,...READ MORE

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There's Nothing Heroic About Reaching Cape Cod (If You're Supposed To Be In Rhode Island)

10/04/2012 Comments (66)

When I first got my driver's license, I decided to visit my sister in Rhode Island.  I wanted to conquer my lifelong timidity, so I struck out in my minivan with three little kids . . . without a map.

Seven hours later, I found myself in Cape Cod.

I was literally about to drive into the ocean before I decided that it was time to stop and ask for directions. By that time, the sun had set, several of my kids had wet themselves, and I was so emotionally shattered that I locked the keys in the car when I stopped for gas.  I had to leave the screaming children, dash to a miraculously nearby fire station, and beg the firemen to break into my car for me.  The kids screamed harder.  To this...READ MORE

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Pro-Choice Catholics Worship an Idiot God

10/02/2012 Comments (430)

Do you know who I respect?  I respect Catholics who refrain from receiving Holy Communion because they are not pro-life.  They look at a crucifix and say, “No.  None of that.  My will be done, not Yours” -- and so they stay away.  They have the honesty to admit that there is something huge and powerful at work, something they are not prepared to participate in.

But I have no respect for Catholics who trot on up to the Communion line and say, “Look at me, I’m progressive!  If only Christ were willing to come down from that cross and dialogue with me about compassion, then we’d get somewhere!”

If they don’t know what they’re doing, then we pray that God will crack that terrible shell of...READ MORE

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Who are the "one in three?"

09/28/2012 Comments (254)

According to Planned Parenthood's Guttmacher Institute, "One in three women will obtain an abortion before the age of 45."

This statistic is featured in a new pro-choice campaign, 1 in 3. The message is that abortion is so common, so widespread, that there should be no stigma attached to the procedure.  We should, they say, be working hard to ensure that the one in three women who get an abortion can do it easily, without fuss , and that they can talk about it openly, without shame.  The sheer numbers of women involved with abortion shows that abortion is here to stay -- and that it's no big deal.

One in three women in America will obtain an abortion.  And here are some other...READ MORE

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Everything I Really Need to Know, I Learned By Screwing Up Horribly

09/27/2012 Comments (60)

The other day, I was talking to someone who was planning to get married.  She wasn't even engaged yet, but was thinking ahead, and was looking for some reading materials.  She wanted to learn everything she could, so she would do it right when the time finally came.

I admire this in the same way I admire people who climb Mount Everest -- thinking, Holy cow, good for you!  But are you sure we're the same species?

Because the truth is, there are some things that you can't really prepare for.  The only way you can learn how to do them is to mess them up horribly, and then make several course corrections, and expect to continue doing that for the rest of your life.  Or at least, there are...READ MORE

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"I always thought I wanted a big family, but . . ."

09/25/2012 Comments (108)

Here's a perennial question that turns up wherever Catholic moms gather:  a young mom admits, "I always thought I wanted a big family.  But now I have a toddler and a baby, and I feel like I'm losing my mind.  I love them, and do my best to take care of them, but life is boring and hard.  I feel like I'm not good at this, and I don't really like my life at all.  It makes me feel so guilty, but I can't imagine going through this even one more time with one more kid -- never mind the six or seven or eight more times!"

There are few things more discouraging than realizing that something you always wanted is not what you thought it would be -- especially when, all around you, there are...READ MORE

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The Reading Room

09/21/2012 Comments (47)

Every so often, the posts in this blog elicit some grumbling over what does and does not constitute appropriate reading material for Catholics.  From one camp, the argument goes, "Life is short!  Far to short for fol-de-rol.  Our eternal souls are at stake, so it's not just a matter of taste -- it's an actual sin to waste time talking about things that are not clearly and specifically labelled 'Catholic' and designed expressly to improve our spiritual state."

The other argument goes, "Yeah, but if you're going to be Catholic all the time, that means going about your business as a Catholic.  You just assume that everything you say is from a Catholic point of view, and you don't have to...READ MORE

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