Blessing Your Blessings

08/27/2013 Comments (43)

This morning, my second-oldest kid went off to her first day of high school.  It's only a half day and I was only half awake, so I forgot that I had meant to give her a blessing before she left the house.  (Hey, just because my "end-of-summer,-do-ALL-the-things" freakout is over, that doesn't mean it's too early for my "beginning-of-school,-do-ALL-the-things" freakout to begin.)

Why bless your kids?  There are several reasons.  First is that parents have a unique spiritual authority to ask God's blessing for the kids, so why would you not take advantage of that?  It's also a pleasant, intimate, and very easy way to show your kids that you love them.  And it does something else:  it...READ MORE

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We Need the Courage to Christianize Feminism

08/22/2013 Comments (141)

Wondering why we need a theology of women in the Church?  Look no further than the comments after Pia de Solenni's article, 'Theology of Women in the Church' Only Beginning to Be Revealed.

De Solenni is a moral theologian who was awarded the Pontifical Academies Award by John Paul II.  Her article simply notes that John Paul II's writing about women challenges us to understand womanhood in terms of who women are, rather than what they do, and that Pope Francis' recent comment, that "we don't have a deep theology of women in the Church," indicates that, in the coming years, the Church will continue the work that John Paul II began.  De Solenni says,

[T]he Congregation for the...READ MORE

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The Unlabeled Life

08/20/2013 Comments (33)

It's almost the end of summer vacation, and we're doing the traditional panicked whirlwind of activities before it's too late:  Sunday was mountain climbing and blueberry picking, and Monday, we made the two-hour trek to my favorite art museum, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston.  Only we forgot until the last minute that we have a puppy now, who isn't quite old enough to be left alone; and we couldn't find anyone to watch him.  So, like all parents of nine children with blood that is red, we winged it:  packed up some kibble and a leash along with the ham sandwiches and water bottles, and off we went.

The Gardner Museum is not your standard art gallery, with unobtrusive...READ MORE

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A Fool and Her Gender Studies

08/15/2013 Comments (110)

Here's a quietly dismal essay by a woman who teaches a "course on Gender and Society" at Grinnell, "Explaining why, next time, I won't breastfeed."

This woman breastfed her child for (as far as I can tell) a year, but has come to the conclusion that the price her family paid for that year was too high -- not because breastfeeding was too hard on her, but because not breastfeeding is too hard on her husband.  Breastfeeding, she says, gave her an unfair advantage where their son is concerned:

Now it’s a year later, and I don’t breastfeed anymore. But my son still prefers for me to read to him before bedtime, and to wake him up in the morning.

When he is feeling sick or skins his...READ MORE

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The Enemy of My Enemy Is Still My Enemy

08/13/2013 Comments (145)

Am I crazy, or are we seeing an awful lot of Putin worship lately?

I must be crazy.  It can't possibly be that American Catholics are this confused.  They can't possibly really think that Putin is a Christian guy who just wants to make the world a better place in which to live.

Well, Pat Buchanan seems to think soHilary White seems to want us to think so.  One commenter responded, "I'm moving to Russia now :D" and this comment got 56 upvotes.  Some commenters are suggesting that Putin is doing the work of our Lady of Fatima, apparently forgetting that he called the collapse of the USSR "the greatest geopolitical catastrophe" of the 20th century.

Really?  You really think the man...READ MORE

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Is Pope Francis Really Pro-Life?

08/08/2013 Comments (69)

When Pope Francis was inaugurated, we all went scrambling to find information about him.  One of the first quotes I heard from him was this:

In our ecclesiastical region there are priests who don’t baptize the children of single mothers because they weren’t conceived in the sanctity of marriage. These are today’s hypocrites… Those who separate the people of God from salvation. And this poor girl who, rather than returning the child to sender, had the courage to carry it into the world, must wander from parish to parish so that it’s baptized!

Well, that was it for me.  I was in love.  Here is a man who loves the baby and loves the mother, and wants to make the world better for both...READ MORE

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Pretty, Gritty, Real:  How to Read Blogs

08/06/2013 Comments (61)

I started blogging almost ten years ago, when most of the mommy blogs I came across were glossy, prettified, carefully arranged tableaux of home life.  I was absolutely drowning; but the worst trial the other moms suffered, it seemed, was the occasional oopsie of spilled juice or mismatched socks.  It was all studio portraits of scrubbed and beaming toddlers clutching a hand-sewed duck stuffed with lavender grown in the herb garden outside ye olde cottage door.  I read these blogs obsessively, and came away hating the other moms and hating myself.

Hallie Lord of Moxie Wife recently opened up a discussion about how we present our lives online:  how to avoid negativity without drifting...READ MORE

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Nine Kids, Wacka Wacka!

08/01/2013 Comments (48)

When I write about stuff like going camping, I always make some crack about how crazy we are to be doing this with nine kids, aged fifteen and under.  Nine kids, wacka wacka! 

The truth is, I'm making these jokes out of habit.  On our way home, husband and I actually marveled at how much crazier it would have been to try to go camping with, say, three or four kids.

Yes, lots of things are harder when you have lots of kids.  But lots of things really are easier.  Part of that is because of who we've become through having nine kids, and part is just because of the actual kids themselves.  Here are a few big family perks that revealed themselves on our recent trip:


It's easier to...READ MORE

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