Speaking of Death

09/24/2013 Comments (47)

According to Bloomburg.com, baby boomers have taken to calling together friends and family to have dinner and talk about death.  At first, I thought this was one of those bogus trend stories that journalists cook up, like pharm parties, or -- ha ha, this one is nutty -- Rush Limbaugh starring as a super awesome Time Lord in a children's history book, can you imagine?  We get it, journalists.  You  had a deadline and hangover, and this is what you came up with.

But it turns out the death party story is true.  There's actually a popular program from the University of Washington called “Let’s Have Dinner and Talk About Death.”  And it's a great idea.

The idea is to get people together in...READ MORE

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Can We Spell "Evangelization" without an "f" and a "u"?

09/19/2013 Comments (47)

Think what you want about Penn Jillette, he does have a way with words; so it pains me to have to heavily edit his colorful remarks in an interview with Salon.  But it's awfully hard to type certain words when Mother Angelica's face keeps swimming before my eyes.  ("Simmmcha!  Stop ruuuuining EWTNnnnnnn!")

The interviewer asks Jillette (and for goodness' sake, I did warn you about the language on the link):

As someone who entertains audiences and seeks fans, isn’t your vocal atheism working at cross purposes with your best interests?

and he responds,

People say, I want to give you credit for how brave you are for speaking out even though it could hurt you — I always say,...READ MORE

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If You're Happy and You're Married, Let It Show

09/17/2013 Comments (59)

Every so often, I run into a harried bride-to-be who is absolutely freaking out over wedding plans.  Even with my own low-key, low-budget wedding I remember losing sleep over whether it we really needed spoons, or if we could get away with wooden coffee stirrers.  It was so hard to prioritize when there were so many decisions to make, especially when I had no experience planning something so large.  Everything seemed equally urgent, but I knew there was no possible way I could get it all done right on time.  Freak out!

Now I've been to many weddings, big and small, fancy and plain, and this is the advice I give to brides:

1.  Remember that nobody else knows what it was supposed to be...READ MORE

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Bigger on the Inside

09/12/2013 Comments (45)

Probably, this:

is just meant as a Doctor Who inside joke, but it's actually very perceptive. 

Ever read a poem by someone who thinks outside the box -- who is so above those stuffy, stodgy ideas like meter and rhyme that he can't be bothered to actually learn what meter and rhyme are for?  And as a result, his poem stinks?  To the arrogant outsider who doesn't understand what he's seeing, the "box" of meter and rhyme look small and constrictive; but once you get in there and make yourself at home -- man, there is all kinds of room

Same goes for edgy, transgressive artists whose pieces are dull, dull, dull because, before they trashed the timeworn conventions of the past...READ MORE

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How to Turn Your Son into an Sexual Basket Case

09/10/2013 Comments (102)

All right, so we’re all agreed that we don’t want our sons to grow up to be like Robin Thicke.  But the Thicke school of sex ed is not the only place where boys get a distorted, damaging education about sexuality; and girls are not the only ones being shamed. 

The author of What My 1o-Year-Old Son Knows about Rape So Far lives near a college campus, and she and her son often see shirtless boys acting macho and girls acting flirty.  Her son has questions about why the boys and girls act and dress the way they do, and, she says “he spends quite a bit of time wondering about himself in eight years.”

So she responds by telling him that, sometimes, the shirtless boys he sees get drunk and...READ MORE

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The Allure of Either/Or

09/05/2013 Comments (110)

It’s an either/or world.  The latest evidence is a series of articles making the rounds on mommy blogs.  It’s yet another iteration of the modesty vs. responsibility battle that flares up and dies down without ever really going away.  The latest round went like this: 

One mother of sons pleads with girls to stop posting photos of themselves half-naked in sexy, come-hither poses.  It makes it hard for boys to see you as anything other than sexual objects, she explains.

Is outrage!  responds the blogging world, especially mothers of daughters.  Why aren’t we telling the boys to take responsibility for their own behavior and their own brains?  Why is it always up to the girls to hide so...READ MORE

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Should We Burden Priests with Our Sins?

09/03/2013 Comments (91)

In last week's post, Ten Reasons You Should Get to Confession This Weekend, one commenter expressed some doubts about burdening priests with frequent confession.

"You might want to give the priests a break," she said.  “Instead of dumping your ‘sins’ on them, why don’t you offer them some comfort?”

From the conversation that followed, it soon became pretty obvious that she was perhaps less concerned about poor, overworked priests, and more concerned about reminding everybody that the Church is corrupt, oppressive, homophobic, etc. etc.  Still, she had a point:  priests are often lonely, stressed out, and overworked, and could use some rest, and normal human companionship.  A friend...READ MORE

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Ten Reasons You Should Get to Confession This Weekend

08/29/2013 Comments (97)

1. You need to.  You have a mortal sin on your soul, and it’s killing you.  You know you want to live. So go to confession.

2.  You don’t need to.  Oh, really, you don’t need to?  You don’t need to have your soul refreshed, your courage strengthened, your dusty, crusty, venial sin-chapped hide soothed with the sweet balm of forgiveness?  You don’t need to hear one more time that the Almighty Son of God came down from Heaven, was born, suffered, died, and rose again so that you, personally, could be saved?  No thanks, you don’t neeeeed any of that right now?  Really?  Go to confession.

3. Your kids need to see you do it.  You can talk all you want about receiving the sacraments,...READ MORE

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