Happy Thankcircumcisionsgiving!

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Do you know what the slowest day on the blogosphere in the U.S. is?  Not Christmas, not Easter, not even Valentine's Day.  It's Thanksgiving.  Everyone is going to be busy cooking turkey, welcoming friends and family, playing football, running charitable marathons, or bringing about the final downfall of western civilization by running out for a consumerist pound of butter.  Anything, anything at all, but not reading blogs.

All bloggers know that feeling of typing into a void -- of expending pixels for naught, dispersing their words into the ether, or possibly the ethernet, whatever that is.  It doesn't really feel bad.  It reminds me of when we used to watch the TV show Cheers when I...READ MORE

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Savor the Name

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Most fruit seems like a gift, but a pomegranate is the most extravagant.  The seeds burgeon under the skin, and when you tear it open with a tart ripping sound, the byzantine arrangement within tells you that here, there is both order and design, and an unaccountable exuberance.  The seeds shine.  They glow like rubies, and you crunch them with your teeth and lick the blood of rubies off your lips.

Well, that's how I feel about pomegranates. 

I was saying the rosary the other day.  Chesterton says that if a thing is worth doing, it's worth doing badly.  That's the only thing that kept me going with that morning's rosary:  the idea that it's better to pray badly than to not-pray well. ...READ MORE

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The Sun in Winter

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Catholics and anti-Catholics alike are heaping scorn on the head of Kaya Oakes, the author of a pathetic little piece that was reprinted in Salon this week.  In "My Torment as a Catholic Woman," she laments the fact that she can't be a priest.  She doesn't especially want or feel called to be a priest herself, mind you; but she suffers on behalf of her "hungry" sisters who have been denied.

The commenters on Salon dish out the almost absendminded contempt they routinely lavish on Catholics: 

"You choose to belong to a Church that hates you just because you're female."

"I have also run out of patience for people who willingly allow themselves to be tormented by the Catholic Church."


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Ten Splendid Sequels You Can Expect to See

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When my oldest kid was about three, she suddenly stood up from the dinner table and announced, "I have a splendid idea!"  She dashed away, and we waited, breathlessly.  In two minutes, she came back with a cup of water, waited until all eyes were on  her, and then triumphantly dumped the water on her head.

It was indeed a splendid idea.

Similar in its splendor and brilliance and all around overwhelming smartness of brain, we have this idea from Hollywood:  a sequel to It's a Wonderful LifeAccording to Variety,

Karolyn Grimes, who played George Bailey’s daughter “Zuzu” in the original, will return for the “Wonderful Life” sequel as an angel who shows Bailey’s unlikeable...READ MORE

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Hobby Horses

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During our catechism lessons, one of my kids had the habit of answering any question -- any question whatsoever -- with the answer "God." 

"Who made you?"  --  "God." 
"Who is the Good Shepherd?" -- "God." 
"What did Moses say to Pharaoh?"  -- "God."

Now, this was mostly her fault, and not mine.  I had to repeat myself a lot, because it was really important for them to learn by heart what I was telling them.  (And the cure for a snotty little upstart who thinks she knows everything about religion is, of course, to start in on Theology for Beginners by Frank Sheed.  Pause often, and remind the wee ones that this is just for beginners.)

But we've all had teachers who repeat...READ MORE

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Do You Got Awful?

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2013.  The year that was muffled in thick shrouds of stupidity, baffled and battened round with heavy walls of imbilicity, cluttered and crammed with enough boneheadedness so that we couldn't even hear it when the Cultural Grim Reaper came knocking to let us know that we got fatally stupid.  Oh man, do we got stupid. 

Of what do I speak?  Maybe you saw those loathsome new ads for Obamacare  Here's the full index of them at a domain name that ought to come with prescription strength painkillers just for the way it puts your teeth on edge: doyougotinsurance.com

Let's talk for a minute about what this campaign is not.

It's not clever.  I suppose it could have been, but instead they...READ MORE

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Francis and His Cross

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Francis embraces ugly Cross:



Francis embraces ugly Cross:


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Saving Lives, Not Just Solving Problems

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I don't go to Slate to find good news; but today, there was this.  A small group of students at Stanford's design school had an assignment for their "Design for Extreme Affordability" class.  As a classroom exercise, they were supposed to design a low-cost infant incubator for use in poor countries.  They discovered that

Each year, about fifteen million premature and low-birth-weight babies are born. A million of them perish, often within twenty-four hours of birth. The biggest preventable cause of death? Hypothermia. “These babies are so tiny they don’t have enough fat to regulate their own body temperature,” says Jane Chen, the MBA on the team. “In fact, room temperature feels like...READ MORE

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