Happy Feast Day, Papa JP II!

10/22/2013 Comments (9)

Happy feast day, Papa!    There are so many wonderful pictures of John Paul II circulating today, but somehow I had forgotten his voice.  I posted this video a while back, and am still surprised at how moving something so tacky can be:


I really do think John Paul II would have loved this video.  He was so open and joyful and ready to improvise.

For something not steeped in yesterday's pop culture, here is a little clip of him singing -- really, performing -- the Ave Maria in 1976:



I laughed, and then teared up, when I heard those theatrical swoops and quavers.  We belonged to a heavily Polish parish when I was growing up, and that's the last time I've heard such...READ MORE

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I'd Watch That

10/17/2013 Comments (21)

We watch plenty of dumb stuff at our house, but it's all on DVD or Netflix.  We don't get any TV reception, because we never got around to signing up for it when we moved several years ago; and now it just doesn't seem necessary.  One of the fabulous benefits of this broadcast-free life?  We would have to actively (if you can call pushing a button being "active."  And I can) choose to watch reality TV of any kind.  And we feel we'd be better served using that finger to pick our noses, than to choose to watch reality TV.

But I hear that I'm missing out.  Apparently the upcoming season has several new reality shows I won't want to miss.  They include:


In a world!  Where...READ MORE

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Raising Villains

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I saw the oddest car decal this morning.  You know that tiresome meme of some rascally character showing his disdain for someone or something by peeing on it?  Sometimes it's Calvin, of Calvin and Hobbes, peeing on a Ford or Toyota logo, or on the name of a politician or a sports team.

Well, this was a Star Wars storm trooper peeing on a Jedi logo.   Here was someone who was driving around town proclaiming, "Hooray for the bad guys!  Yay, evil triumphing over good!"  

Look, I know it's just Star Wars.  I was born in 1974, so have a fondness for the original trilogy, but I don't think it's comparable to the collected works of Chekhov or something.  But still, I can't think of another...READ MORE

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All Creation Rightly Sings Your Praise

10/10/2013 Comments (21)

 . . . and exults in Your glory, majesty and power. All creation sings your praises, whether it knows it or not.
Here is the sound of crickets, slowed down and down until they become a choir.  I listened, first skeptically, then fascinated, and finally almost in tears, waiting for the basso profondos to stake their claim, for the sopranos to vault in exultation above the rest of the choir.  When we say to God "All creation rightly sings your praise, " this is what we mean.   Do the crickets know they are praising God?  Oh, yes and no.  Just being what they are, doing what they are made to do, they send forth this glorious roundsong.

We are made to do the same.  When we are...READ MORE

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Seeing Pink?  Follow the Money.

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When I was looking for a title to put on this post, I discovered that anything using "think" and "pink" has already been taken -- and that's a good thing.  It means that more people are becoming more savvy about the lucrative industry of pink merchandising that has risen up around breast cancer.

The blogger at Cancer in My Thirties has had a bilateral mastectomy and lymph node surgeries which she calls "physically and emotionally disfiguring," and she still suffers, years later, from pain, infections, nerve damage, and loss of range of motion.

She says,

I am not a ranter by any means and I have been pretty quiet about “Pinktober” and what has come to be known as “Pinkwashing” in...READ MORE

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Ten Reasons You Should Get a Dog, Like, NOW

10/03/2013 Comments (43)

1. Are you troubled with pesky food that lingers on the table for as long as microseconds after you are done eating it?  Or do you occasionally have to get up to go to the bathroom or something, and are dismayed to discover that, when you get back, your sandwich is still sitting on your plate, which is totally boring?  Dog.  Solved.

2. They lose their baby teeth, but nobody expects you to leave them a quarter.  Unless you want to find that quarter later, in the yard, in a somewhat different state.

3.You can be blisteringly sarcastic with them and not fret that you are warping their minds or skewing their perception of reality.  For dogs, there is but one reality:  MEAT.  Or kibble. ...READ MORE

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Utterly Predictable News Flash:  Pope Mistranslated

10/01/2013 Comments (209)

I don't speak Italian. Do you?  If not, will you slow down for a second?

Sr. Anne Flanagan of Nunblog says she does speak Italian, and that she is "tearing her hair out" over the lousy, misleading translation of Eugenio Scalfari's interview with Pope Francis, which appeared in Sclafari's newspaper La Repubblica this morning.

The original translation of the interview read:

"The Son of God became incarnate in the souls of men to instill the feeling of brotherhood."

Catholics are grinding their teeth over this bizarre, gooily heretical statement, and rightly so.  But Sr. Flanagan says,

Um, the Son of God did not become incarnate in souls. He became incarnate in human nature, in his...READ MORE

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First World Tears

09/26/2013 Comments (38)

You've heard the phrase "first world problems."  It means problems that are so trivial that only rich, pampered citizens of highly developed nations would even encounter them, much less consider them problems.  Some of them are just silly: "This air freshener experience is so disappointing!"  or "I forgot my phone when I went to the bathroom, and I was bored the whole time I was pooping."  And some of them are chilling:  "OMG I want to dieeeeee my parents got me the iPhone 5c even after I told them over and over I needed the 5s OMG OMG life isn't worth livinggggggggggggggg."

I see people, especially women, preemptively heading off criticism by calling their own problems "first world...READ MORE

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