Gee, Your Corpse Smells Terrific!

05/28/2015 Comments (16)

I've just witnessed a miracle! My guilty reading pleasure, the tell-all, anything-goes, don't-you-judge-me women's site XO Jane has published a remarkably unsnarky and informative piece on incorruptibles -- the saints whose bodies have not decomposed as expected, presumably as an outward sign of inward holiness. 

The author gives a brief, accessible overview of some famous incorruptibles, and explains how recent investigations have thrown some doubt on the miraculous nature of the bodies' preservation. But her tone is more of fascination and even fondness than of derision, and she graciously concludes, 

Preserved by the hand of God or by the hand of man, the incorruptibles are a glimpse...READ MORE

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When Hell Has a Hashtag

05/26/2015 Comments (36)

#CharlieCharlieChallenge is a popular hashtag on Twitter today. According to the BBC Trending blog, it refers to

a game which involves balancing pencils over the words "yes" and "no" on a piece of paper. Players ask questions which are supposedly answered by Charlie - a mysterious demon who spookily moves the pencils, if you believe in that sort of thing.

The BBC says, "if you believe in that sort of thing" because it does sound pretty goofy: A mysterious Mexican demon moving pencils around at the behest of eleven-year-old Mackynzie, who wants to know if Conor likes her or not. Who would believe nonsense like that? If Hell has its own hashtags, how scary could it be?

Listen up, folks....READ MORE

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Only a Rightly-Ordered Heart Feels Grief

05/21/2015 Comments (28)

Social media was at its best yesterday. My feed started out the morning with an explosion of irritation against a DIY theologian. His ideas about sex, marriage, and God's will could be summarized by changing the name of The Bible to "How to Make Sure Wimmin Don't Win." Anger and refutations were the right response to his loathsome ideas, and it was good to see such an articulate, vociferous rejection of them.

It was even better to see another article slowly take over my feed.  At The Catholic Company, blogger Gretchen shared the words of John Chrysostom, who had more or less the opposite to say about what marriage ought to be like (and his words were all the more refreshing, in contrast...READ MORE

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A Little Fish Can Go a Long Way

05/19/2015 Comments (6)

When does a lump of iron save lives? When it looks like a fish, and you cook it up with your evening meal. 

Christopher Charles, a Canadian epidemiologist, was studying anemia in Cambodia, and discovered that almost half the children and pregnant women in the area were anemic because of poor diet. Chronic iron deficiency was leading to exhaustion, mental and physical weakness, and developmental problems in children; and women were sometimes so anemic that they hemorrhaged to death in childbirth.

In the first world, anemic people can get stronger simply by eating more iron rich foods or by taking an over-the-counter supplement.  Even cooking meals in an iron pot can help, as the iron...READ MORE

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Columbia Students Lay Siege to Themselves

05/14/2015 Comments (31)

Psychological triggers are real. People who have endured assaults or abuse may be highly sensitized to external reminders of that trauma, and images, words or even sounds or smells can land like a blow on the psyches of certain victims. It's a phenomenon related to PTSD, and it is fairly rare.

And it is deeply offensive, says Tom McDonald, to "trivialize the real struggles of those who suffer from psychological problems" by calling everything that startles or alarms us a "trigger," and to demand that others shield us from exposure to these disturbances.  Yet the "trigger" has become a more and more popular concept, especially in academic circles -- and it seems to be gaining more clout...READ MORE

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Love in Action: Shoes that Grow

05/07/2015 Comments (13)

Every parent knows how hard it is to keep a kid in shoes. They grow so fast, it seems like you're buying a new pair every few months. 

But what if you can't buy a new pair? What if your child must go barefoot, or cut the toes out of shoes that are too small? And what if your child walks miles every day to get to school, and what if he is constantly picking up diseases and parasites through the inevitable cuts and scrapes on his feet?

Charity worker-turned-social entrepreneur Kenton Lee found it intolerable that so many third world children were going shoeless, so he invented a pair of sturdy, adjustable shoes that grow with their owners' feet -- up to five sizes. Durable enough to last...READ MORE

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But It's Not My Job!

05/05/2015 Comments (26)

Some lessons are just too tidy to ignore. If, that is, you can call a pile of poop a tidy lesson. Here's what happened:

I was feeling accomplished. I had just finished a writing project and sent it off before the deadline, and then written a topical blog post and most of a devotional one. I had done a short workout and taken a quick shower without losing my cool at the howling baby who hates it when I take a shower. I had fed the toddler lunch, changed and fed the baby about forty-six times, sent out party invitations, mailed out applications, planned dinner, found a sun hat for the baby, dug up an old beach umbrella so our pasty New England wouldn't get burned, and headed outside to...READ MORE

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Carve Out Time for These Few Essentials

04/30/2015 Comments (36)

Got a new baby? Along with all the joy and fun that comes with welcoming a new child into your home, you will notice some other, unwelcome arrivals: tons and tons of unsolicited advice about how to run your life. Everyone has an opinion about what is really important, and much of this advice conflicts with or contradicts other advice, leaving a new mother feeling confused and overwhelmed.

Be at peace, new mama. There are really only a few essentials to keep in mind, in order to live your life in a happy, healthy, even joyful way.

First of all, remember that self-care is essential. Mothers are expected to care for everyone around them, but how can they do this if they are falling apart...READ MORE

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