Register Radio - Vatican Report on Women Religious and ‘The Great Reformer’

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This week on Register Radio, Dan Burke discusses the release of the Vatican's long-awaited report on women religious with Register correspondent Ann Carey. Also, Jeanette DeMelo talks with author Austen Ivereigh about his new book The Great Reformer: Francis and the Making of A Radical Pope.

Ann Carey on the Vatican Report on Women Religious

Ann Carey is a veteran journalist who has written hundreds of articles for many prestigious Catholic publications during her 31-year career in the Catholic press. She is a member of the Catholic Press Association and has won awards for news and feature writing, as well as investigative reporting. Her specialty is women religious, and she is working on...READ MORE

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3 Books Worth Sharing: Spicing Up Your Marriage, Your Kitchen, and Your History

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There are so many good books, so many new books, and so many books, period, that sometimes it’s hard to sift through them. What do you buy that bibliophile in your life? Or how about your parish priest, the guy who doesn’t collect ANYTHING and who has everything he needs? How about your married friends?

I could go on, but I’ll stop and just share three great books, written by great Catholic authors, that will make great gifts for you or your favorite people.

Add Some Spice to Your Marriage

I don’t remember how I caught wind of Hallie Lord’s project, but I was, honestly, so grateful to see it.

It’s an eBook: Spice Up Your Marriage: A 28-Day Adventure, and it’s something that I’m pretty...READ MORE

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A Rosary Album That’s a Treasure

12/13/2014 Comment

Though I’ve been devoted to the rosary for many years, that doesn’t mean I pray it easily. Most days, it’s a battle for me, between what I think needs done — like work — and what I know needs done — like prayer. Making myself sit still or even integrate prayer into what I’m doing is an ongoing practice, one that’s been made easier thanks to the new Rosary album released from the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist.

According to Sr. Joseph Andrew, foundress and vocations director:

The Rosary album came from people who asked and asked if we would do something on the rosary. Every Sunday, we have five o’clock Vespers — Evening Prayer — open to the public, and after we have...READ MORE

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Register Radio - Year of Consecrated Religious / Celebrating Men and Women Religious

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This week on Register Radio, Jeanette De Melo focuses on the Year of Consecrated Life.  She talks with Bishop Michael Burbidge who leads the U.S. Bishops Committee for Consecrate Life about his hopes for the year.  Then Jeanette talks with Register reporter Roxanne King about what dioceses around the country are doing to celebrate men and women religious.

The Year of Consecrated Religious with Bishop Michael Burbidge

Bishop Michael Burbidge of the Diocese of Raleigh, N.C., chairs the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Committee on Clergy, Consecrated Life and Vocations; and in this interview with the Register, he talks of the beauty of the consecrated life…and explains how the bishops’...READ MORE

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Supporting Young Moms with ‘Tiny Blue Lines’

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Among the women who need real-life encouragement, women who need a hug without judgment, are young moms. I’m not just talking about moms with young kids (though they need it too), but moms who are young themselves.

Chaunie Brusie, who wrote Tiny Blue Lines: Reclaiming Your Life, Preparing For Your Baby, and Moving Forward in an Unplanned Pregnancy (Ave Maria Press), is one of the women out there who is doing this well.

Tiny Blue Lines is a book that had me laughing out loud and tearing up in ways I just didn’t foresee. I wasn’t a young mom (by the definitions of “still in college, early 20s”) and I didn’t have unplanned pregnancies, not really. Even so, this book spoke to my heart and not...READ MORE

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Music that Raises Your Mind Heavenward

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I always hesitate to accept review copies of music. I don’t consider myself an expert on music; enjoying a good album or a certain kind of sound just makes me a fan.

But when I listened to the two albums that were in my mailbox, I knew I had to share about them here. They’re simply too good not to.

O Day of Resurrection!: Liturgy of the Hours for Sunday (Jade Music) is a 27-track recording of the monks from the New Camaldoi Hermitage in Big Sur, California. The tracks are, specifically, the monks chanting the Liturgy of the Hours in their chapel at the hermitage.

It’s divided into the sections corresponding with the way the Liturgy of the Hours is prayed: Vigils, Lauds, Vespers, and...READ MORE

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Register Radio - The Examen Prayer and Christmas in Harvard Square

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This week on Register Radio, Dan Burke talks with Fr. Timothy Gallagher about the Examen Prayer, a way to stay on track this Advent.  Also, Elena Rodriguez talks with co-founder of AimHigher Recordings Monica Fitzgibbons.  They’ll bring you a feast for your ears:  the album Christmas in Harvard Square with the boys of St. Paul's Choir School. 

The Examen Prayer with Fr. Timothy Gallagher

Father Timothy Gallagher was ordained in 1979 as a member of the Oblates of the Virgin Mary, Fr. Gallagher is the author of seven books on the spiritual teaching of St. Ignatius of Loyola and the life of Venerable Bruno Lanteri, founder of the Oblates of the Virgin Mary.  He’ll be talking with Dan about...READ MORE

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Because Chastity’s Not a Dirty Word: Chastity Is For Lovers

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There is a group of Catholics about ten to fifteen years younger than me who delight me. Their enthusiasm and approach to life gives me hope in a way that few other things do.

Among this crowd is Arleen Spenceley, a gutsy young lady from Florida who caught my eye with her new release, Chastity Is for Lovers: Single, Happy, and (Still) a Virgin (Ave Maria Press).

For some, what the Church actually says about love and sex has been presented by people who have misunderstood it. It is distorted on delivery. Others grasp parts of the Church’s teaching but have never been given reasons to save sex for marriage other than “God says so.” But there are other reasons — practical ones that are hard...READ MORE

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