Register Radio - Synod for Marriage and Family / Increasing Lifelong Faithful Marriages

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, Dan Burke gets insights from Ignatius Press’ Mark Brumley about the first week of the Synod for Marriage and Family in Rome. Also, Jeanette De Melo talks to Hilary Towers who together with 48 scholars and marriage advocates sent an open letter to the Synod Fathers. That letter included concrete ways of stemming divorce and cohabitation rates while increasing lifelong, faithful and happy marriages.

Mark Brumley on the Synod for Marriage and Family

Mark Brumley is the Chief Executive Officer for Ignatius Press. He also oversees the online magazines for Ignatius Press, is project coordinator for the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible. Mark joins us to talk about the Synod of the Family in the...READ MORE

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Interview with Authors of Would You Baptize an Extraterrestrial?

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Br. Guy and Fr. Paul

I knew, when I received the blue galley copy of Would You Baptize an Extraterrestrial?: … and Other Questions from the Astronomers’ In-box at the Vatican Observatory that it was a book I wanted to read.

I haven’t read it cover to cover, but what I have sampled of it has been a great read for anyone who loves science and faith. Brother Guy Consolmagno and Father Paul Mueller tag-team in the book and explore the intersection of faith and science. Their bios are impressive, and their approach is humble.

From the Big Bang theory to the Galileo controversy, the discrepancies in Genesis and the star of Bethlehem, Consolmango and Mueller deliver facts…and fun. They have a dialogue format, which...READ MORE

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Making Confirmation Engaging: Lessons From Chris Stefanick and Chosen

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As a confirmation catechist and program leader, I am always looking for great resources. Our parish has never found anything that works completely and totally. We have a program we use, sort of, but it comes down to a team approach of tapping into resources, pulling together what this year’s candidates are asking about in their interviews and letting the Holy Spirit work through us.

Even so, knowing that there’s probably no program that will meet all the unique needs of our program, I took some time to sit down with Ascension Press’ new Chosen confirmation program.

It is, in a word, “incredible.” I think it has a place with many parishes and programs. It’s essentially a toolbox, and it’s...READ MORE

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Register Radio - Sister Miriam Demjanovich and St. Thérèse

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This week on Register Radio, a beatification on U.S. soil and for the first time! Jeanette De Melo talks to Register columnist Fr. Roger Landry about the beatification of Sister Miriam Demjanovich. Also, a little warrior like a little flower? You bet! Dan Burke talks to Fr. Dwight Longenecker about St. Thérèse, known as “the Little Flower.”

Beatification of Sister Miriam Demjanovich

You may remember Fr. Roger Landry as one of the on-site commentators for EWTN’s special coverage of the 2013 papal conclave and election of Pope Francis.  Fr. Landry is a concelebrant at the first Mass of beatification—ever—on U.S. soil… the beatification of Sr. Miriam Teresa Demjanovich, in Newark, New...READ MORE

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Three Books for Family Living and Thriving

10/01/2014 Comment

Family life is hard, no way around it. All that joy, crammed into a tiny space, and before long there are bound to be explosions.

This group of newish releases may be just what you need to rejuvenate yourself and remind yourself of all the reasons to smile, with some new ideas, tools, and inspiration to feed you.

Sometimes, the wedding bells aren’t even done ringing before you start to wonder just what you’ve gotten yourself into. Greg and Lisa Popcak’s Just Married (Ave Maria Press, 2013) is a frank look at how you can stay on the roller coaster that the first five years of marriage often presents.

Almost every newly married couple we encounter has two things in common. First, they are...READ MORE

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Register Radio - Beatification of Bishop Alvaro Del Portillo and the World Meeting of Families

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This week on Register Radio, Opus Dei priest Father C. John McCloskey talks about this weekend's beatification of Bishop Alvaro Del Portillo, the prelate who succeeded the founder of Opus Dei. And also, listen to Register writer Matthew Archbold reporting on the preparation for the World Meeting of Families next September in Philadelphia.

Beatification of Bishop Alvaro Del Portillo

Father C. John McCloskey is an Opus Dei priest. Today’s interview is near and dear to him, as he has spent much of his pastoral work counseling university students and has worked as the representative of the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross in Rome. This weekend, in Madrid, is the beatification of the...READ MORE

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A Taste of History That’s Neither Dull Nor Boring

09/24/2014 Comment

In high school, I slept through history class and aced it. In college, I told my honors advisor that I would take science classes instead of history. He argued with me, insisting that history was so easy and on and on. I didn’t care. I’d had enough classroom naps.

Fast forward a few years, and a friend of mine lent me The Frontiersman, by Allan Eckert. My husband—who does not, I should not, think of reading as a hobby or as a fun-to-do evening activity—whipped through it in a week. I finally picked it up and couldn’t put it down.

That was my first taste that I’d been misled in my belief that history was boring. Over the course of the next several years, I realized something stunning:...READ MORE

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Register Radio: Secular Media & Breakaway Nuns / The Myth of Centering Prayer

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This week on Register Radio, why is the secular media so fascinated with nuns who break away from the Vatican?  Jeanette De Melo talks with Register correspondent Ann Carey.  She’ll set the record straight—no non-sense. And also… centering prayer, it’s just prayer, right?  Wrong!  Dan Burke’s guest Sharon Lee Giganti debunks the myth.  Get your facts right.

The Secular Media’s Fascination with Nuns

For many years, Ann Carey has written investigative news stories about Catholic women religious and she has recently published an update to her book Sisters in Crisis.  She’ll talk to us about why nuns who break away from the Vatican make headlines, while nuns who are faithful never get on the...READ MORE

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